This page is about the Gauntlet Fighter used by Maul. You may be looking for the smaller Fang Fighters used by The Protectors.

The Kom'rk-class fighter, also known as the Gauntlet Fighter, was a fighter/transport used by the Mandalorian group, Death Watch. The Death Watch used them as troop transports and attack craft throughout the Clone Wars under the leadership of Pre Vizsla and later Darth Maul. After the war, Maul continued to use his own personal Gauntlet Fighter, the Nightbrother, docking it at a vacant Mandalorian Asteroid Outpost. Yet another Gauntlet Fighter was used by the Imperial Super Commandos to attack Concord Dawn and destroy The Protectors. Ezra Bridger later stole Maul's personal fighter, the Nightbrother, on Tatooine to escape from the planet and was then used by Ezra Bridger during the Battle of Atollon.


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