"Gathering Forces" is the ninth episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. It premiered on on November 17, 2014, before making its television debut on November 24, 2014.

This episode is the second installment of a multi-part storyline, continuing where "Empire Day" left off.


Following where "Empire Day" left off, Ezra asked Sabine if she heard that Hera said for her to man the nose guns and Sabine asked if he heard what Tseebo said. Ezra told her that he already knew what happened to his parents, that the Empire had killed them. However, after Sabine left, Ezra demanded Tseebo to tell him if they were really dead. Instead Tseebo asked for his forgiveness for not helping the Bridgers and Ezra angrily said he would never forgive him.

After being called to help in the cockpit, Hera tells Ezra to fix the navigation computer but was unable to make the necessary repairs. Tseebo however came and uploaded hyperspace coordinates, saving the Rebels. While repairing Chopper, Kanan told Ezra he should decide on what to do with Tseebo. Ezra told him he didn't care but Kanan told him that he did. Ezra asked why he should as Tseebo didn't do anything to save his parents. Kanan and Sabine point out that he couldn't have done anything and maybe stealing the secrets of the Empire was his way of trying to find redemption. Then they learn from Tseebo that the Empire was tracking them with a beacon attached to the hull of the Phantom.

Gathering Forces 01

The Rebels find the tracking beacon.

Kanan came up with a plan to lure the Empire away long enough for Hera to get Tseebo to safety. They were to detach the Phantom while in hyperspace and lure the Empire to Fort Anaxes and have the Fyrnocks deal with the Imperials. When Hera asked why they couldn't just detach the Phantom and let the Empire follow it that way, Kanan informed them that The Inquisitor could sense him and Ezra. Before leaving, Sabine tried to convince Ezra to talk to Tseebo again, but Ezra told her if he was to believe that his parents would come and save him he would have never learned to survive. Unbeknownst to them, Kanan heard the whole thing but didn't say a word as he and Ezra left.

As the Phantom detached from the Ghost, Kanan had a few difficulties as they exited hyperspace but was able to stabilize the ship and he and Ezra headed to Fort Anaxes. Meanwhile the Inquisitor took the bait and followed. Ezra told Kanan he couldn't connect with the Fyrnocks and that he was afraid. Kanan told him that he everyone was afraid and admitting it like Ezra did made him brave. When they arrived, Ezra tried to connect, but was too afraid, however, when Kanan told him not to be Ezra said he wasn't afraid of them. Kanan asked him what he was afraid of but Ezra didn't know. Kanan said he did and asked again. Finally Ezra admitted he was afraid of the truth and, through the Force, told Tseebo he was forgiven and finally was able to connect with the Fyrnocks.

Back on the Ghost, Hera docked with Fulcrum, who would take Tseebo into hiding. Tseebo asked if he would ever see Ezra again and informed Hera that his download of the Empire's secrets was an accident as he was just trying to find out Mira and Ephraim Bridger's fate. Hera told Tseebo to tell her and that she would tell Ezra.

Gathering Forces 41

Through the Dark Side of the Force, Ezra summons a larger Fyrnock.

Meanwhile The Inquisitor showed up at the old base with Stormtroopers and everyone but The Inquisitor was attacked by the Fyrnocks. The Inquisitor fought with Kanan and defeated him with ease. Ezra grabbed Kanan's lightsaber, but it was stolen out of his hands by The Inquisitor using the Force. The Inquisitor then attacked Ezra, throwing him back to a cliff edge. He began to torment Ezra by telling him his master and friends will all die, and so will everything that he has hoped for. Ezra then opened himself to the Dark Side of the Force and connected with a Mega Fyrnock through his anger and fear. He commanded it to attack The Inquisitor as Kanan watched in horror. Ezra then collapsed onto the ground. Kanan ran over to Ezra who asked him what had happened and that he was cold. Kanan comforted him and slung Ezra over his shoulder and retrieved his lightsaber. The Inquisitor tried to stop them by throwing his lightsaber at him, but Kanan deflected it and both him and Ezra escaped In the Phantom.

After putting the Phantom on autopilot, Kanan spoke to Ezra. He told him he saved them, but Ezra said that it didn't feel right. Kanan informed him that if you lack the will needed when you open yourself to the Force, you become vulnerable to the Dark Side, much to Ezra's dismay. Kanan said that it was his fault, as he didn't teach Ezra what he needed to know.

The two return to the Ghost and before Hera could to tell Ezra what happened to his parents, Kanan stopped her, saying that Ezra needed some time alone, before informing her that they need to talk. Sabine went to talk to Ezra, saying that it had been an odd couple of days. She then showed Ezra a holodisk from his old house, which contained a picture of Mira Bridger and Ephraim Bridger, much to Ezra's joy. Sabine then wished him happy birthday before leaving Ezra to enjoy his gift.







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  • The Rebels return to the abandoned Republic Base, Fort Anaxes from the previous episode "Out of Darkness".
  • The moment between Ezra and the Inquisitor is similar to the climax in Return of the Jedi when Darth Vader tormented his son Luke with the fear of losing his sister to the Dark Side, as a result briefly giving in to his hatred.
  • This is the first time Ezra's parents, Mira and Ephraim, are shown.
  • At the near end of the episode when Ezra regains consciousness, he says "I feel so cold" which is similar to what Luke said in The Empire Strikes Back before entering the cave on Dagobah.
Phantom hull

The logo, on the Phantom's hull.

  • The crested logo on the Phantom's hull that the tracker attaches to is a nod to the allied Van Lines decal that adorns the cockpit of the original Millennium Falcon ILM visual effects model. The number 54 is in reference to the interstate that winds through concept artist Amy Beth Christenson's hometown in Kansas.
  • The working title for the episode was "Repairs".
  • The XX-23 S-tread tracker is a piece of technology first detailed in Cracken's Rebel Field Guide, a roleplaying game book published by West End Games in 1991.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Ezra's customized cadet helmet, which Sabine has painted.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Sentinel-class shuttle in the series, which was designed for the Special Edition re-releases of the Star Wars films.
  • During production of the episode, the massive Fyrnock was known simply as "Fyrnock Mama".
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