Palpatine presiding over the Imperial Senate

The Imperial Senate was the council of the Galactic Empire that was governed by Emperor Palpatine. It succeeded the Galactic Senate of the Republic, which was formed in the Imperial Senate after Palpatine declared himself Emperor and transformed the Galactic Republic in to the Galactic Empire.

The Imperial Senate was largely a figurehead body without any real power. Palpatine didn't bother to formally dissolve the Galactic Senate when the Empire was created because as a practical matter it had already ceased to exist, given all of the emergency powers that it had voted to Palpatine during the Clone Wars.

Nonetheless, the Imperial Senate was in many ways the last remnant of the Galactic Republic. Many Imperial Senators had held office since before the Clone Wars, and clandestinely sought to organize and aid rebel movements against the Emperor's tyranny - such as Bail Organa, aided by his adopted daughter Leia Organa. Indeed, some held out hope that the Senate could still act to check the Empire's activities.

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