Just drop me and my blasters off at Capital City.
―Ezra desiring the crates[src]
Spark of the Rebellion 25
The Ghost Crew carried out a heist for Cikatro Vizago, who hired them to steal blasters from the Empire on Lothal. The operation was carried out in Capital City, where the rebels attempted to steal the blasters. However, they were interrupted by Ezra Bridger, who stole one of the sets of crates. This led to a chase throughout the city, with Ezra attempting to outrun the rebels. Their chase made its way out of the city, and the rebels fought off Stormtroopers and TIE Fighters as they fled. Ezra eventually got away from the rebels, but was saved by their ship, the Ghost, which shot down an approaching TIE. Kanan Jarrus, the leader of the crew, offered Ezra a chance to escape as more fighters approached, and Ezra leapt onto the ship with his crate.

The Ghost was pursued by several TIEs, leading to a brief firefight throughout the atmosphere and into space. The ship was able to escape into hyperspace before returning to Lothal, where it scrambled its signal so it could not be recognized. The rebels brought many of the crates, which also contained food and other supplies, to a refugee settlement called Tarkintown, where the rebels provided it for free to the refugees. Kanan and Hera Syndulla, delivered the blasters to Vizago, who paid them both in credits and in information—specifically, the potential whereabouts of Wookiees who had been enslaved by the Empire, leading the rebels to undertake a mission to rescue them. Ezra later joined the crew, having found an adopted family in them as a result of the heist.


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