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"Kindred" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the sixty-sixth episode of the series overall. It was released in tandem with "Crawler Commandeers" on November 6, 2017 on Disney XD.


The rebels look to move a stolen Imperial hyperdrive and flight data recorder off Lothal, while the mystery of the loth-wolves deepens.


Governor Pryce's forces had recovered the crashed TIE Defender. She reported to Thrawn that the fighter's data recorder and hyperdrive were missing. Thrawn had no doubt the Rebels woull be trying to use the hyperdrive to deliver the recorder to Rebel Command, which was why he had dispatched specialised assistance to Governor Pryce's aid, despite her rejections. Among the site was Ezra and Jai, disguised as Scout Troopers, and Zeb coming back for the hyperdrive. Just then, Thrawn's agent, Rukh, arrived at the site. Governor Pryce greeted him reluctantly, but paid no attention as he suddenly picked up Zeb's sense. Sniffing around, he determined where he was, and the other two. As Ezra and Zeb loaded the hyperdrive, Jai spotted Rukh coming. Ezra and Jai tried to fool him with their disguises, But Rukh saw through them and attacked. With their cover blown, Ezra and Jai retreated on a speeder bike with Rukh and two other Scout Troopers in pursuit. Zeb meanwhile hijacked an Imperial Transport, and headed back to camp with the hyperdrive. Rukh and his comrades chased Ezra and Jai through the mountains, where they tried to shake them off. Rukh managed to place a homing beacon on their speeder before they got away.

At Rebel camp, Sabine and Hera were preparing for Zeb's arrival with the hyperdrive. Zeb arrived at last and so did Ezra and Jai, unaware of the beacon attached to their speeder. As Ezra told Kanan about what happened, Rukh tracked down their location and reported to Imperial Forces. Later on, Sabine had fitted the U-Wing with the hyperdrive, ready to go. However, Imperial forces showed up in the distance. Before leaving the others to hold off the Imperials while she escaped back to Rebel Command, Hera shared a kiss with Kanan and took off in the U-Wing with Chopper. She passed the Imperial blockade, and jumped to hyperspace. Back on the surface, the Rebels seemed out matched by the incoming tanks, which destroyed the transport that Zeb stole. Just then, Ezra spotted a pack of Loth Wolves. He convinced everyone to follow just as the Imperials charged through the Rebel camp.

The Rebels followed the Loth-Wolves through the mountains, until the pack came to a stop. Ezra slowly approached them, and figured they were waiting for Kanan. Kanan approached them as well, and the pack led the Rebels into a cave. Inside the cave, they discover the walls covered in images of people following wolves. As they went deeper into the cave, TIE Bombers from above started bombing the mountains. While everyone expected they were trapped, Ezra advised everyone to hold together as they followed the wolves towards a light which transported them on the southern hemisphere of Lothal. Ezra and Kanan discovered the place they are in was decorated with pictures that were similar to the ones from the Lothal Jedi Temple. Describing them to Kanan, the drawings looked like they told a story. There were people coming down from the sky, probably Jedi. Kanan suspected that there was a message for them, and before the Loth-Wolf disappeared before them, it said "Dume", meaning Kanan's birth name, Caleb Dume. Kanan had reason to believe that Lothal had a deep connection with The Force, and that there was an even greater threat than the TIE Defender. Meanwhile, Hera and Chopper made it safely back to Yavin 4 with the data recorder.






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  • Kanan and Hera share their first kiss.
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