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The Imperial Super Commandos were members of Mandalorians that fought for the Galactic Empire following the Clone Wars. Led by Gar Saxon, they previously fought as part of the Death Watch and as Maul's Supercommandos. In the years before the Galactic Civil War, a squad of Imperial Mandalorians encountered members of the Ghost Crew.

Notable Members


Under Saxon's command, they attacked and slaughtered the Protectors of Concorde Dawn (minus Fenn Rau who was held by the Rebellion at the time) supposedly for treason, but it was really because Saxon saw the Protectors, and especially Fenn Rau, as threats to his rule over Mandalore.

They kept watch over the Protectors' base, in the hopes that Fenn would come back, so they could kill him as well. Fenn did indeed return, alongside Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger and Chopper, and in the conflict that followed Saxon revealed to Sabine her mother was looking for her and offered her mercy in exchange for swearing allegiance. She did not, and they barely escaped with their lives although they made off with a jetpack, destroyed Saxon's ships, and dealt him a humiliating defeat.

Saxon would receive word from Sabine's mother, Ursa Wren some time later, who offered the Darksaber along with Kanan Jarrus and Ezra Bridger, in exchange for her daughter's safety. Saxon agreed but when he arrived and was given the Darksaber from Ursa, he went back on his word, claiming the Wrens had "collaborated with known traitors" and intended to kill them all.

While his Commandos fought the Wrens and the Jedi, Saxon almost killed Ursa, but was stopped by Sabine, using Ezra's lightsaber. They took their own duel outside onto the frozen lake by the Wren stronghold, where, despite proving himself a strong opponent, Sabine bested Saxon and had him at her mercy. Saxon goaded her to kill him, but, despite being tempted to, Sabine chose to spare his life.

Saxon attempted to shoot Sabine in the back, only to be killed by Ursa for his treachery and lack of honor.

It is unknown how many Commandos died or escaped in the fight, but Saxon's death would get out, and Mandalore would erupt into chaos without a leader.

Sabine, along with Fenn Rau, chose to stay, to help her family free her father, to rally Mandalore, and to find the right person to lead their world.


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  • The concept of the Imperial Super Commandos were influenced by some of Joe Johnston's original ideas and designs for Boba Fett.
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