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"In the Name of the Rebellion" comprises the third and fourth episodes of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. It comprises the sixty-second and sixty-third episodes of the series overall. It was released on October 23, 2017 on Disney XD.


Saw Gerrera returns, determined to uncover an Imperial secret -- no matter the cost.


Part 1

After their mission on Mandalore, Ezra, Kanan, Sabine, and Chopper arrived at the Rebel base on Yavin 4, where Phoenix Squadron is now based. They arrived just in time to see Hera return from a failed supply mission. Her Y-Wing squadron came in damaged, but all made it down in one piece. Hera was delighted to see the whole Ghost Crew together again, and among the newest addition to the Rebellion is Kallus. He called for them to meet with Mon Mothma. They were all gathered in the Control Room, where they received word from Senator Organa that the Empire had established a new communications relay in the Jalindi system. It greatly expanded their command and control throughout the surrounding sectors, enabling them to respond much more quickly to their incursions. It was also noted that they all heard rumours from Garrera about the Empire's new communications relay. The next question was how were they going handle this predicament. Kallus suggested on using this communications relay to their advantage, by taping into its systems and use it to monitor Imperial Fleet movements outside their own operations and avoid them. Mothma volunteered the Ghost Crew to take this assignment, and they accepted.

While everyone was clear with the mission, Ezra was not. He remained impatient about helping his people on Lothal, only to be reminded by Mothma that they were not ready for open war, which proved true when Thrawn attacked Chopper Base on Atollon. It was a time of difficult choices, sometimes impossible ones. Ezra understood and respected Mothma's reasoning, but still felt desperate to save his home.

Later on, the Ghost Crew arrived in the Jalindi system. According to the Intel they had, the Imperial relay station was situated in a field of stone towers on Jalindi. Following their strategy, They flew in at a high altitude where Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper rocket jumped onto the dish to install the repeater spike. They had to let themselves drop for a few meters before firing their jet packs at the last minute in order to avoid detection. Once on the dish, the three Rebels got to work on inserting the spike. Meanwhile, an Imperial light cruiser showed up at the relay. Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper saw it, but it did not appear to have seen them. They worked fast in installing the spike, but ended up patching into the main comm circuit by mistake. They were receiving incoming transmissions from the light cruiser, requesting clearance to dock. Ezra tried to trick the cruiser into leaving, pretending he was Commander Brom Titus, only to discover that the real Brom Titus was on board. Suddenly the dish realigned, causing Sabine and Ezra to slide down and be seen by Commander Titus. He alerted the outpost, and Stormtroopers were deployed onto the dish. Sabine informed Hera the mission had been compromised, and the Ghost flew in to pick them up. However, Commander Titus deployed two TIE Defenders to attack them, forcing them to turn away. Ezra ordered Chopper to tilt the dish, causing everyone, except Sabine and Ezra, to slide over the edge.

Meanwhile, Kanan, Hera, and Zeb were having trouble losing the Defenders. So, using Kanan to guide her, Hera flew them down into the fog, and the Defenders followed. The Defenders were unable to see in the fog, and one at a time crashed into the stone towers. Back at the relay station, a U-Wing Starfighter piloted by Garrera came in and crippled Titus' ship. He flew in to drop a series of explosive charges onto the dish and picked up Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper. The charges went off destroying the relay station, and with it Commander Titus and his ship. The two Rebel ships made their escape as an Imperial Star Destroyer came out of hyperspace, forcing them to escape in different directions.

Part 2

Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper remained aboard Gerrera's ship, traveling through hyperspace. Garrera got down to the point, saying he needed their help infiltrate a civilian freighter, which he had reason to believe was carrying secret Imperial cargo. Bringing up what they discovered on Geonosis a while back, they learned that the Empire wiped out the Geonosian population because they were building a weapon that was being kept hidden. Gerrera had spent his whole time searching for it, and believed what he was looking for would be on that ship they will soon intercept. Gerrera needed Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper to help him infiltrate the ship. Out of one vote from Chopper, Ezra and Sabine accepted to help Gerrera. They arriveed at a trading station just as the Civilian Freighter came in to dock and collect. Sabine was already having her doubts, since there was no traces of the Empire at this station, but Gerrera was certain that all this was a cover up. They landed in one of the hangers, and after Sabine gave Chopper a new paint job they sneaked aboard the freighter by hiding inside a cargo container. Chopper got them aboard, and the freighter departed from the station soon after.

Once aboard, the search for this secret cargo began. So far, Sabine saw nothing out of the ordinary, but Ezra started hearing a strange sound. Gerrera proved he was onto something when they discovered the freighter was manned by Imperials. Chopper checked the manifest, and discovered that the ship was heading for the Tonnis sector, which was empty space but considered the perfect hiding place for the Empire's mystery weapon. Chopper also discovered that cargo bay seventeen was a restricted area, which was where they went next. There were three Stormtroopers on guard on the other side of the door to cargo bay seventeen. Chopper lured them out, and the three Rebels took them out. They found a container which may held what they were looking for. Sabine opened it and discovered prisoners inside. The prisoners turned out to be technicians who specialised in reactor engineering. They were taken against their will by the Empire to supervise a top secret project. Sabine did not believe that the security on board was just to guard technicians, which Gerrera agreed that there was more. Chopper took the technicians to the escape pods, while Ezra, Sabine, and Gerrera continued on with the search.

They ran through the maze of corridors to the engine room. Sabine's plan was to sabotage the hyperdrive so the technicians could escape. However, Ezra came to a stop when he started hearing that strange sound again. He sensed it coming from a cargo hold that they found was heavily guarded by a squadron of Death Troopers. The Rebels quickly overpowered the Troopers, leaving the Commander and two others remaining. The Troopers took cover behind a huge block, which Gerrera hit with a blaster. Worried, the Troopers retreated as the block melted away revealing a huge Kyber Crystal. Sabine advises everyone to put their blasters away as Kyber crystals could store and amplify energy. One that was twice its size was considered unstable. Going through what they found, Gerrera now believed that the Empire was trying to harness the power of the crystal, hence why they kidnapped the technicians. Gerrera hoped to find what the Empire was building very soon, but Sabine and Ezra felt it was too risky. They had to prevent the Empire from getting their hands on the crystal. So, Sabine and Ezra made their way to the engine room to disable to hyperdrive while Gerrera stood guard. Meanwhile, the Commanding Death Trooper alerted the captain of the situation and had the ship on lock down, compromising the technicians chances of escaping. So, Chopper took them back to the hold. Sabine and Ezra made it to the engine room, but got stun by Gerrera before they could disable the hyperdrive. Gerrera refused to give up now, especially when he was on the verge of discovering what the Empire is hiding.

When Sabine and Ezra regained consciousness, they found themselves cuffed and the Kyber crystal in the Engine room. They finally arrived in the Tonnis sector, and much to Gerrera's disappointment there was nothing but a Star Destroyer waiting for them. Just then, Edrio emerged from hyperspace and docked with the freighter. The Star Destroyer dared not to fire, not wanting to risk blowing up the crystal. Gerrera gave Ezra and Sabine the option to escape with him, but they refused to leave behind the technicians. Gerrera respected their choice, but told them to hurry. Then without warning, he damaged the generators in the engine room, causing the Kyber Crystal to absorb engine until it discharged. Gerrera released Sabine and Ezra, and retreated to his ship. With no way of stopping it, Ezra and Sabine retreated to where an Imperial Shuttle was being kept. Chopper got the technicians aboard, and soon Ezra and Sabine arrived just in time to fight of the surrounding troopers. With everyone aboard, they took off. As the state of the Kyber Crystal went critical, Sabine turns the shuttle about towards the Star Destroyer. With no time to jump to hyperspace, Sabine hoped to use the Star Destroyer as a shield when the crystal went up. The crew of the Star Destroyer also became aware of the crystal's state on board, and it was already too late to get clear. The Kyber Crystal finally blew up, taking the Star Destroyer with it. Sabine, Ezra, Chopper, and the Technicians barely managed to get clear. They got hit by a shock wave that disabled their shuttle, but the Ghost arrived soon after.

After gathering up everyone, the Rebels make their way back to Yavin 4. Along the way, the technicians had decided to assist the Rebellion in their fight against the Empire. Sabine and Ezra told Kanan about the Kyber Crystal they discovered, and already had severe concerns. He referred it to be the second one they prevented from getting into Imperial hands. If what Gerrera had been saying was true, then it was possible the Empire was on the verge of winning a war that the Rebellion did not believe had begun.





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  • Hera's animation model from seasons 1 and 2 is used when she arrives on Yavin 4.
  • When Hera and her squadron returns the Nightbrother disappears.
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