Kassius Konstantine was an Admiral in the Imperial Navy who served alonside many high-ranking Imperials, such as The Grand Inquisitor, Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, Agent Alexsandr Kallus, Darth Vader, the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister, Governor Arihnda Pryce, and Grand Admiral Thrawn.


Age of the Empire

Empire Day

Kassius Konstantine commanded the Star Destroyer Relentless. He aided The Grand Inquisitor in his search for the rebel ship, the Ghost. After the Ghost Crew rescued another fugitive, the Rodian Imperial Information Office staffer Tseebo, and breached the Imperial security cordon around Lothal's Capital City, Konstantine commanded the Relentless in the pursuit of the rebels. With Tseebo's help, the rebels escaped into hyperspace. Konstantine was on the bridge when The Grand Inquistior revealed he had succeeded in planting a tracking device onto the hull of the Ghost.

Konstantine and the Grand Inquisitor onboard the Relentless.

When Konstantine reported that they were receiving a signal from the tracker, The Grand Inquisitor did not acknowledge his presence but merely commented that he himself would sense the Jedi Kanan Jarrus and his Padawan Ezra Bridger.

Meanwhile, the crew realized that there was a tracking device planted onto the Phantom. To prevent the Imperials from capturing Tseebo, Kanan and Ezra separated from the Ghost and flew the Phantom to the asteroid PM-1203, which hosted a former Republic base called Fort Anaxes. As planned, the Imperials took the bait. The Grand Inquisitor then took a small unit of Stormtroopers to the PM-1203. The Grand Inquisitor's troops were quickly dispatched by Fyrnocks, fearsome predators that resided in the asteroid. Despite The Grand Inquisitor's lightsaber skills and Force powers, Kanan and Ezra managed to escape; leaving both The Grand Inquisitor and Konstantine empty-handed.

Looking out for Smugglers

Konstatine was at the helm of the Relentless when one of his crew took an interest in a VCX-100 Light Freighter approaching Lothal. This freighter turned out to be the Ghost. However, the Ghost Crew managed to fool the scanning technician and Konstantine by using a signature modulator to disguise the Ghost as the Tontine; a legitimate vessel traveling between Boz Pity and Lothal. The Ghost was transporting the "galactic entrepreneur" Lando Calrissian, who was trying to smuggle a Puffer pig into Lothal for an illegal mining operation. The rebels almost made it through the blockade undetected but Ezra accidentally disturbed the puffer pig; causing it to throw Garazeb Orrelios off balance onto the ship's control console. This effectively deactivated the signature modulator and exposed the Ghost to the Imperial authorities. Konstantine then dispatched four TIE Fighters after the Ghost but the rebels managed to lose their Imperial pursuer's in Lothal's cloudy skies.

Serving Tarkin

After The Grand Inquisitor captured Kanan sometime later, Konstantine was temporarily reassigned to Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin's flagship, the Sovereign, while over Mustafar. After a lightsaber duel between Kanan and The Grand Inquisitor destroyed the Sovereign's engines, the ship was evacuated.

The Siege of Lothal

Konstantine later participated in the blockade over Lothal. When his officers picked up multiple transponder signals from the same Sentinel-class Shuttle the Ghost Crew had stolen, he ordered them to send TIE Fighters to destroy them. By the time the Imperials realized the transponders had only been a decoy, the rebel shuttle had already cleared the atmosphere and escaped into hyperspace. Konstantine then reported the escape to Darth Vader in Capital City. Vader had his TIE Advanced x1 prepared to pursue, knowing of the tracking beacon aboard the stolen shuttle.

Konstantine under Vader's command.

After Vader found the Rebel Fleet and crippled their command ship, Konstantine arrived with a group of Star Destroyers to cut off the rebels' escape. Vader had separated the Ghost from the rest of the fleet and was chasing them towards the Destroyers. Konstantine attempted to capture the freighter in his tractor beams, but rebel pilot Hera Syndulla outsmarted the Imperials and jumped just as she came into range, causing the Destroyer's tractor beams to capture Vader's ship instead. Konstantine hastily deactivated the tractor beams and brushed the blame off on one of his officers.

Mission to Seelos

Konstantine and Kallus onboard the Relentless.

After the Ghost Crew had escaped from Vader, Konstantine continue his command of the Relentless which was still hunting for the rebels. He was accompanied Agent Kallus, who also had experience dealing with these rebels. Under instructions from the former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, the rebels had traveled to the desert planet of Seelos to make contact with several retired Clone Troopers: Captain Rex, Commander Wolffe, and Captain Gregor. The rebels hoped to win them over to their cause. Wolffe, distrusting the rebels, secretly sent a coded transmission that was picked up by the Relentless.

Kallus sent a probe droid to Seelos to investigate. Prior to its destruction, the droid succeeded in sabotaging the Phantom and confirmed there was indeed a rebel presence there. While Kallus led a ground assault with three All Terrain Armored Transports, Konstatine remained aboard the Relentless to render air support to Kallus' forces. However, the clones and rebels put up an unexpectedly fierce fight and succeeded in immobilizing Kallus' AT-AT walkers. The Admiral was unable to render air support because Vader had ordered him to rendezvous the Relentless with his shuttle in space.

Instead of meeting Vader, Konstantine received another Inquisitor known as the Fifth Brother. When Konstantine raised his concerns that the diversion might have compromised Kallus' mission, the Inquisitor merely replied that his struggles were of no concern to him and pledged to stop the rebels himself.

Serving the Inquisitors

Konstantine and Kallus watching the Fifth Brother on the Relentless's bridge

Following the Imperial misadventure at Seelos, Konstantine continued serving under the Fifth Brother. He and Kallus were later present aboard the bridge of the Relentless when his crew picked up a surge of energy at an abandoned medical station. This surge had been triggered by several members of the Ghost Crew. These rebels had been searching for medical supplies for Phoenix Squadron. In response to the surge, the Fifth Brother informed the Admiral and Kallus that he was visiting the station alone. There, the Fifth Brother and another Inquisitor known as the Seventh Sister almost succeeded in apprehending C1-10P, Ezra, and Sabine Wren. However, due to Zebs' quick thinking, the four rebels managed to escape the two Inquisitors.

Later, Konstantine and the two Inquisitors were present when Kallus suggested that the Imperials pool their resources together for a strike on Garel. Following an earlier incident on Takobo, the Inquisitors had learned that the rebels were hiding on Garel. Under Kallus' orders, Konstantine and the Imperial fleet departed from Takabo and traveled to Garel. Despite surrounding the rebels on both the ground and air, several rebel ships including the Ghost and Jun Sato's Alderaan Cruiser, the Liberator still managed to escape into the skies above Garel City. Commanding the air assault, Konstantine ordered the crew of his Star Destroyer to deploy their tractor beam projector. His forces also succeeded in shooting down at least one rebel ship.

The Relentless's tractor beam managed to trap the Liberator. However, Hera used the Ghost to ram into the tractor beam projector; knocking it out of action. The damaged projector collided with a TIE Fighter. This distraction enabled the Rebel Fleet to make a jump into hyperspace. When Kallus, who had led the ground assault, demanded a status on the position of the Rebel Fleet, a visible disappointed Konstatine reported that he and his men were also wondering the same thing. Despite exposing one of the Phoenix rebels' hideouts, Konstantine and his Imperial colleagues failed to crush the rebel cell.

Hunting the Rebels

Konstantine and Kallus on the bridge of a Imperial Light Cruiser

Konstantine and Kallus later commanded an Imperial Light Cruiser which attempted to capture the Ghost above Nixus. Despite their efforts, the Ghost managed to jump into hyperspace. Earlier, the Ghost Crew had rescued two Lasat refugees named Gron and Chava, who were searching for the legendary Lasat homeworld of Lira San. With the help of the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka, the Imperials managed to track the Ghost down to a collapsed star cluster in Wild Space. The Imperials attempted to pursue and destroy the Ghost but were forced to retreat due to the gravitational pull of the star cluster.

Later, Konstantine encountered Kallus in the corridor of the Relentless after the latter had returned from a failed attempt to ambush the rebels onboard an Imperial Construction Module above Geonosis. On the way to his quarters, after narrowly surviving the freezing temperatures of the ice moon Bahryn, Kallus greeted Konstantine who responded with a nonchalant acknowledgment devoid of emotion.

Konstantine later commanded an Imperial assault on the Rebel Fleet from the Relentless. When one of his officers reported that the Ghost was exiting hyperspace with stolen fuel supplies from the Horizon Base, Konstantine ordered his TIE Fighters not to let the ship dock with the rebel flagship. Despite their best efforts, Konstantine's TIE Fighters were chased away by Ketsu Onyo's ship, the Shadow Caster. Later, the Rebel Fleet escaped to Atollon with the help of the former Imperial inventory droid AP-5 who informed the rebels of an Imperial trap in the Yost System.

Under Governor Pryce

Konstantine meeting with Thrawn and other Imperial officials

Dissatisfied with Konstantine's handling of the rebel insurgency in the Lothal Sector, Governor Arihnda Pryce met with Tarkin and secured the services of the newly-appointed Grand Admiral Thrawn and his Seventh Fleet. Later, Konstantine met with Tarkin and Agent Kallus at the bridge of a Star Destroyer. Konstantine told Tarkin that Pryce was overestimating the threat posed by Phoenix Squadron and dismissed them as a localized insurgency. At that point, Thrawn interjected and expressed his hopes that the insurgency would remain that way. Konstantine was present when Thrawn theorized that Phoenix Squadron was planning to raid Reklam Station in the planet Yarma. Later, Konstantine, Pryce, and Kallus commanded a Star Destroyer that intercepted the rebels and their stolen Y-Wing Starfighters. He expressed surprise when Thrawn ordered the Imperials to allow the rebels to escape with their "meager rewards." However, Pryce reassured him that Thrawn had a much larger objective than the destruction of a single rebel cell.

Later, Konstantine was aboard the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer with Pryce and Kallus. He informed Pryce that his crew had detected an encrypted distress signal from the planet Agamar. Pryce then dispatched Imperial forces from the nearest garrison to investigate Agamar.

Test above Mykapo

Under orders from Thrawn, Konstantine reluctantly departed for the Mykapo System with a single light cruiser and two Gozanti-class Cruisers. Thrawn had tasked the Admiral with eliminating a local rebel cell called the Iron Squadron. When Konstantine offered to send his squadron, Thrawn replied that a man of his talents should have no difficulty eliminating the rebel cell with one light cruiser. By the time Konstantine had arrived, Phoenix Squadron had already evacuated the rebel sympathizers among the population.

Upon arriving, Konstantine's subordinate sighted a single YT-2400 Light Freighter. The Admiral believed that Thrawn had overestimated the threat posed by the rebel cell and dispatched fighters to attack the ship. The ship's captain Mart Mattin launched an attack on Konstantine's light cruiser, underestimating the Admiral. Meanwhile, his fellow crew and the Ghost Crew Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and C1-10P escaped aboard the shuttle Phantom II. Mart released his cargo of explosives but Konstantine neutralized them by unleashing his ship's forward batteries.

Mart attempted to flee but Konstantine's TIE fighters disabled his engines. Konstantine's forces were unable to stop the other rebels from escaping into hyperspace aboard the Phantom II. One of Konstantine's TIE Bombers attached a Magno-mine to the hull of Sato's Hammer. Konstantine then allowed Mart to send a distress signal to the other rebels before jamming it. He intended to lure Mart's rescuers into a trap. However, the rebels saw through his trap and devised a counter-strategy.

When the rebels returned aboard the Ghost, Konstantine ordered his subordinate not to trigger the mine until he gave orders. He wanted to destroy the two rebel ships with one fell swoop. However, the rebel astromech droids Chopper and R3-A3 detached the magno-mine and planted it in one of the Sato's Hammer's cargo boxes. When the Ghost undertook a pick-up of Mart's ship, Konstantine ordered his subordinate to trigger the mine.

Konstantine's plan was complicated by the arrival of Mart's uncle Commander Jun Sato aboard the Liberator. Sato's reinforcements destroyed one of Konstantine's Gozanti cruisers and several TIEs. Konstantine panicked and called Thrawn for help. The Ghost then flew over Konstantine's light cruiser while ferrying Mart's ship. Admiral Konstantine ordered the lieutenant to detonate the mine, but was unsuccessful due to Chopper and R3-A3's modifications. Mart then released the cargo box which then hit the light cruiser and exploded. The resulting explosion destroyed the forward compartment of Konstantine's light cruiser. Konstantine and the officer survived the blast but their ship was badly damaged.

At that point, Thrawn arrived in the Mykapo System. Thrawn allowed the rebels to escape following a brief exchange with Commander Sato. Thrawn then contacted Konstantine via hologram. When Thrawn asked him whether he had contacted him for assistance, Konstantine tried to save face by claiming that he had called to inform him that the rebels had been driven from system. However, Thrawn saw through Konstantine's obfuscation and replied that he had assumed that the rebels and not their sympathizers had escaped. Konstantine bowed his head in embarrassment.

The Hunt for Fulcrum

During Thrawn's investigation into the rebel spy known as Fulcrum, Konstantine was stationed aboard Thrawn's Star Destroyer, the Chimaera. He introduced Kallus and Lieutenant Yogar Lyste to Thrawn and the Imperial Security Bureau Colonel Wullf Yularen. Konstantine was present at a meeting where Thrawn briefed the others about his plan to screen Imperial sector command staff for rebel affiliations. Konstantine was also privy to Thrawn's plan to hunt down Phoenix Squadron's base in the Lothal Sector. When he asked about Thrawn's tactics, the Grand Admiral replied that he had calculated the possible locations of the rebel bases based on their proximity to attacks on Imperial ships and facilities, and Lothal.

After Kallus, who secretly was Fulcrum, framed Lyste of being Fulcrum, Konstantine joined, Kallus, Yularen, and Pryce in Thrawn's Office, where he congratulated Kallus for finding the traitor.

Hunting Mon Mothma

Soon after, Konstantine and Pryce are charged by Thrawn to capture Mon Mothma, but they fail because of Ghost Crew.

Battle of Atollon and Death

After Kallus was discovered to be Fulcrum, Thrawn placed Admiral Konstantine in command of one of the two Interdictor Cruisers over Atollon. Thrawn ordered him to stay back until he gives the signal. However, Konstantine's patience with Thrawn's riddles was running thin and he moved to intercept Jun Sato's Imperial Light Carrier that has been hijacked by rebels. However, the glory hungry Konstantine fell right in Sato's trap, as Sato and his two remaining crew rammed Phoenix Home into the Interdictor, destroying both ships, killing Konstantine and his crew as well as Jun Sato and his men but enabling Ezra Bridger to escape the system in search of help.

Personality and Traits

Konstantine was a stern by-the-books military leader. While he had a commanding presence, he always appeared perturbed by force-users such as The Grand Inquisitor or Darth Vader, and expressed his dislike for working with "mystics". He showed little regard for any of his fellow imperials, and on occasion he showed himself to be self-serving and was not above sacrificing his own men to save himself. Due to his long and storied career in the Imperial Navy, Admiral Konstantine felt that he had to excuse or somehow find someone else to pin his failings. Furthermore he did not view his colleagues as friends, even Agent Kallus. He was also initially skeptical that any Jedi had survived the Jedi Purge.

Konstantine was described as more of a politician than a soldier by Governor Arihnda Pryce, and was not highly regarded by the governor. Konstantine underestimated the threat posed by the Rebellion and regarded them as a localized insurgency rather than a galactic-wide insurrection. He lacked Thrawn's strategic vision in defeating the entire galactic Rebellion. Konstantine appeared to favor overwhelming military force and felt insufficient in handling the Iron Squadron with just one ship. He also underestimated the ingenuity and resourcefulness of his numerically and militarily inferior opponents.

Konstantine was familiar with the rebel habit of returning to rescue their stranded comrades. Anticipating this, he did not destroy Mart Mattin's ship but instead planted a magno-mine on it. He intended to lure Mart's rescuers into a trap and destroy the rebel ship. However, the rebels saw through his plan and neutralized it by getting the astromech droids Chopper and R3 to disable his magno-mine. Konstantine also panicked when confronted by unexpected enemy forces and sought assistance from Thrawn. When Thrawn confronted him over his failure, Konstantine tried to hide the truth by claiming that he had driven the rebels. However, Thrawn realized that Konstantine was obfuscating and corrected him.


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