The relationships of Garazeb Orrelios.


Kanan Jarrus

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Zeb respects Kanan and accepts him as a leader, and is fully aware of his friend's past as a Jedi. They get along well, but there's still occasional friction that's positive or negative, depending on the circumstances, and Zeb had no qualms punching Kanan's lights out "to make it look good" during an escape.

Even so, they're steadfast friends, respecting each other as fellow warriors, and both have each other's back during a fight.

Hera Syndulla

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Hera is among the few people who can put Zeb in his place, as he respects her and seems like a child whenever Hera scolds him due to her motherly nature. Despite this, Hera is kind and patient to Zeb due to what happened to his planet and people.

Ezra Bridger

Zeb and ezra buddies

Zeb and Ezra.

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Zeb and Ezra started off as rivals, with Zeb treating him as an outcast. They were competing against each other as well as Chopper constantly. Their relationship evolved overtime, however, as the two of them became close friends and began going on missions together, as well as still having the occasional tussle from time to time. Zeb later showed concern for Ezra when he decided not to go on a mission during Empire Day. Zeb later questioned why Ezra's parents would risk everything, showing that he feels bad for what had happened to Ezra. Zeb has shown that he has complete trust in Ezra, as he was willing to let him lead him and Sabine on a mission to find Kanan, even behind Hera's back.

Sabine Wren

Droids in Distress 12

Zeb and Sabine.

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Sabine treated and thought of Zeb like an older brother, coming to appreciate how he looked out for her and his crewmates. Zeb in turn respects and cares for Sabine, and often follows her lead due to her greater knowledge of how the Empire works, trusting her enough to watch his back.


Rebel resolve 2

Zeb and Chopper.

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Chopper and Zeb had a mutual disliking of each other. Zeb disliked Chopper for his lazy nature, and lack of respect. He even bet Chopper in a game of Sabacc, though he later regretted it. However, he still acknowledged Chopper's work for the Ghost crew, as shown when he complimented Chopper on going undercover to find where Kanan was being held by the Imperials.

Captain Gregor

The Lost Commanders 35

Zeb and Gregor.

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When Zeb and Gregor first met, they wanted to fire on each other because of a fight starting. When Zeb found out he was being used as bait to lure a Joopa out of hiding, he was furious, until Gregor tells him that he brought them their biggest catch ever. Zeb and Gregor seem to be on friendly terms.


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Agent Kallus

The Honorable Ones 09

Zeb and Kallus working together.

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Yeah, well, we didn't kill each other. So, I guess we're, friends now.
―Zeb defending Kallus[src]

Zeb and Kallus had their first face-to-face encounter when the ISB agent challenged Zeb with, to the latter's fury, a Bo-rifle. Furious his old military unit's signature weapon was wielded by an imperial, Zeb answered the challenge viciously, and his world shook when Kallus mocked Zeb's fear of disruptors and admitted to being the one who ordered their use against Zeb's people, angering Zeb into fighting recklessly and would have cost him his life at Kallus' hands had Ezra not saved him. This led to them being archenemies although Zeb passed up a chance to kill Kallus for the sake of a mission.

Despite their mutual animosity, Zeb saved Kallus's life for the sake of working together, when the two of them find themselves in a rather dangerous situation. Realizing their need to work together, Zeb and Kallus put their differences aside, each of them gaining a healthy respect for the other. When the Ghost crew finally arrived, Zeb offered Kallus to join them, with the promise of being treated fairly, though the Agent politely refused.

For saving his life, Kallus repaid the debt he owed to Zeb by helping Sabine, Wedge, and Hobbie escape Skystrike Academy, telling Sabine to inform Zeb they were even.

Kallus's experiences with Zeb forced him to rethink his beliefs about the Empire and the rebellion, eventually leading him to become a double-agent for the rebels. Zed was visibly surprised when he learned of Kallus's double-agency, but accepted it, saying they were now friends.


Fifth Brother

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Zeb first encountered the Fifth Brother and then his partner the Seventh Sister during a run for medical supplies with Ezra, Sabine and Chopper. He and Sabine tried to get the drop on the Fifth Brother, who sensed their ambush and turned it against them. With some creative thinking, Zeb rescued his friends from the Inquisitors, but would meet them again.

Alongside Kanan to defend two Force-sensitive children, Zeb bravely faced the Inquisitors, grappling with the Brother, who used the Force to hurtle him against the wall. After a chase through the streets, Zeb and his friends were saved by the arrival of Ahsoka Tano, who easily outfought both Inquisitors and they all made their escape.

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