Near the end of the war Separatist droids significally outnumbered Republic units. By my calculations our probability of being defeated was only 23.6 percent.
―Kalani's extensive calculations on the droids victory against the Republic[src]

Kalani was a Super Tactical Droid and he commanded Separatists forces on Onderon during the Clone Wars, Kalani withdrew to Agamar after Saw Gerrera's militia reclaimed the planet.


The Clone Wars


When the pro-Separatist king Sanjay Rash of Onderon reported to Count Dooku on the rebels' attacks, Dooku decided to send Kalani to deal with the situation, along with reinforcements. Following the capture of rebel leader, Saw Gerrera, Kalani interrogated him alongside Royal Militia General Tandin. However, Tandin objected to torturing Saw for information. Kalani saw that Tandin pitied.

Later, Rash ordered the former king of Onderon Tendup to be executed, in the hopes of stopping the rebel attacks in the kingdom. Against his wishes, the rebels almost managed to rescue the king, but were stopped by the droid reinforcements. With all the major rebels captured, Rash continued the former king's execution but were stopped by the Royal Militia and General Tandin, who took Rash as hostage. As the others made their escape, Kalani ordered the battle droids gun down the General as soon as he released Rash. However, before he could do that, Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano jumped out of the crowd and used the Force to push down the droids for their escape. The public realized the Separatists were their true enemy, which started mass riots in the kingdom.

With the rebels having their leader back and them gaining a new base of operations in the distant mountains, Rash was growing desperate. Kalani soon ordered his droid army to push on the rebel base along with his new droid gunships. Despite all this, the Separatist forces were lost due to the superior tactical advancement of the rebels.

With the battle lost and the public against the Separatist occupation, Dooku saw no reason to fight against the public, so he had Kalani to withdraw the last remaining forces back to a Confederacy base on Agamar. Just as Rash could speak a word about his protest against this, Kalani shot the king dead and proceeded with his new orders.

What was left of the droid army moved over to the Agamar System, where they would stay there for almost the next 20 years.

End of the Clone Wars

Eventually the Clone Wars ended with Order 66, and immediately afterward, Darth Vader assassinating the entire Separatist Council on Mustafar and used their own equipment to send a shut-down order to every droid army in the galaxy, bringing the war to a rapid conclusion.

Kalani, however, was still stationed on Agamar at the time with a battle droid garrison. Given that Super Tactical Droid generals are given a greater degree of autonomy, Kalani assessed - correctly - that the bizarre and random shut-down order must have been nothing more than a Republic trick, so he ignored it and did not relay it to the rest of the droids under his command.

Age of the Empire

Making Peace with Adversaries

After the Clone Wars ended, the base was visited by the Ghost Crew, led by none other than Clone Trooper Captain Rex, along with the Jedi Kanan Jarrus and his apprentice Ezra Bridger. Kalani's forces captured them alive so he could play a live "war game" to the death, to stage a final battle of the Clone Wars on his terms. Kalani was upset that the droid army lost, because according to his extensive calculations, had the shut-down order not been sent, the Republic only stood a 23.6% chance of defeating them. Rex, for that matter, also felt let down at how the war suddenly ended, instead of the Clone Troopers finishing their mission on the battlefield like they were bred and trained to do. Kalani held their crewmate Garazeb Orrelios hostage to play out a Jedi rescue scenario: Rex, Kanan, and Ezra had to fight their way back into the command center of the base to free him.

Kalani correctly anticipated their movements based on spending years examining the statistical probabilities of past battles against the Jedi and Clone Troopers. The trio were eventually able to defeat his forces, however - albeit barely - because the droids were so old and in need of repair that several of them malfunctioned under the strain.

Rex argued that he had won, while Kalani argued that he had won the "simulation" of which side would have truly won the Clone Wars had the shut-down order not gone out, given that the droid army at the time would not have malfunctioned. Ezra then intervened and pointed out that this was all irrelevant, and that both sides had lost: the Galactic Empire was the only true winner, as Emperor Palpatine had played both sides off against each other - the shut-down order was always meant to go out, the droids were always meant to lose, and the Clone Troopers were never meant to beat the droids but their own Jedi commanders. Rex and Kalani were grieved by this, but the droid general could not deny Ezra's logic.

Ezra asked Kalani why he fought in the war at all, and he concluded that the Separatists were fighting against what they perceived as the tyranny of the Republic. Ezra pointed out that the Republic became the Empire, which was now openly tyrannical, and Kalani agreed that they now shared a common enemy.

The Last Battle 8

Kalani parting with Rex and his rebel companions as friends

Their base was then assaulted by Imperial forces who had picked up on the distress call C1-10P sent when they were captured, but Kalani and his droids joined forces with them to escape the planet in a repaired trio of Sheathipede-class Shuttles but only one didn't manage to escape and was shot down. Kalani declined to join the nascent Rebellion, however, as he calculated that they had a less than 1% chance of ever successfully overthrowing the Empire and parted ways.

Personality and Traits

Kalani was a cold and logical Super Tactical Droid. He was a competent battle tactician who had single-minded obsession in securing victory and producing results. Kalani believed in using overwhelming force to defeat his opponents. Kalani was willing to torture Saw Gerrera for information and was programmed to lack empathy. Kalani recognized that General Tandi was the leader of the Onderonian resistance and was willing to kill him. After the Onderonians rose up in revolt against the Separatists, Kalani accepted Dooku's reasoning that it was not worth holding on to the planet. When King Rash protested, Kalani executed him without hesitance.

As a Super Tactical Droid, Kalani was familiar with Separatist military strategies, tactics, and protocol. After Order 66 was issued a shutdown command was sent out to deactivate all Separatist battle droids. Kalani suspected that it was Republic trick and countermanded the shutdown command. During the Age of the Empire, Kalani led a Separatist holdout on Agamar. He was ignorant of the fact that the Clone Wars had ended and became obsessed with ending the conflict as a Separatist victory; not knowing that the former Separatist Alliance had ceased to exist. He spent years studying countless battles with Jedi forces and Clone Troopers in order to devise a battle plan.

Despite the depleted status of his battle droid forces, Kalani believed that he could triumph over Rex, Kanan and Ezra. While obsessed with achieving victory, Kalani was pragmatic enough to consent to Ezra's offer that the rebels get to keep the proton bombs if they won. Though Kalani's forces outnumbered and outgunned the three rebels, he underestimated the decrepit status of his forces and the ability of his rebel opponents to develop counter-tactics. Kalani's logical mindset led him to disbelieve the fact that the rebels had won.

Kalani however buried his antagonism towards the rebels when the Empire arrived on Agamar. After realizing that the Empire's intentions towards his battle droids were hostile, he developed an improvised escape strategy with the help of Ezra and Rex. Ezra managed to win over Kalani by pointing out that the Empire was the successor to the Old Republic. Kalani initially did not regard the retreat from Agamar as a victory until Ezra and Rex pointed out otherwise. He was grateful to Ezra for convincing him to end hostilities with Rex, who represented the Republic. However, Kalani was pessimistic that the Rebellion would succeed against the Empire and parted company with the rebels.


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Season Three


  • He is voiced by Gregg Berger, who previously voiced him in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • Henry Gilroy believes that the Super Tactical Droid, Kalani, may join the Rebellion after A New Hope, since the Death Star was destroyed and that would mean there was more of a chance for the Rebellion to destroy the Galactic Empire.
  • In Star Wars Rebels, Kalani received only a minor change compared to its design in The Clone Wars.
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