"Imperial Super Commandos" is the forty-fourth episode of Star Wars Rebels. It is the seventh episode of the third season. It premiered on November 5, 2016.


The Rebels mysteriously lost all communication with the Protectors in Concord Dawn System. They suspect that they were setting a trap but Fenn Rau did not believe so. He suspected that something had happened. Sabine recommended she should check it out and Fenn volunteered to accompany her. Despite everyone's concern, Hera permitted him to accompany Sabine, along with Ezra and Chopper. They soon departed in the new Phantom and arrived at the third moon of Concord Dawn. However, when Ezra became distracted about the ways of Mandalorians, Fenn broke loose, took out Ezra, Chopper, and Sabine, and then assumed control of the ship.

Fenn landed the Phantom on the third moon, and by the time the three Rebels regained consciousness, he was gone. However, he did not go far. Ezra and Sabine found him on a hilltop. They reclaimed their weapons and held Fenn at gunpoint, but for some reason he did not react or intend to resist. It was because he'd discovered that his base had been destroyed and from the look of it, his men were all killed. The Rebels suspect it could have been Imperials but Fenn did not think so. To him this was the work of other Mandalorians. Later, they went down to investigate. They found no survivors but they did find a lot of battle damage everywhere they looked. In his grief, Fenn blamed Sabine and the Rebellion for all this. He believed he could have done something if he was around. Little did they know that they were being watched by an Imperial Probe Droid, and when they spotted it the droid attacked. The Rebels tried to shoot at it, but it kept evading their attacks. Ezra used The Force to hold it, allowing Sabine to shoot it down. Even with the droid down, Sabine had no doubt that whoever it was transmitting too would be onto them shortly. The Rebels decide to retreat back to the Phantom while they have the chance but Fenn refused to go with them. He planned to face the Imperials and give them the location of the Rebel's secret base in exchange for immunity, only to be held at gunpoint by Sabine.

Chopper made it back to the Phantom and the sensors on board detected Imperial forces closing in on Ezra, Sabine and Fenn's position. They were Mandalorians who served the Empire, and they were flying in with jet packs. Ezra, Sabine and Fenn made a run for it as the Imperial Mandalorians made a touch down on the landing platform. The leader, who was in red, orders his men to spread out and the hunt began. The Rebels hid themsleves and each time they spotted a passing Mandelorian they moved about to a new hiding place. The leader was getting close to where Sabine and Fenn were hiding, only to be drawn away by Ezra who got his attention by shooting at him. The Mandalorians went after him, giving Sabine and Fenn the chance to escape, despite Sabine's insistence on helping him. Ezra eventually surrendered but the leader, who called himself Gar Saxon, doubted that he was alone and sent some of his men to continue the search.

Saxon took Ezra to one of the huts and Chopper, who had been captured along with the Phantom, was brought before him. Ezra tried lying his way out by saying he was a scavenger or a smuggler, but Saxon was not deceived. He knew the Rebels had been using the system as a through way to avoid Imperial patrols. As Ezra continued to deny that he was a Rebel, Saxon began to use other Methods to make him speak the truth, starting with taking shots at Chopper. Watching from afar, Sabine remained insistent on going back and saving Ezra, as well reclaim their ship before the Mandalorians recover the coordinates on board leading to the Rebel base. Fenn still remained stubborn to support Sabine's concerns. Sabine learns from Fenn that the leader, Gar Saxon, was known to be a traitor to their people. Long ago, he wanted to be their ruler but was rejected because he did not have honor. So, he had help from the Empire. Meanwhile, Saxon was starting to lose his patience with Ezra and he began to get even more aggressive. Sabine and Fenn, who had decided to make truce, returned to the ruin base and listen in on Saxon. Saxon finally made Ezra speak some truth about Fenn, and they heard from Saxon that he had been planning to eliminate the Protectors for sometime with and Fenn along with it. Fenn is devastated by what he had heard. Even if he had been around, he would have still been executed by the Empire along with his men, and from the way it looked now the Rebels saved him from that fate. Fenn now agreed to help Sabine save Ezra and reclaim their ship. First they swiped a weapon and a jet pack from one of Saxon's men and while Fenn retook the Phantom, Sabine went in to save Ezra and Chopper. Using smoke grenades as a distraction, Sabine got Ezra and Chopper out of the hut and made a run for the Phantom, only to discover that Fenn had fled without them.

Saxon and his men cornered the Rebels. Saxon recognized Sabine and began to lecture about how her defection to the Rebellion left dishonor on her family's name, and how it drove her mother to serve the Empire by his side. He then offered her a choice to hand over Fenn and swear allegiance, or she would be executed along with her friends. To Ezra's surprise, Sabine agreed on his terms. Little did he know that she had a plan. She removed her helmet and gave it to Chopper as she quietly gave him some instructions. Then she turned to Saxon and got down on her knees. He waited for her to swear allegiance, but instead she cried out that he was a fool and gave Chopper the order to release an irritating high pitch siren through the helmets worn by Saxon and his men. This gave the Rebels a chance to fly away with Ezra holding onto Sabine. However, Saxon and his men soon chased after them.

The Rebels hoped to escape by finding Saxon's ship. Their pursuers opened fire and the Rebels decided to evade them by flying dangerously through the canyons. Despite their struggle, they managed to lose most of their pursuers and were soon in sight of Saxon's ship. However, they were cut off and forced to crash land. Saxon and his renaming comrade held Ezra, Sabine and Chopper at gunpoint, planning to eliminate Ezra while handing Sabine over to the Empire alive. However, Fenn, who decided to return, showed up with the Phantom. He fired at the two Mandalorians, giving Ezra, Chopper, and Sabine the chance they needed to jump aboard. However, Saxon stopped Sabine from escaping and the two engaged in a fight. Both were almost equally matched, but Sabine got the upper hand and disabled Saxon's jet back. The Phantom came round again for another pass, and Sabine made it aboard. The Rebels escaped, leaving Saxon defeated. Departing from the third moon, Sabine and Ezra were grateful for Fenn coming back for them, who had now decided to join their Rebellion.





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  • The concept of the Imperial Super Commandos were influenced by some of Joe Johnston's original ideas and designs for Boba Fett.
  • In the original draft, Sabine and Rau were playing Dejarik, but was changed to Cubikahd.
    • Cubikahd, originally named Cu'bikad, was first introduced in the Star Wars Legends novel Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice.
      • Its name was first mentioned in Legacy of the Force: Revelation.
  • Sabine getting a jetpack was foreshadowed in "The Mystery of Chopper Base".
  • The Phantom II has a large stylized Tibidee because of the original Phantom's encounter with one in "Rise of the Old Masters".
  • The Phantom II's nickname was Ghost Fighter C, representing the third iteration of the Phantom in the series.
  • The canyon for the jetpack chase is a retexturing of the Ryloth canyon in "Hera's Heroes".
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