"Ghosts of Geonosis" is a two-part episode of Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels. It comprises of the show's forty-ninth and fiftieth episodes and are the collective twelfth and thirteenth episodes of the third season. It is also the mid-season premiere. It premiered on January 7, 2017.


Part One

Travelling through hyperspace, The Ghost crew, accompanied by Captain Rex, were on their way to Geonosis. Briefed by Senator Organa, he recalled their previous visit to Geonosis when they found the entire population had been wiped. The senator decided to send a team to investigate the disappearance of the Geonosians but lost contact with them after they reported some kind of energy source on the planet surface. The man who was leading the team was known as Saw Gerrera, a soldier Rex knew back in the Clone Wars. According to Rex, he suspected that whatever they uncovered during their last visit had left Saw concerned enough to take a closer look. The Ghost crew's primary mission was to recover Saw's team and any Intel they have gathered.

The Rebels soon arrived at Geonosis, where they found the construction modules and debris they saw last time all gone. They picked up the energy source that they were informed about but could not raise Saw or his team. Possible that they could be underground, the Rebels went down to the surface. They entered a severe sandstorm, and after a rough ride they touched down close to where the energy source was. Dividing into two teams, Kanan, Ezra, Chopper and Rex checked out the coordinates of Saw's last transmission while Sabine and Zeb checked out that power source. Following a lead, Kanan, Ezra, Chopper and Rex tracked down Saw's last location to a ruined temple. They called out for Saw but there was no reply. Ezra found a passage that led to the underground tunnels. Suspecting that Saw went underground, the Rebels decided to head down themselves. Once inside the tunnels, they found multiple side passages blocked off by rocks. Pretty soon, they found a lot of helmets and weapons left by Saw's team but no people. Rex suspected that they were attacked. Just then, Kanan sensed a presence ahead of them and then it suddenly moved away. Concerned, Kanan recommended that they headed back, but Ezra and Rex insisted on pressing on with the search, unaware that they were being watched.

The Rebels made it to a dead end and found another helmet but still no sign of Saw or his team. Just then, they were ambushed by Battle Droids and a Droideka which opened fire on them. Then suddenly out of nowhere, the Rebels were assisted by Saw Gerrera, who helped take out the droids before greeting his old friend, Rex. Meanwhile, Sabine and Zeb were in the storm looking for the source of the unknown power readings, which turned out to be a fully operational military grade shield generator. Knowing that Chopper Base could make use of a shield, Hera instructed Sabine and Zeb to salvage the generator. Back in the tunnels, Saw brought up his findings. Someone had been keeping the founded shield generator and the droids operational, but for reasons he did not know. Saw suspected it was a Geonosian. Feeling even more concerned, Kanan again recommended that they headed back, but Saw strongly insisted that they find the Geonosian, because he believed that it knew some secrets relating to the Empire; secret enough to wipe out the entire Geonosian population. This made it reasonable to believe that the Empire was hiding something and Saw insisted that they find out what it was. The Rebels decided to go ahead with his plan, but Kanan insisted on warning Hera about the droids. Saw had a suggestion, and following his lead they found their way to shaft leading to the surface.

Now able to get a clear signal, Kanan and Hera contacted each other and shared their findings. Understanding Kanan's warning about the chance of droids in the area, Hera ordered Sabine and Zeb to return to the ship with or without the shield generator. As the storm died down, Zeb could not see any droids, but Sabine found destroyers buried in the sand. They appeared to be asleep but were warned not to engage them otherwise they woudl wake up and attack. Not wanting to leave behind the generator, Sabine and Zeb carefully push it to the Ghost, keeping an eye on the buried droids. Hera ordered Kanan and his team to return to the Ghost, but again Saw insisted on finding that Geonosian. Suddenly, they spotted one that used some remote to activate the droids on the surface. Sabine and Zeb became surrounded as the destroyers woke up. In order to protect themselves, they used the shield generator to generate a temporal shield to protect themselves from the droids. In order to stop the droids, Saw suggested they go after that Geonosian and get their hands on that remote. Because the bridge to the other side had been destroyed, Kanan used The Force to toss Ezra across with Chopper in follow. He then brought down another bridge from above to allow Saw and Rex to cross over.

Ezra and Chopper were ahead of the others and gave chase. The Geonosian was proven to be elusive and so far managed to evade capture. But the "bug" was eventually caught and the droids were disabled after Saw destroyed the remote, just as Sabine and Zeb's shield went out.

Part Two

The Rebels now had the Geonosian in custody and Saw started to aggressively interrogate him for answers. However, he was only frightening the lone Geonosian, and before Saw could turn abusive his comrades told him to go easy on him. Calling him "Klik-Klak", the only thing they got from him was a drawing of a circle inside of a circle in the dirt. Nobody seemed to know what that meant. Chopper then brought up that he detected an energy reading in the direction Klik-Klak was going. Either it was the answers they sought or a trap, the Rebels decided to check it out, but not before Saw placed some binders onto Klik-Klak.

Meanwhile, an Imperial ship, under the command of Captain Brunson, arrived at Geonosis after picking up a proximity alert. The Captain suspected it was just a meteor that triggered their sensors, but none the less carried out protocol to investigate. They soon detected life signs on the surface and Captain Brunson gave the order to deploy two TIE Bombers to investigate. Back on the surface, Sabine and Zeb finally got the shield generator on board just as Hera alerted them about the Imperial Forces. She tried to warn Kanan and the others but could not make contact. So In order to send out a signal, Zeb took a transmitter into the caves. Back underground, the Rebels arrived at Klik-Klak's hideout. It was full old parts and machinery left behind after the Clone Wars. Rex and Kanan noticed a transmitter and had a go at sending a signal back to the Ghost. Meanwhile, Saw started rummaging through Klik-Klak's stuff. Klik-Klak pleaded him to stop but he did not listen. He was certain that the Geonosian was hiding something and he wanted to know what it was. Eventually he stopped after Klik-Klak brought out a Geonosian egg he had been trying to keep safe. Rex recognized it to be a queen egg, which was known to be very rare and probably the last one in existence. Finally, the Rebels regained communication with the Ghost. Patching through to Hera, she warned them about the Imperials and ordered them to return to the ship. The Rebels made their way back to the Ghost, but not before Saw insisted on taking Klik-Klak with them.

Back on the surface, the Bombers found the Ghost and attacked. After Zeb got aboard, the Rebels engaged the Bombers, but due to the sand jamming their guns they had minimal firepower. However, they managed to take out both the Bombers, and following Kanan's signal they descended into a nearby chasm where they picked up Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, Rex, Saw, and Klik-klak. After boarding the Ghost, the Rebels were all gathered in the common room. They showed Hera Klik-Klak and Saw's plans to bring him back for questioning, despite Klik-Klak's plea to stay on Geonosis. Hera took Kanan aside for a private conversation. She was concerned about Saw and brought up the fact that he had a reputation for being extreme. Suddenly they heard a commotion going on, and found Saw trying to flee with Klik-Klak and threatened to destroy the egg if anyone got in his way. The Rebels plead him to spare Klik-Klak and the egg but he was not moved. He remained hurt by the loss of his sister and his home, and he wanted to stop that from happening to anyone else no matter what. But the decisions he was making made him no better than the Empire, as he was willing to condemn the Geonosians to extinction to accomplish his goals for the sake of the Rebellion. Eventually, the Rebels managed to get Saw to see the error of his ways when Chopper suddenly showed up with some bad news. The Imperials had found them and were cutting off their only way out. When they noticed incoming Rocket Troopers, the Rebels had no choice but to go straight down. As the descended, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb and Saw stood on the upper haul of the ship and engaged the Rocket Troopers. Soon, Sabine joined the fight and using her own jet pack took out the Rocket Troopers.

With the fight over, the Rebels continued to descend further down into the chasm until they finally reached the bottom and found two Imperial gas canisters. This made them realize that the Empire used poisonous gases to wipe out the Geonosians, which was the proof they needed to present to the senate. Saw, having had a change of heart, removed Klik-Klak's binders and let him go free. The Rebels watched on as Klik-Klak descended deep into the underground with the egg. The Rebels began to load the canisters but suddenly the Imperials above began destroying the entrance to the chasm with a plan to bury them alive. With everyone back aboard, the Rebels headed back up as rubble fell towards them. They soon saw the cruiser blocking their escape, and using photon torpedoes they took out the cruiser blocking their path and escaped, but lost the canisters in the process.

Although they lost the only evidence to prove to the senate that the Empire wiped out the Geonosians, the images they recovered could help recruit more systems to their cause. Their Intel on the matter, the rescuing of Saw and the salvage of the shield generator made the mission a profound success. Saw, however remained disappointed that they never found out what the Empire was building on Geonosis but Kanan guaranteed they would find out soon enough.






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  • This is the first double-length episode not to serve as either the series premiere, a season premiere, or finale.
  • The rebel helmets in the gave are the same commando design seen in Return of the Jedi and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. They sport Saw's symbol, seen on his tattered cape in Rogue One.
  • The B1 Battle Droids in this episode are a mix of the tan-colored units and the rust red Geonosian units.
  • Saw is based on the "flashback" version of him seen in the opening of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.
  • In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Saw had blue eyes, while in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he had brown eyes. The Rebels version has green eyes.
  • Brunson is named after the series Look Development Production Coordinator, Jessica Brunson.
  • Klik-Klak was the first sympathetic Geonosian in the franchise. The production team pointed towards District 9 as an example where an insectoid alien could be turned into something other than creepy through portrayal and circumstances.
  • The Jumptroopers are based on the flying Stormtroopers developed for Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.
  • The gag in the episode is that while Klik-Klak draws the Death Star in the dirt, everyone interprets it as something else (rings of Geonosis, an egg, and the gas canisters).
  • The jetpack Sabine acquired in Imperial Super Commandos has been repaired and customized with a new paint design.
  • The revelation of the gas canisters is a story thread that has been playing for years, starting with the disappearance of the Geonosians in Season 2 and a visit from Vader in the Darth Vader Comics.
    • The egg that Klik-Klak was nursing is intended an older version of the queen that Vader encounters in the comics, though Pablo Hidalgo has said that this may change.
  • In a Twitter post, Hidalgo clarified that Klik-Klak doesn't have any wings because he's one of the lower-caste Geonosians.
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