I am with you, Hera.
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Gobi Glie was a male Twi'lek member of the Ryloth rebel cell. Cham Syndulla considered him one of his finest warriors along with Numa.



During the Clone Wars, Gobi served as Cham Syndulla's second-in-command during Separatist invasion of Ryloth.

At some point after the rise of the Empire, Gobi once again served under Cham in the Ryloth rebel cell.

Taking the Carrier

Hera Syndulla, a rebel, contacts a Twi'lek resistance along with Gobi over Ryloth in hopes of capturing the Empire's carrier that they have used to bomb their planet. While they make a plan to take the carrier, Cham, Numa, and Gobi disagree and propose to destroy the carrier. Eventually, they decide to take it, to which Gobi and the rebels reluctantly agree to. Gobi and the rest later purposely crash in the carrier with a TIE bomber, Numa's bag spills open and reveal that she and the Twi'leks have betrayed them with plans to destroy the ship. After stunning them, Gobi and Numa proceeded to set the explosives on the munitions rack until the rebels Sabine and Zeb arrive to stop them.

After a standoff, Sabine captures a mouse droid and sets a proton bomb on it, sets the droid loose, and knocks Gobi and Numa out. After agreeing to help the rebels take the carrier, they fend of the bombers in a turret. After Cham and Sabine destroyed the light crusier he is seen leaving with Cham and Numa.

Recovering the Kalikori

The Free Ryloth movement faced a formidable new opponent in the form of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Studying Twi'lek culture, philosophy, history, and art, Thrawn devised successful counterinsurgency techniques which led to the capture of Tann province, the home of the Syndulla clan. Gobi was aboard the Ghost when Cham's daughter Hera undertook a supply run for the Free Ryloth rebels. After the Ghost drove off the Imperial pursuers and picked up Cham and Numa, Gobi and all the other rebels volunteered to assist Hera recover her mother's Kalikori heirloom from the Empire, who were occupying the Syndulla residence.

As part of the recovery mission, Gobi and the other rebels staged a diversionary attack on Imperial forces in the Tulara Ravine while Hera, Ezra, and Chilper infiltrated the Syndulla residence. During the skirmish, Gobi along with Cham and Numa charged into the fray on their blurrg steeds after Sabine blew up an Imperial Troop Transport and an AT-DP walker. The two rebel cells then fled into the wilderness but were unable to outrun a second AT-DP walker. Gobi tried to delay the walker by collapsing rocks in its path but the walker blasted through it easily.

Following a prolonged gun battle, the AT-DP stopped fighting to broadcast a message by Thrawn's second in command, Captain Slavin. Slavin offered to spare the lives of Hera and Ezra if Cham surrendered himself to the Empire. Cham accepted due to his love for Hera. Whenever Govi advised him against it, Cham designated Hera as his successor. However, Hera staged a successful escape plan which involved getting Chopper to plant explosives. During the exchange, Hera ignited the explosives. This allowed the two rebel cells to escape with all their personnel. Gobi and Numa later mingled with Hera's crew while Hera and Kanan chatted with Cham.


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