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Jar'Kai was a Lightsaber style of combat where the duelist wielded two lightsabers, one in each hand. The technique increased offensive capability and agility at the expense of stronger, two-handed attacks and better defense when wielding only a single saber.

The Grand Inquisitor displayed some knowledge, using his own double bladed lightsaber along with Kanan Jarrus's against a large Fyrnock at Fort Anaxes before loosing Kanan's lightsaber in the fight.

Kanan utilized Jar'Kai, wielding his own lightsaber along with Ezra Bridger's, to drive back and defeat The Grand Inquisitor. He did so again in the Lothal Jedi Temple when he faced three Jedi Temple Guards in a vision, but was unable to overcome them all and eventually submitted.

Ahsoka Tano was a master of this form, fighting with her white lightsabers in combat against Imperial Inquisitors, Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister, and later the Eighth Brother. She later used this combat form against Maul and in her epic duel with her former master, Darth Vader: The battle with Vader apparently ended in a stalemate.

Ezra utilized Jar'Kai, wielding his new lightsaber along with the Darksaber to destroy the Nightsisters alter in the Nightsister Lair on Dathomir.

Sabine Wren utilized Jar'Kai, wielding the Darksaber along with Ezra's to hold them around Gar Saxon's neck when she defeated him.


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