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===Season Three===
===Season Three===
*''[[Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow]]''
*"[[Steps Into Shadow]]"
*"[[The Holocrons of Fate]]"
*"[[The Holocrons of Fate]]"

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Krykna Spiders, also referred to as crawlers were six-legged carnivorous creatures native to Atollon. The rebels encountered the creatures shortly after constructing a suitable base on Atollon.

Attacking the Rebels

Soon after finding a base on Atollon, the rebel known as Dicer was eaten by the spiders while setting up a sensor marker. The rebels Sabine and Rex went looking for Dicer, where the spiders awoke and attacked them, taking Rex back to the hive. Sabine was only saved by the sensor marker Dicer put up. After discovering the hive, the rebels decided to split up, with Hera, Sabine, and Zeb on one side and Ezra and Kanan on the other. After finding Rex, the crew awoke the spiders and attempted to flee only to find that the spiders had webbed them down. Sabine, learning of the secret of the markers, gets the Jedi to catapult her to it. A spider, attempting to eat her after the Jedi had pushed her too far, is knocked down by Sabine and she manages to recover the marker and escape. Afterwards, a spider coming close to the marker fence the rebels set up, retaliates against Ezra when he tries to connect.


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Season Two

Season Three


  • The Krykna Spiders are based on early concept art by Ralph McQuarrie for The Empire Strikes Back, originally called "knobby white spiders."
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