Goran was a flight instructor at the Skystrike Academy for the Galactic Empire.


Secret Enemies in the Ranks

Goran was the commandant of the Skystrike Academy. Three of his Academy's cadets included Wedge Antilles, Derek Klivian, and Rake Gahree. Wedge and his two friends became disillusioned with the Empire and made arrangements to defect to the Rebellion. The Phoenix Squadron sent Sabine Wren to extricate the defecting cadets.

After a disguised Sabine arrived with a new intake of cadets, he addressed the cadets and told them that only the best students would survive the Academy. He added that their performance at previous academies would have little bearing on their success at the Skystrike Academy. Goran then told them that a combat practice simulation would take place 0600 hours the following day before dismissing them.

The following morning, he supervised Wedge and Sabine in their combat simulation exercise. When Wedge and Sabine (who was disguised as Ria Tallia), referred to themselves by their real names, he reminded them to use only their call numbers. The two cadets managed to destroy four simulated Y-Wing Starfighters but were destroyed by a simulated version of the rebel freighter Ghost, which was piloted by Captain Vult Skerris. Following the exercise, he instructed Wedge and Sabine to report for a debriefing. He watched as Vult warned the cadets about the consequences of disobeying orders.

He later greeted the visiting Governor Arihnda Pryce and Agent Kallus, who had traveled to investigate reports that some cadets were planing to defect to the Rebellion. Goran expressed disbelief that there were traitors among his cadets and opined that his cadets were were trained and loyal. However, Governor Pryce insisted on going ahead with the investigation. As a result, the Skystrike Academy was placed on lockdown, operations were suspended, and cadets were questioned by Agent Kallus.

However, Kallus' investigation yielded no results. When he expressed frustration at the disruption the investigation was causing to his Academy, Pyrce suggested that they could reach a mutual agreement by getting the cadets back into space. With Pryce's approval, Goran ordered all of the cadets to report to their TIE Fighters and engage in a mock combat exercise in space. Over the intercom, he informed the cadets that their laser cannons had been nullified but that their scores would still register on the charts. As expected, Sabine and the defecting cadets took the bait and tried to fly towards a Alderaan Cruiser commanded by Ezra Bridger.

After sighting the rebel ship, he watched as Governor Pryce ordered the four cadets to returned. When they refused, she deactivated their solar collector panels and sent Captain Skerris and his TIE Interceptors to attack the rebel ship. The rebel ship managed to escape into hyperspace. Under Pryce's orders, Skerris destroy Rake's TIE Fighter. Goran did not intervene when Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus handled the rebellious cadets. Ultimately, Sabine and the defecting cadets managed to escape the Academy with the help of Kallus, who had come to respect Sabine's rebel comrade Garazeb Orrelios and wanted to return him a favor.

Personality and Traits

Goran took pride in the quality and caliber of his students and initially refused to believe reports that there were defectors within his Academy. He was a tough and unforgiving instructor but was blind to the rebel sympathies of his students. Goran was deeply embarrassed when Governor Pryce and Agent Kallus visited his Academy to investigate the presence of rebel defectors. Despite his unhappiness with the investigation, Goran complied with Governor Pryce's orders.


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  • He was originally called Argin Relik.


Season Three

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