Kothal was a small settlement, located on the planet Lothal

The small village was mostly comprised of street vendors. Following the Galactic Empire's overtaking of Lothal, the village also housed several detachments of Imperial forces, who would use Imperial Troop Transports to carry out supplies.


Incident with the Lothal Rebels

After a series of continuous fights among Zeb and Ezra on the GhostHera sends the two on a supply run in Kothal. Whilst in Kothal, Ezra found out from Morad Sumar, that one of the things they have to get, rare fruit called Meiloorun, is in the hands of the Empire.

This leads the two on an adventure across Kothal. They manage to obtain the fruit, and then hijack Valen Rudor's TIE Fighter. With that they fly out of Kothal, however their adventure is far from over.


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