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The Imperial Security Bureau pays attention to patterns.
―Agent Kallus of the ISB[src]

The Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) was an agency of secret police, who monitored and maintained citizens' loyalty to the Galactic Empire. ISB agents were often placed in command of Imperial Star Destroyers, and units of Stormtroopers, and were outfitted with distinctive helmets designed for use in riot control and intended to intimidate opponents. One such agent, known as Kallus, was assigned to deal with the growing rebel threat on Lothal, having no tolerance for anyone who opposed the Empire.

The organization was also largely responsible for the destruction of Lasan, the homeworld of the Lasat species. In addition to the planet's destruction, the ISB also neutralized the Lasan Honor Guard, an elite group of Lasat warriors.

Years after the destruction of Lasan, the ISB was tasked with neutralizing any and all rebel threats, specifically the crew of the Ghost. The organization did so under the command of Agent Kallus.


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