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This page is about the Interdictor prototype commanded by Brom Titus. You may be looking for this type of ship in general, the Interdictor Cruiser.

It's a Star Destroyer!"
"No, that is something else.
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The Imperial Interdictor was an experimental Interdictor cruiser of the Imperial Navy which was constructed with gravity well projectors designed to pull ships from hyperspace and/or prevent them making the jump to lightspeed.


Interdictor cruisers were designed by Sienar Fleet Systems, makers of the TIE Fighter. At first appearing to be a small Star Destroyer, the Interdictor was recognizable because of the ship's four prominent globes; each globe housed a single gravity-well projector. Interdictors also had twenty quad laser cannons for short-range combat against other capital ships. Imperial doctrine called for Interdictors to be placed on a perimeter of a battle area. This gave Interdictor captains a clear view of any battle so they could precisely target the placement of gravity wells to prevent rebel ships from escaping into hyperspace.


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  • The Imperial Interdictor in "Stealth Strike" is much larger than how it was depicted in the Expanded Universe with the EU version being 600 meters long. The Arquitens light cruiser that crashed into it was portrayed considerably smaller in comparison when it's size is 325 meters. This may be meant to suggest that it is a more powerful model. Alternatively, it may be larger to imply that it is an early prototype, with later models refined to not need to be as large to achieve the same gravity-well effect.
  • The Interdictor bridge is built from a Star Destroyer bridge design, but with circular control stations in the crew pits.