"Jedi Night" is the sixty-ninth episode of Star Wars Rebels. It is the tenth episode and mid-season premiere of the fourth season and premiered on February 19, 2018.


The Rebels had determined where the Empire was keeping Hera. She was being held at the Imperial Complex in Capital City, where she was currently being interrogated by Governor Pryce for information on where the Rebel's secret base was. Guessing the complex would be heavily guarded and would shoot down any vessel on sight, the Rebels built themselves some gliders they could use to fly to the complex unnoticed. Ezra and Sabine disguised themselves as TIE Pilots, and Kanan gave himself a haircut and a shave. Ready to go, Zeb got them airborne, and the three Rebels flew to Capital City.

Meanwhile, Thrawn feared that his TIE Defender project was at risk, because Director Krennic had been persuasive in diverting the funding to his own project, "Stardust". In the hopes of continuing construction of the TIE Defender, Thrawn left for Coruscant to take this case directly to the Emperor himself. By evening, the Rebels reached the Imperial Complex unnoticed. Ezra and Sabine went off to find some better transportation when they made their escape. Kanan climbed down to Governor Pryce's office, and found Hera, still being interrogated. Once Pryce was called out of the room, Kanan came to Hera's rescue. They escaped to where they landed the gliders, but Rukh came after them. Kanan lost his Lightsaber in a fight, but managed to Force push him away. Stormtroopers from above opened fire, and Hera and Kanan escaped on one of the gliders.

They flew to the Lothal City fuel depot, and climbed to the top of one of the fuel tanks for a pick up by Ezra and Sabine. While they waited, Hera confessed her love for Kanan, and the two of them shared a kiss as Ezra and Sabine flew in with a patrol ship. However, as they made their escape, Pryce arrived in an AT-AT and gave orders to target the fuel pod. Pryce’s troopers protested this, as shooting the fuel pod would destroy the depot’s fuel supply. After Pryce threateningly told her troopers that she had given them a direct order, they complied and shot the pod, resulting in a huge explosion. Kanan used the Force to hold back the explosion to give the others time to escape. Hera refused to leave him, but Kanan forced them to go. As his sight returned and he looked at Hera for the last time, he Force pushed his fellow rebels to safety as he was consumed in the explosion.






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  • This episode was originally titled "Allegiance".[1]
    • The episode also originally went under the title "Ascension: Part One".
  • Hera tells Kanan she loves him for the first (yet only/last) time in this episode.
  • Kanan Jarrus is killed off in this episode, making him the first (and so far only) main protagonist to die in the series.


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