This page is about the Interdictor classification of ships. You may be looking for the prototype, the Imperial Interdictor, developed by the Galactic Empire.
We're being pulled out of hyperspace!
―A Rebel Crewman[src]

Interdictor-class Star Destroyers, also known simply as Interdictor Cruisers, were a type of cruiser equipped with gravity well projectors designed to prevent lightspeed travel. They were most commonly used by the Galactic Empire to keep Rebel ships from escaping through hyperspace.


The Imperial Interdictor was an experimental model of this class and was placed under the command of Admiral Brom Titus. It was destroyed via sabotage by Ezra Bridger and C1-10P. Titus fled in an escape pod and was demoted to Commander for the incident.

Later, a pair of updated Interdictor Cruisers were used by Grand Admiral Thrawn when he attacked Chopper Base on Atollon. One was destroyed by Jun Sato who sacrificed himself by ramming the Phoenix Nest into the cruiser, killing Kassius Konstantine and his crew and allowing Ezra to escape to Krownest to recruit Clan Wren. The other was destroyed by Ezra, Sabine Wren and her clan so that the remainder of the Rebel fleet could escape.


Season Three

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