LT-319, also called The Controller, was an Imperial Information Office controller who operated aboard an Imperial Listener Ship.


The Controller and his crew were alerted to an infiltration by the Rebellion droid C1-10P, whom they had been assigned to locate, at an Imperial Security Bureau facility. Rather than alerting the base personnel, the Controller decided to exploit the Rebels' infiltration effort by attempting to learn the location of Phoenix Squadron's base. After finding that the information was not in Chopper's databanks, the Controller reprogrammed him to acquire the information, though the change this caused in Chopper's behavior was noticed by his compatriot AP-5. The Protocol Droid quickly became an annoyance to the Controller, though the inexperience of pilot Wedge Antilles allowed the Controller to paint AP-5 as overly paranoid.

Upon the crew's arrival aboard the Ghost, the Controller found the other Rebels more suspicious than Wedge but was able to trick them into entering the cargo bay of the Ghost, which he then had Chopper seal off. After having Chopper insert a Data spike to decode the Ghost's database so that they could learn the base's location, he also had Chopper open the cargo bay in an effort to eliminate the Rebels. Hera Syndulla thwarted this attempt, and she and her crew were able to escape with AP-5's assistance despite the Controller directing Chopper to eliminate the Protocol Droid. Hera then took advantage of the Controller's connection to send a power surge into his ship's network, overloading the ship's systems and the Controller's implants. The ship then exploded, killing the Controller and his underlings.



  • Like Tseebo and Lobot, the Controller was equipped with cybernetic implants.
  • The Controller is somewhat notable as a Star Wars character for wearing glasses, a virtually nonexistent accessory in the series.
  • He was voiced by Josh Gad, who also portrayed Olaf in Frozen and LeFou in the 2017 remake of Beauty and the Beast.
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