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It's just something about the feel of their helmets on my fists.
―Zeb, after taking out two stormtroopers[src]

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios (codename Spectre 4) was a male Lasat. He served as a rebel alongside the crew of the Ghost after his race was almost entirely wiped out by the Empire.


Early Life

Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios was born and raised on the planet Lasan and served as Captain of the Lasan High Honor Guard, where it was his duty to protect the royal family and assist his people into rising up against the Galactic Empire in its early days as the first species ever to have done so. When the Empire responded to this rebellion by sacking and massacring the Lasats themselves, Zeb, along with the rest of the Honor Guard, helped protect their people. Unfortunately, they were no match for the Empire's assault on the Royal Palace of Lasat, and were finished when a bomb was set off, destroying most of the castle. Zeb managed to survive the endeavor, unlike most of his kind. But because of its ordeal, he grew a gruff demeanor, but has remained loyal to a great deal of sympathy towards the weak, thus earning him a place in the rebel crew of a VCX-100 light freighter called the Ghost by the time he was thirty-nine.


Pursued by Stormtroopers

After a successful mission in Capital City, Zeb arrived at the wrong rendezvous point, and found himself in a random alley. While lost, he noticed some Stormtroopers harassing a civilian selling Yogen berries. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to humiliate the Empire, Zeb rescued the frightened Ugnaught then proceeded down the alley, where he came across a famed Imperial TIE Pilot named Valen Rudor. Knocking Rudhor unconscious, Zeb mounted his TIE Fighter, which he used to leap onto incoming Imperial reinforcements and used his Bo-Rifle to finish the last couple troopers off.

Rudor reawakened, only to find all his allies defeated. While holding Zeb at gunpoint, he called in even more troopers. Zeb managed to evade their shots, before throwing him off his own fighter. Overwhelmed by the incoming troopers, he sabotaged Rudor's fighter, resulting in an explosion. Zeb then met up with his new Ugnaught friend, passing over the credits originally offered as a bribe to the Sormtroopers; opting for a Yogen berry from the Ugnaught's basket instead. The reunion was short lived, however, as more troopers arrived.

Mission on Lothal and Meeting Ezra

"Spectre 4", during the rebels' escape from Capital City.

A few months later, Zeb was involved in a hijack of Imperial crates with fellow rebels Kanan Jarrus and Sabine Wren. However, before they could hijack the speeders towing the goods, a teenage con-artist street urchin named Ezra Bridger hopped down from the rooftops and hijacked one of the speeders himself, forcing Kanan and Zeb to go after him on the other two speeders and racing him through the streets and out of the city. Under Kanan's orders, he evaded the pursue and was left with the stolen crates, saying he will end Ezra if Kanan caught him. Zeb and his fellow Rebels regrouped aboard their ship the Ghost and picked up Ezra as he was being chased by TIE Fighters. Zeb and Ezra were soon butting heads and when Ezra made fun of his smell, Zeb dragged him by the legs and threw him into a closet.

After Zeb and his fellow rebels were able to escape their pursuers, they returned to Lothal and landed near Tarkintown, a refugee camp named after Imperial Outer Rim governor Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin that is home to farmers who lost their farmlands to the Empire. Zeb, along with Sabine and Ezra delivered three of their stolen crates full of food to the people of Tarkintown and soon after returned to the ship on another mission, to rescue Wookiee prisoners.

Battle on Kessel

Arriving and docking with an Imperial Transport Ship rumored to be holding the Wookies, the rebels had Zeb pose as a hairless Wookiee to fool the Stormtrooper guards. However, the troopers didn't buy it, only because Zeb didn't give them a chance and took them out with a single punch against their heads. Unfortunately, rebels had no idea they were walking into a trap made by the Empire until Ezra came to warn them. While helping the rebels make a run back to their own ship, however, the boy was captured by Imperial Security Bureau (ISB) Agent Kallus, so Zeb regretfully abandoned him so they could escape but not before telling Ezra he did good. His fellow rebels were not pleased with him leaving Ezra behind and out of three votes, they returned to rescue him.

Eventually, Ezra was able to escape on his own and, rejoining Zeb and his other newfound friends back onto the Ghost, informed them that he just learned the Wookiees were on Kessel. Heading there and setting the Wookies free, the Ghost crew became outnumbered due to the arrival of a squadron of Stormtroopers commanded by Kallus, so is was here that Zeb became aware that Kanan was a Jedi. With Kanan's skills with the Force and Ezra's assistance, Zeb and his other fellow rebels successfully rescued the Wookiees and, after sending them on their way home, returned Ezra home until he decided to join their crew, with Zeb sharing a cabin onboard the Ghost with him.

Theft of Ion Disruptors

Zeb in a Bo-Rifle duel against Agent Kallus.

Since the crew of the Ghost were running low on fuel and supplies, they decided to accept an order from crime lord Cikatro Vizago to steal a weapons shipment from the spaceport on Garel before it fell into the Empire's hands. After traveling there on a Star commuter shuttle ST-45 while Hera flew to the planet on the Ghost, Zeb and his rebel companions headed to Bay 7 of the spaceport where they discovered that the cargo shipment were T-7 ion disruptor rifles, which were banned by the Imperial Senate for their ability to short-circuit an entire vehicle. This discovery distressed Zeb since these weapons had been used in the Imperial massacre back on Lasan. He was able to set his depression aside for a while so he could hold the Imperials back while Kanan, Ezra and Sabine loaded the disruptors aboard to the Ghost as it fled off-world and into hyperspace, unwittingly bring the droid duo C-3PO and R2-D2 along with them. While their astromech droid Chopper befriended them, the rebels flew back to Lothal with the intention selling the stowaways, along with the disrupters, to VIzago, but unknown to them, the Alderaanian senator Bail Organa sent the two droids on the same secret mission to prevent the T-7 s from falling into Imperial hands.

Zeb repeatedly tried to talk Kanan out of selling the disruptors to the Devaronian, but failed. He even became very frustrated with Ezra on the journey back and at one point tossed him out of their shared cabin. During their deal with Vizago, C-3PO, mistaking the rebels for criminals, made an emergency call to Agent Kallus, revealing the rebels' whereabouts. When the Imperials arrived, Vizago fled and spoiled the rebel's transaction by postponing the deal, so Zeb and the crew alone fought back against the attackers by overloading the disruptors against them. As Kallus stepped forward and demanded that Zeb face him, the Lasat came to the realization that it was Kallus who was responsible for the usage of the disruptors against his people and engaged him in a vicious Bo-Rifle duel. He was quickly overpowered from fighting recklessly and falling for Kallus' taunts, but just as he was about to meet his fate, Ezra Force-pushed Kallus away from him, saving Zeb. This gave Kanan the chance to get a half-conscious Zeb aboard the Ghost, and while Zeb was under the impression that Kanan had saved him, he thanked him for the save. To his surprise, however, the former Jedi revealed Ezra's role in Zeb's rescue, and the Lasat gained respect for the beginning Jedi Padawan.

Errand Run at the Kothal Marketplace

Zeb piloting a TIE Fighter.

Despite having his life saved by the boy, Zeb often butted heads with Ezra as they did not get along with each other. Sometimes the feud was pressured by Chopper, who would often do so by removing the bolts that supported Ezra's bunk, thus allowing it to collapse on Zeb. Their ongoing quarreling led Hera to punish them by sending them into the village of Kothal to pick up supplies and told them not to come back without at least one Meiloorun, which doesn't grow on Lothal. They eventually found some that have already been sold to the Empire, so Ezra tried to steal them when he failed to use the Force for one, only to be spotted by Stormtroopers. While fleeing, the two rebels were separated and Zeb found himself cornered by two more Stormtroopers and a TIE Fighter piloted by Rudor, whom was surprised to see the Lasat again after a couple of months. During a brief skirmish, Zeb leaped into the TIE fighter and tossed the pilot out, taking it for his own. He saw Ezra running from troopers on the rooftops and allowed him to board the fighter in return for admitting that they were both even, then flew into the surrounding countryside.

Once onboard the vessel, the two contacted Kanan and Hera, who ordered them to destroy the small ship and proceed to the rebel rendezvous point. Before doing so, Ezra asked Zeb noticed smoke in the distance and decided to check it out. There, they found a freshly Imperial-destroyed wheat farm which Ezra recognized as the home of Morad Sumar, a friend of his parents. In an attempted rescue mission, the pair saved Sumar and two other prisoners from Imperial supply master Yogar Lyste, and retrieved a Meiloorum. Afterwards, they hid the stolen TIE fighter, but claimed to have destroyed to Kanan and Hera's approval. Back on board the Ghost, Sabine shows them her new work of art, depicting Chopper's prank and letting Zeb and Ezra chase the laughing Chopper down the ship hall.

The Stygeon Trap

Due to their new-formed friendship, Zeb and Chopper were present during one of Ezra's Jedi training lessons on the hull of the Ghost high above Lothal's atmosphere. When both were assigned the job of hurling blue milk cartons and rocks for Ezra to deflect with Kanan's lightsaber, the boy was unable to pay attention and slid off the Ghost. He was rescued by Kanan who used the Force to hold him place in mid-air while Zeb fastened a hook and pulled him back into the ship. Following Ezra's lesson, Zeb and the other Ghost crew received word on the Holonet that the Jedi Master Luminara Unduli was still alive imprisoned on Stygeon Prime. At the urging of Kanan, the rebel band decided to travel there and rescue her, believing would be a better teacher for Ezra than himself. While Chopper and Hera waited aboard the Ghost, Zeb accompanied the rest of the rebels to the planet's surface in the freighter's auxiliary vessel, the Phantom, to infiltrate The Spire, the Imperial prison where Luminara was reputed to be held. Part of the infiltration plan involved Zeb carrying Ezra on piggyback as they leapt onto the sentry's platform in order to avoid arousing the Imperial Stormtrooper sentries. At the entrance, the Lasat warrior knocked two Stormtroopers guarding unconscious by smashing their heads together, and Kanan eliminated the other two troopers by using the Force to hurtle them into the door.

The rebels headed down a turbolift to Luminara's isolation cell, which was situated at the bottom of the prison complex. On the way, they encountered two more Stormtrooper sentries whom Zeb quickly knocked unconscious and dragged into the turbolift with Sabine's help, while Kanan and Ezra entered the detention block complex to look for the Jedi Master. While the Jedi were gone, the Lasat and Mandalorian reached the lower levels, where they encountered two more Stormtroopers whom Zeb also knocked out and threw into the lift. They then tried to contact Kanan, but discovered that the Empire was jamming their signals and quickly deduced that he and Ezra had stumbled into a trap. To delay Imperial reinforcements, Zeb and Sabine jammed the remaining turbolifts and staged a one-sided duel until reuniting with Kanan and Ezra, who just discovered that Luminara was long dead after all, and that her remains were used as bait for a trap set up by The Grand Inquisitor meant to lure any Jedi who survived the Jedi Purge to their fate. Dodging several closing blast doors with the Inquisitor on their tail, the four rebels entered an empty hangar bay. Zeb managed to delay the Inquisitor by jamming the hangar bay's blast doors, buying Ezra and Kanan to use the Force to open the hangar bay's outer doors, which led to the Spire's landing platform. However, the rebels were then trapped between the Inquisitor and several Stormtroopers and TIE fighter pilots who were waiting on the other side.

During the ensuing skirmish, Zeb threw a thermal detonator at the Imperial troops, enabling Hera to land in the Phantom and extract them with a large swarm of tibidees, broad-winged creatures that resembled kites, which she had been able to win over by using the Phantom's signal jammer to mimic their mating call. These tibidees made it hard for the Imperial cannons to target the Phantom, and Zeb made it tougher for them by firing on an Imperial gun turret. Meanwhile, the Inquisitor attempted to stop the Ghost crew by hurling his lightsaber at them, but Kanan deflected its blow. After the Inquisitor retrieved his weapon, Zeb asked Kanan whether his lightsaber could spin in the same way as they and their rebel companions returned to the Ghost and escape into space. Despite their failure to rescue Luminara, Zeb conceded that the rebels had made sure that no other Jedi fell into the Inquisitor's trap.

Infiltrating the Imperial Academy

Later, Zeb along with Sabine and Chopper kept a watch over Ezra while he infiltrated Lothal's Imperial Academy for Young Imperials in order to steal a decoder containing the location of a powerful kyber crystal. While Chopper infiltrated the Academy disguised as an Imperial astromech droid, Zeb and Sabine waited outside the Academy to evacuate Ezra once he had accomplished his mission. The mission took longer than expected due to the high level of security at the Imperial Academy but Ezra managed to secure one more day from his rebel colleagues. With the assistance of fellow cadet Zare Leonis, Ezra succeeded in stealing the decoder from Agent Kallus' office. As planned, Ezra passed the device to Chopper who then gave it to Zeb and Sabine so they could transmit he coordinates of the kyber crystal to Kanan and Hera. This gave them the intelligence to intercept and destroy an Imperial convoy transporting the crystal.

However, their plans to evacuate Ezra were delayed when Ezra and Zare discovered that another cadet Jai Kell had shown an affinity for the Force and attracted the attention of the Grand Inquisitor. After convincing Jai to escape with them, Ezra convinced Zeb and the other rebels to stage a diversionary attack on the Academy the following day. As planned, Zeb along with Sabine and Chopper attacked the academy, allowing Ezra and Jai to escape using an AT-DP. However, Zare opted to stay behind in order to discover the whereabouts of his sister Dhara.

Incident at Fort Anaxes

Zeb, along with Kanan, Ezra and Chopper remained on the Ghost while Hera and Sabine departed in the Phantom to meet with Fulcrum, Hera's secret contact and a key leader of the underground Rebel network. However, their coordinates to the mysterious rebel led a supply run at Fort Anaxes, a remote asteroid base once used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, where Fulcrum had already fled and the Phantom broke down in a gas leak Zeb and Ezra forgot to fix, leaving both girls under attack by a pack of Fyrnocks that infested the area. Getting over an argument for failing to see the leak, Zeb accompanied Ezra to discus the situation with Kanan, who had already sensed it through the Force and heard them arguing outside his cabin. Preparing for a rescue mission, Zeb helped Hera and Sabine escape back onto the Ghost and assisted Ezra in preventing the Fyrocks from getting on the ship, but were largely outnumbered. So to make it easier, Hera had the Ghost clean itself by zapping the creatures off of it as it flew back into space with its entire crew. Along with Ezra, Zeb was simply held responsible for leaving the Phantom with a leak yet expected more by Hera the next time the mistake nearly winds her and Sabine up as lunch.

Empire Day

Zeb at the Empire Day celebrations.

On the fifteenth anniversary of the Empire's establishment, Zeb was present with his fellow rebels at Old Jho's Pit Stop when three TIE fighter pilots visited the building in search of a Rodian Imperial Information office worker whose AJ^6 cybernetic implant has uploaded invaluable information on the Empire's military secrets and five-year plan for Lothal. Later that night, the Ghost crew (minus Ezra) planned to sabotage the Empire Day celebrations in Capital City blowing up the new TIE Advanced v1 prototype that was displayed to the Lothalian public. While Kanan planted a thermal detonator on the TIE's repulsor lift platform, Zeb and Sabine distracted the Imperials by lighting colorful fireworks.

By the time the fighter was destroyed, Zeb hid in Capital City's Old Market while Ezra led the others to his former family home, which the Lasat was unable to fit into due to his physique. There, the other rebels found the Rodian the Imperials were hunting, who Ezra introduced as Tseebo, another friend of his parents who went to work for the Information Office after the Empire took Ezra's parents away, leaving their son to fend for his own on the Capital City streets since he was seven. With Tseebo's value to the Rebellion useful, Zeb was ordered linked up with Hera and Chopper and they took off in the Ghost. They rendezvoused with Kanan and the other rebels as they escaped with Tseebo in a hijacked Imperial Troop Transport pursued by another troop transport piloted by Agent Kallus, who was determining to recover Tseebo and to capture the rebels.

During a brief ground skirmish, Zeb kept Kallus distracted until the ISB agent lost his balance and fall of their transport. Having successfully extracted their comrades and Tseebo, the Ghost fled into space, pursued by a force of TIE fighters led by the Grand Inquisitor. When the Inquistitor hit Chopper with a laser shot, Zeb was forced to take the astromech's place at the rear gun turret. Though lengthy outnumbered with Star Destroyers waiting, the Ghost managed to flee into hyperspace. However, the Inquisitor succeeded in implanting an XX-23 S-thread tracker on the Phantom's haul, so Zeb and the other crew remained aboard the Ghost with Tseebo while Kanan and Ezra departed on the Phantom for Fort Anaxes in order to lure the Inquisitor away into a Fyrnock trap. After dropping a recovered Tseebo off at Fulcrum's Alderaanian blockade runner which whisked him away into hiding, Zeb was present at Kanan and Ezra's return yet gave the boy some quiet time at Kanan's insistence.

Helping Ezra

After Ezra returned to the Ghost with a kyber crystal after his trials at the Lothal Jedi Temple, Zeb and the other crew were present when the young Jedi apprentice presented his new lightsaber.

Dealing with Lando Calrissian

Eventually, the rebels found themselves short on cash yet again. After Zeb betted Chopper in a game of Sabacc against entrepreneur Lando Calrissian, with Kanan's permission, the other Ghost crew reluctantly struck a deal to help Lando smuggle goods to Lothal. During the job run, Zeb's foolhardy action angered Hera, who regarded Chopper as a member of her crew. However, it was revealed that part of the job involved trading Hera to the crime lord Azmorigan in exchange for a puffer pig, which Lando intended to use to find valuable minerals, but to avoid competition from private entrepreneurs like Lando, the Empire had restricted the sale of such pigs. Overpowering Azmorigan, Hera escaped the Jablogian's vessel, the Merchant One, in an escape pod and had the rebels return to Lothal, where Lando owned a plot of land from Vizago.

Taking a peek at Lando's "cargo".

During the journey, Zeb and Ezra created some trouble aboard the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, which wrecked havoc on the starship until Zeb scared it, causing the creature to inflate at the entrance to the ship's cockpit and block them off from Hera, Sabine and Lando. As a result, Zeb and Ezra were forced to help Kanan as the Jedi stirred the Ghost past the Imperial blockade above Lothal. To make matters worse, Ezra climbed over the puffer pig, causing the animal to inflate even more and accidentally push Zeb to deactivate the Ghost's signature mask. After escaping several TIE fighters, the Ghost managed to land at Lando's estate with his prized cargo. However, Azmorigan and his henchmen had already arrived at the homestead with the intention of exacting revenge against Lando and his associates. A blaster battle broke out between the rebels and Azmorigan's henchmen, and Azmorigan briefly took Zeb hostage in an attempt to force the Ghost crew into handing over Lando. However, Chopper fired the Ghost's cannon on Azmorigan, spooking the gangster and forcing him and his henchmen to flee empty-handed. Departing back onto the Ghost, Zeb and and his fellow rebels found out that Chopper stole several of Land's fuel canisters, which the smuggler conceded as payment to them for their help.

Rescue Mission on Lothal

Zab taking part in Ezra's Jedi training sessions.

Zeb was among the rebels watching with Ezra the hope-bringing transmissions broadcasted by the exiled senator Gall Trayvis, who spoke out against the Empire about rebels and hinted he's coming to meet with them at the Old Republic Senate Building on Lothal. When the boy left to learn if the Empire knows about the meeting or not, Sabine took the Lasat and the other Ghost crew back to the shuttered Bridger house to show them the similar public broadcasting transmission equipment that Ezra's parents put up to speak out against the the Empire's harsh rule before their arrest at the Empire's, explaining why the Empire had interest in the family. Zeb didn't quite get it though, since the Bridgers were just ordinary citizens, and wondered why they risked it all. Hera came to the realization that it was because they had hope to make the galaxy a better place for their son. As requested, Ezra telling them the Empire will indeed be waiting with a trap, so they decided to sneak into the building through the sewers in order to warn Trayvis. While Chopper guarded the manhole, Zeb and the other rebels entered the sewers. After entering the Senate Building, the rebel band split up, with Zeb and Sabine going one way, and Ezra, Kanan, and Hera going the other way. Ezra, Kanan, and Hera managed to meet Senator Trayvis but were quickly surrounded by Agent Kallus and several stormtroopers. However, Zeb and and Sabine dropped smoke grenades which enabled the rebels to escape with Senator Trayvis. To evade their Imperial pursuers, they fled down the sewers and split into two groups. Zeb traveled with Sabine and Kanan while Ezra and Hera accompanied the fugitive senator. Senator Trayvis then revealed his true loyalties and attempted to kill Ezra and Hera. However, he was quickly overpowered by Hera. Zeb and his rebel comrades then managed to exit the sewers after Kanan used the Force to temporarily stop a large circular fan. After reuniting with Chopper at the manhole, they fled back to the Ghost.

Kanan's Capture and Rescue

Following Kanan's capture by the Imperials during a mission for Ezra to send out a Rebellion broadcast to get even with Trayvis' betrayal, Zeb reluctantly assisted Ezra in his search for him, despite Hera's orders from Fulcrum to withdraw from their search. With some help from Vizago, they were able send Chopper in the place of an Imperial droid to infiltrate an orbiting communications ship and discovered that Kanan was being sent to the volcanic planet of Mustafar.

In order to bypass the Imperial blockage, Zeb and Ezra high jacked an Imperial Freighter from an Imperial shipyard Sabine attacked months before while she kept the Stormtroopers distracted. They then used the TIE Fighter Zeb and Ezra stole a while back to fly aboard the Star Destroyer that had Kanan, despite its new paint job done by Sabine. Once the entire ship was disabled by an electromagnetic pulse from the TIE, Zeb and the rebels docked with the ship and began their search for Kanan. However, the Imperials were on to them and had called in for reinforcements. The Rebels were forced to seal off the door that was their only way to Kanan, so Ezra went his own way through the air-vents, leaving Zeb and the others to find their way round. When the other Troopers on-board started to regain conciousness, their chances of getting back to the freighter seemed unlikely. So, Zeb, Sabine and Hera boarded the Rebel TIE and took off to regroup with Chopper, but he was no where present. However, as Kanan and Ezra caught up with them in the Grand Inquisitor's TIE, Chopper showed up and saved them with a fleet of other Rebel cells led by Fulcrum, who reveals himself to be Ahsoka Tano, an old classmate of Kanan's back in the Jedi Order.

The Siege of Lothal

Following the incident on Mustafar, Zeb and his fellow Rebels became part of a larger Rebellion with Ahsoka's rebel cell, Phoenix Squadron, but Lothal was now under siege. Zeb journeyed back to Lothal with his fellow Rebels to help Lothal Minister Maketh Tua defect to the Rebellion, unaware that they were lured into a trap set up by Darth Vader, using Minister Tua's desperation to escape as bait. When Minister Tua was killed in a staged attack, the Empire put the blame on the Rebels, turning Lothal against them. In order to escape Lothal, Zeb and the Rebels broke into the Imperial Complex to steal a shuttle. On the way, they were ambushed by Vader himself and barely escaped with with lives. Zeb and Ezra simply recognized the need to defeat him, but Kanan informed them that since Vader was a Sith, he was too strong both in the Force and in physical strength, and the only reason they were still alive was because he had been playing with them during the entire fight.

Knowing Vader would have a blockade waiting for them and the shuttle they stole wouldn't be enough against a huge attack without any weapons and possibly tracking beacons on it, Zeb volunteered to destroy them so the Empire couldn't track them. As an idea from Hera, the Rebels headed for Lando's place, and with the help of his droid, W1-LE, they were provided with a series of sensor buoys that will replicate their signal and scatter Imperial forces when they try to track them. The plan worked and with the Imperial forces scattered they were able to escape and return to the Rebel Fleet. Unfortunately, they were completely unaware that the shuttle they stole was planted with a tracking device that was easily hidden from Zeb when he was shutting down the beacons, which led the Empire to the fleet. the Lasat and the other rebels boarded the Ghost with Ahsoka tagging along and engaged Vader's TIE Fighter in in a dogfight with him manning the Phantom. In spite of their best efforts, Vader was able to take out the Phoenix Squadron's A-Wing Starfighter squad single-handedly and destroy their command ship, Phoenix Home, forcing the crew aboard to retreat in escape pods to the remaining ships as they fled into hyperspace. But the Ghost crew were about get caught in a waiting Star Destroyer's tractor beam, so Hera had Chopper reverse all the ship's energy sources, including from the cannons, to the hyperdrive's engine, causing the rebels to jump into hyperspace even faster than the Destroyer's efforts to get a lock on them and get Vader caught in the beam instead.

Journey with Phoenix Squadron

Meeting the Clones

Zeb being used as bait.

Following the near-destruction of their fleet, the Rebel network was facing a shortage of bases and facilities. However, when Ezra suggested that they need shelter on a remote system, Ahsoka sent the Ghost crew to fetch her an old friend on Seelos who might know where to find such bases. Upon arriving in the system, the Ghost was damaged, so Hera and Chopper remained behind to repair it while Zeb accompanied the rest of the crew to the planet's surface in the Phantom. There, they discover that that this friend was the former Republic clone captain Rex, who lived in an antiquated AT-TE walker with two other fellow clones, Wolffe and Gregor. After a brief misunderstanding due to Kanan's distrust of clones because of their role in Order 66, which Rex and his brothers resisted in executing, the rebels managed to convince the clones that they were friends sent by Ahsoka. The clones agreed to supply the necessary information on the bases in exchange for the rebels to participate in their hunt for a Joopa, with Zeb as the bait. After fulfilling their side of the bargain, the clones asked the rebels to stay for dinner.

However, Sabine entered the AT-TE walker's communication room and discovered that Wolffe, who distrusted the rebels, secretly alerted the Empire of their presence and hid Ahsoka's messages. After Rex convinced Wolffe that the rebels were their friends, the rebels and clones were visited by an Imperial probe droid that Rex was able to destroy, but not before it damaged the Phantom. Then, a group of three AT-AT walkers led by Agent Kallus arrived, so Rex and his comrades remained behind to hold them off in their AT-TE, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, while the rebels escaped in the repaired Phantom. But at Ezra's wishes, they headed back to aid the clones with Zeb helping Kanan and Ezra hijack one of the AT-AT walkers to destroy Kallus' walker with it, forcing Kallus and his band to retreat. As a result, the rebels gained the respect of the clones, who agreed to join the Rebellion.

Encountering Double Trouble

As requested he Rebellion gained access to Rex's list of abandoned Republic bases and installations, so Zeb was sent by Hera to accompany Sabine, Chopper, and Ezra on a mission to salvage some medical supplies from a Republic medical space station. Upon arriving there, Zeb pushed open the entrance to the control room so that Chopper could power up the space station. With that done, Zeb and his teenage rebel companions wandered the station in search for the supplies, unaware that their presence had attracted the attention of two new recently dispatched Inquisitors, The Fifth Brother and The Seventh Sister. When the Sister's ID9 seeker droids incapacitated Chopper, Zeb and his companions heard the astromech's distress call on Ezra's comlink. While Ezra and Sabine climbed up a ventilation shaft, Zeb tried to follow but the bulky Lasat got stuck until Sabine returned alone and freed him, explaining that Ezra was just captured by the two Inquisitors. Zeb suggested alerting Kanan about the situation, but the Mandalorian girl advised against it since that would allow the Imperials to trace their signals and locate the fleet. So, they decided to rescue Ezra and Chopper themselves, first trying to stop the Brother from hunting down Sabine with the seeker droids using thermal detonators.

Unfortunately, the Brother used the Force to launch the explosives back, so Zeb escaped into a cargo room while Sabine was knocked unconscious by the ensuing blast and captured. Finding the medical supplies they had been looking for there, Zeb managed to destroy the Brother's seeker droids and found a damaged Chopper as he headed back to the Phantom. Committed to rescuing Ezra and Sabine, Zeb initially thought about taking on the two Inquisitors with his bo-rifle but came up with a different idea. Using the Phantom's intercom, he posed as "Commander Meiloorun" and radioed Ezra, offering him support. The Inquisitors took the bait and marched to the hangar bay with their captives to confront him, but Zeb already re-positioned the Phantom hanging upside on the ceiling. When a seeker droid spotted him, Zeb created a commotion that enabled Ezra and Sabine to break free of their captors and board the Phantom. Despite the Inquisitors' efforts to use their Force powers to stop the ship, the Phantom escaped into space with the entire team and most of the medical supplies. Upon returning to the Ghost, they informed Kanan, Hera, and Rex about their encounter with the Brother and Sister. This news came as a shock to Kanan, who was unaware that there was more than one Inquisitor.

Finding Power Cells

The crew of the Ghost later set up base on Garel, and after interrupting an argument between Kanan and Rex about whether Ezra's future lay as a soldier or Jedi, Zeb was selected to participate in a mission to find fuel cells to deliver to the people of Rinn, who were experiencing an energy crisis. Ezra and Chopper remained behind to clean up the Ghost, but were caught in an unauthorized mission involving a bargain to obtain power generators from Vizago and the pirate crime lord Hondo Ohnaka. These generators were subsequently delivered to Zeb and other crewmates of the Ghost so they could use them to help stop the crisis on Rinn.

Deal on Shantipole

Later, Zeb and his fellow rebels took part in an attempt by the Phoenix rebels to deliver relief supplies to Ibaar, which was blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Agent Kallus. Following the failure of the first attempt which result in the destruction of a rebel transport and the death of the Phoenix leader, Zeb and Sabine accompanied Hera on a mission to contact the engineer Quarrie, who lived on Shantipole, which was inaccessible to many spacers. The Mon Calamari in question had just recently developed the B-Wing Starfighter, which could break a blockade in one fell swoop. While they traveled to Shantipole in the Phantom, Kanan, Ezra and Chopper rendezvoused with a transport ship to pick up supplies for their second attempt to break the blockade. There, the engineer allowed Hera to fly the vehicle after she recounted her childhood love for flying. While Zeb and Sabine were initially skeptical of the B-Wing's effectiveness, they were mollified when Hera completed her test flight.

Shortly later, they received a transmission from Kanan that he and the other Ghost crew had departed to deliver supplies for a second blockade run on Ibaar. Although the B-Wing was unable to start its hyperdrive since Hera's test flight had drained its power, she found a way around this problem when she learnt that Quarrie had modified the Phantom to include a hyperdrive system. Using the Phantom to tow the starfighter, Zeb and his companions traveled to Ibaar just in time to rendezvous with the rest of Phoenix fleet, who were preparing to break the blockade. From there, Hera used the B-Wing to destroy an Arquitens-class light cruiser, which enabled the Ghost to travel through the gap in the Imperial blockade and drop its supplies down to the Ibaarians. Following the successful relief of Ibaar, the Twi'lek was promoted as the new Phoenix leader at Kanan's recommendation.

The Imperial Interdictor

Following the disappearance of a rebel patrol in the Del Zennis system and Ezra leaving to accompany Phoenix Commander Jun Sato on a mission to find them, Zeb and the other crew of the Ghost received a distress transmission from Sato that his CR90 corvette had been pulled out of hyperspace and captured by the Empire upon reaching the same destination. While the rebels were puzzled because they knew it was impossible for the Empire to use their tractor beams to pull a ship out of hyperspace, Sabine suggested that it was possible if the projection wasn't a tractor beam but rather a gravity well, recalling that the Empire was developing a new cruiser, called the Imperial Interdictor, with gravity well projectors powerful to do such during her time at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. As Kanan ordered Zeb and the rest of the crew to suit up for a rescue mission, Hera instead sent Kanan along with Rex and Chopper to infiltrate the Indicator and save their rebel comrades. Kanan, Rex, and Chopper not only succeeded in the mission with Ezra's help, but also destroyed the Interdictor by colliding it into two nearby Imperial light cruisers. Zeb assisted the rescue mission by providing Kanan and Rex with armor he stole from two Stormtroopers for them to use as disguises.

Rescuing Force-Sensitive Infants

During a visit from Ahsoka on Garel, the rebels learned that she has been investigating Darth Vader and his Inquistors and discovered that the Inquitors' secondary mission was to kidnap Force-sensitive infants, thus obtaining to sets of coordinates. While she went to investigate the first, she assigned Kanan and Ezra to not only look at the second set, but also bring Zeb along with them since his brute strength was a success against the Inquisitors last time. Along with Chopper, they traveled on the Phantom to the settlement of Hammertown on Takobo. There, Zeb and Chopper stayed behind at the spaceport to search for any sign of the Inquisitors while Kanan and Ezra investigated the housing unit revealed to be the home of an Ithorian named Oora, who had already sent her infant son Pypey into hiding with a courier droid as soon as the Fifth Brother and the Seventh Sister showed up and ransacked the home searching for him. Zeb eventually discovered the Brother and Sister's TIE Fighters and rescued another infant from Ahsoka's coordinates named Alora when contacted by Kanan to meet with the courier droid. While having Chopper babysit Alora, he went to intercept the droid before the Inquisitors could get their hands on Pypey and recovered him just as they pursued. Fleeing into an apartment block, he contacted Ezra and Kanan, who met with him in an old apartment room, but their arrival unsettled the child since he could sense Ezra's fear, thus alerting the the Inquistors of their presence. As the Brother and Sister poked their lightsabers through the apartment floor, the rebels fled into the hallway as Ezra struggled to calm the baby and decided to split up.

While Zeb and Kanan confronted the Inquisitors Ezra climbed into the ventilation shaft with Pypey and was finally managed to calm the infant down by connecting with him through the Force. However, the Brother was able to pinpoint Ezra's location and attempted to flush him out with his lightsaber, but Zeb stopped him while Kanan fought off the Sister. This gave Ezra a chance to escape the building with Pypey. The Inquisitors chased Zeb and Kanan through Hammertown until the latter duo reunited with Ezra at the spaceport, but despite comming Chopper, they were unable to open the gates. The Inquisitors then caught up with them, but the rebels refused to give up Pypey despite being outmatched. Before the Inquisitors could deal with them, Ahsoka exited the spaceport and bested them in a duel. In the meantime, Zeb and his companions took the opportunity to flee aboard the Phantom, then rescued Ahsoka from an Imperial patrol and fled into hyperspace. While in space, the rebels learnt from Ahsoka that a similar attempt had been made by the Sith Order to abduct children during the Clone Wars, but the Jedi Order stopped them. Unbeknownst to them, the Inquisitors obtained a recording from the seeker droid they had guard the apartment building entrance that recorded an offhand remark that Ezra suggested to Pypey while helping the infant escape, saying "If you love to, maybe you can come live with us on Garel", unwittingly exposing that the rebels were hiding on Garel.

Escaping Garel

Prior to the Imperial attack on Garel, Zeb was seen sleeping below Ezra when the boy experienced a Force vision of his parents and fell out of bed to discus it with Kanan and Hera in the kitchen. Later, the Lasat was on a grocery run with Chopper when Hera commed him telling that they'll be heading back to Lothal to answer the questions behind Ezra's new vision and was told to meet them back at the Ghost. However, they found themselves pursued by several Stormtroopers, which coincided with the appearance of an Imperial fleet above city which had come to crush the rebel presence there. Ezra and Kanan went to help Zeb back to the Ghost by exchanging fire with their Stormtrooper pursuers. When Agent Kallus arrived, Ezra kept him and his men busy for Zeb by Force pushing them against the wall. But at that point, the Seventh Sister and Fifth Brother appeared and goaded him into attacking them, but Zeb and Kanan shot a nearby control panel to shut a pair blast doors, separating the boy from the Inquisitors. This gave the four rebels the window they needed to escape aboard the Ghost. During the flight, Zeb manned the turret guns to shoot down the TIE fighters dispatched after them. Under Hera's orders, the Phoenix rebel fleet began departing for space, but at least one ship was hit by Imperial fire and crashed onto the streets of Garel City. When Sato's and Rex's new command ship, the Liberatorgot captured by the tractor beam projector of the Relentless, Zeb helped Hera undertake a risky maneuver and used the Ghost to knock out the projector, freeing the captured ship and fleeing into hyperspace. Meanwhile, Ezra, along with Kanan and Chopper traveled to Lothal on the Phantom to find the sign from his parents.

Rendezvou With A Royal Guest

While in contact with Kanan, the news of what he and Ezra learned from former Lothal Governor Ryder Azadi, who was imprisoned by the Empire for supporting the Bridgers' anti-Imperial broadcasts, about what had happened to Ezra's parents during their escape from prison left Zeb and the other rebels sorry for him. Luckily, Hera had some good news; Senator Organa heard about their loses on Garel and sent reinforcements to the rebellion to pick up on Lothal aboard three Hammerhead corvettes captained by his adoptive daughter, Leia. Zeb and the other crewmates remaining aboard the Ghost set out to meet with Kanan, Ezra and Chopper at Ryder's hideout after the two Jedi picked up the Alderaanian princess disguised as a Stormtrooper and cadet, and saved them and Ryder. But to perpetuate the ruse that Leia was still a loyal Imperial citizen, the rebels had Ryder "kidnap" Leia while Zeb "knocked out" Kanan and Ezra and took them "prisoner" aboard the Ghost. This development startled the Imperials, who wondered when the rebels began taking prisoners. With all three corvettes secured by the Empire with Gravity Locks under the direction of Supply Master Lyste, neither Zeb nor his fellow Ghost crew saw any chance of success except getting one of the ships instead of all three. Leia however motivated the crew by saying how they could get them, and a plan to get all three ships began to form. Ryder joined in, saying that explosives would not be able to disable the gravity locks and offered his help in exchange for getting off of Lothal. While Kanan and Ezra dropped from the Phantom with Leia in tow and ready to take on Lyste, Zeb helped Hera provide air support as Sabine, Chopper and Ryder unlocked the gravity locks and got ready to take off in the corvettes. Unfortunately, the AT-AT walkers surrounding the area proved resilient to the Ghost's armament, so Kanan gave the Lasat more time by cutting off one of the walkers' left legs, and with the job done, the rebels all retreated into space with all thee starships in their possession, leaving Leia behind on Lothal to avoid Imperil suspicion of her involvement in the "theft". Escaping into hyperspace and back to the rebel fleet, Zeb and his fellow Ghost crew were pleased that they managed to get all three ships, and Ryder, now realizing that what Ezra's parents started had become even larger than he thought, agreed to join the rebellion for their son's sake.

Trouble With The Concord Dawn Protectors

The Ghost crew eventually received word about Hera and Sabine's failed mission to seek permission for safe passage through the Concord Dawn system from the system's Protectors. Apparently, the Protectors' leader, Commander Fenn Rau, had already aligned his warriors with the Empire and attacked Hera's Phoenix Squadron fleet, destroying several of their A-Wings and gravely wounding Hera. When Hera had to be hospitalized, Zeb did his best to help Ezra comfort Sabine when she started blaming herself for their friend's injuries and vowed to seek justice against the Protectors. During her report on Rau though, she suggested destroy the Protectors' Fang Fighters so they no longer posed a threat to the fleet, since she had tracked them to the third moon of Concord Dawn. Kanan, however, who remembered Rau as a fighter instructor pilot for the Republic who he and his master fought alongside in the third Battle of Mygeeto during the Clone Wars, suggested that they infiltrate the base and destroy the Fang fighters before approaching with the fleet. Zeb and Ezra expressed interest in accompanying him for the mission, but Kanan planned to go alone because he didn't want to risk anymore of his crew members. While Zeb was upset, he he eventually complied to the Jedi's orders with the boy. Still determined to seek justice for Hera, Sabine snuck along, probably making Zeb and Ezra worried. Ultimately, the mission became a success since not only did the rebels succeeded in destroying the fighters and earn permission to pass through the system, but also in capturing Rau. And thus forming a crude alliance with the Protectors and Phoenix Squadron.

Transporting Lasat Refugees

When Ezra received a tip from one of his contacts, Zeb and his fellow rebels accompanied him on a rescue mission to Nixus Hub 218, where two refugees were being held prisoner by the Empire. They arrived to find the refugees being led out of a cargo container at gunpoint, and the Ghost crew immediately caught a glimpse of who they were: a fellow Lasat honor guardsman of Zeb's named Gron and Lasat shaman named Chava the Wise. This shocked Zeb, who believed himself to be the last of the Lasat, and the rebels quickly attacked the Stormtroopers and Imperial officer in order to free the prisoners. They were afterwards greeted by the contact, who turned out to be Hondo, and Gron immediately recognized Zeb as his captain in the Honor Guard, much to the latter Lasat's discomfort. His fellow rebels were surprised, as Zeb never told them that he was captain of the Honor Guard, but he dismissed it, saying only that it was a long time and he had forgotten that life. With reinforcements bound to show up, the crew began the return trip back to the Ghost. Hondo asked for the payment he was promised only to discover that Ezra deceived, leaving the Weequay pirate proud of his young friend. While heading back to the ship, the crew were informed by Chava that they were a journey to their new world, Lirasan, which was described in prophecy as a safe system to begin a new life. Zeb did not believe in prophecies, however, nor did he believe in a future for his people. While this was discussed, Ezra was contacted by Hondo on a transmitter he was given by the pirate that their presence had been noticed by a squad of Stormtroopers that showed up and began a firefight, cornering them in the Nixus halls. When given the chance to fight, Gron insisted that he doesn't duel anymore despite Zeb's encouragement to do so. Meanwhile, Hondo quietly sealed a few doors, cutting many of the Stormtroopers behind them off from the rebels, thus giving them the window to fight their way back to the Ghost and take off, departing and escaping into hyperspace just as Agent Kallus arrived in an Imperial light cruiser.

Safely in hyperspace, the Ghost crew learned from Chava that she did not know the location of Lirasan as it was uncharted and from an ancient Lasat legend. In order to find it, the galaxy's spirit, the "Ashla", prophecised that "the child" must first save "the warrior" and "the fool". Zeb assumed that he was the warrior and the child was Ezra, who commented that the Ashla sounded like the Force, which according to Kanan had many names. With everyone supportive of the ritual Chava designed to guide her and Gron to their new world, Zeb remained distant as if he did not want any part of it. Puzzled by his friend's reluctance, Ezra left the ritual preparations and spoke to Zeb, who explained his guilt for failing to protect his people when the Empire destroyed them. Despite his shame, the Lasat was encouraged by Ezra to take this opportunity to protect his people again by helping Chava and Gron find Lirasan. This encouragement helped him to overcome his guilt and participate in the ritual, where it was revealed that he was the child. Instructed by Gron to assemble his bo-rifle in the way the ancient Lasan Honor Guard once did to interact with Chava's staff, Zeb used the tip to create a surge of electricity on a map of the galaxy activated by by Chopper, that pointed to an uncharted world in Wild Space. Realizing the prophecy could be true, the rebels plotted a coarse beyond the Outer Rim.

Unfortunately, the crew were forced to bring the Ghost out of hyperspace due to an imploded star cluster that's gravity field could destroy any approaching ship, which Chava recognized as the "maze to Lirasan", standing in their path. Then, Agent Kallus' light cruiser emerged behind them thanks to a captured Hondo's assistance with a tracker the pirate place on the communications device he gave Ezra. As Kallus gave them a minute to surrender or be attacked, Chava immediately stated that he was the warrior and advised that there are many children, warriors and fools, but in time Zeb would get the chance to become all three. Realizing it was his destiny to lead the way to Lirasan, Zeb used his bo-rifle to take control of the ship's controls and shepherd the Ghost through the maelstrom, with Ezra and Kanan using the Force to watch his back and keep the electric surge steady on the ship. Losing patience, Kallus sent two TIE fighters to pursue them, but they were ripped apart by the gravitational tide of the star cluster. So, the light cruiser opened fire on the Ghost and each blast kept missing the ship, and thus the Ghost miraculously jumped into hyperspace through the star cluster, knocking Zeb and his fellow crewmates out due to its bright blast. Upon awaking, the Ghost crew found themselves in unknown space but sighted Lirasan in the horizon, so Zeb left on the Phantom to drop Gron and Chava there. There, he discovered that the planet was the original Lasat homeworld and that it was already home to millions of Lasat. While Chava and Gron elected to stay behind on their new home, he decided to return to the Ghost resolving to bring more Lasat to Lirasan as he and his rebel companions departed via a safe route that Hera had plotted through the star cluster.

Attacking The Mining Guild With Purrgil 

When the Rebellion began suffering a fuel crisis, the Ghost crew was sent to retrieve a refining fuel meant for the Empire from a mining organization known as the Mining Guild, which was enough shipment to fuel the rebel fleet for a full cycle. Running on fumes, the rebels arrived at the asteroid belt of where the Guild's refinery was, but due to the field scrambling their sensors finding the facility would not be easy. In order to keep the Ghost moving, Zeb and the others were forced to reserve all power to the engines, leaving them with limited fire-power and little heating. Already the rebels were feeling the cold of space, but then Ezra began to hear strange sirens that he described sounded sad. Despite Zeb complaing that the only noise he could hear was his brain freezing, nobody except Ezra could hear anything else until straight ahead, his rebel colleagues spotted a swarm of Purrgil coming towards them. As the Purrgil passed the Ghost, Hera showed caution and a few of them collided with the ship. She was prepared to open fire in order to draw them away, but Kanan objected as they could not waste their fire-power and advised to let them pass, but she remained insistent. Ezra suggested flying with them instead of against them, that way they would not get bashed around so much or need to waste their power reserves. Zeb and the other crewmates agreed to that idea to that idea, and Hera reluctantly turned the ship about to flew alongside the creatures. While the Purrgil themselves began to calm down and started to fly along with the Ghost, Zeb asked if they were shooting the really big one when it came up alongside the ship. Ezra could sense through the Force that something was upsetting it, and was proven correct when two Mining Guild TIE Fighters came closing in. Despite running on fumes and having their power supply dangerously low, the Lasat let Hera and Sabine reroute auxilary power from the Phantom to give Ezra and Kanan clear shots the fighters. Suspecting they must've come from the refinery, the Ghost crew decided to track where they originated from so the could find their way there. As the purrgil began changing direction, the rebels pinpoint where the fighters originated from, to their surprise, was where the purrgil were headed.

After following Kanan and Sabine to ensure everything was switched off to save every little bit of fuel, Zeb attended the briefing where Hera and Sabine outlined their plans to infiltrate the facility and steal the gas canisters as the Ghost arrived at an asteroid overlooking it and parked on it. The rebels would also destroy the facility by using detonators to ignite the volatile Clouzon-36 gas around the refinery in order to deny it to the Empire. When the Lasat heard from Kanan that the way to get onto the refinery's bridge was to jump, the complemented that it sounds like a dangerous plan, and remained behind on the Ghost with Hera while the others infiltrated the facility. However, during the mission, Ezra complied that the Purrgil were connected to the gas, so blowing it up would only hurt them. When Zeb and Hera noticed no explosion they contacted Sabine, who explained that they were altering the plan: the boy would cover her and Kanan with the gun emplacement on the bridge while they secured the landing zone. The plan didn't seem to work though because by the time Ezra used his cannon to drive away the other guards and enable Hera and Zeb to land the Ghost onto the landing platform, a laser blast from the remaining guard hit and sent him plummeting into the the gassy atmosphere. With the boy down, the Ghost crew had no chance of victory when cornered by the entire Guild at the mercy of their leader, Yushyn. Fortunately, Ezra re-emerged with a swarm of purrgil led by the mighty Purrgil King, riding its back as he took out their TIE fighters with his lightsaber. As Zeb and the rest of the Ghost crew stole all the fuel canisters and destroyed the refinery, the teenage Jedi caught up with them and met with Kanan on the ship's roof after the king dropped him off and led its people in departing into hyperspace. Watching this in awe, the rebels departed in the same direction and back to the fleet, hoping if it meant following the Purrgil again.

Business With Hera's Father

Following an escape from Imperial forces with one casualty, the rebellion began losing more pilots in battle faster than they could replace them, and until they could find a base they needed somewhere to land their fighters. Luckily for them, Commander Sato suggested to solve both problems, and brought up a report from a cell of Twi'lek rebels on the planet Ryloth about an Imperial carrier orbiting their homeworld. The Phoenix Squadron believed they could steal that ship and use it to house all of their fighters. Hera became familiar with the rebel cell in question, and personally made contact with their leader, who was also her father Cham Syndulla, a hero in the Clone Wars. However, she was somewhat reluctant to speak with him, but understood the Rebellion's need for that carrier. Zeb and the rest of the Ghost crew accompanied her to meet with Cham and two of his colleagues, Numa and Gobi Glie, and after an awkward welcoming, they moved to the mission briefing where Hera outlined her plan to steal the fighter carrier, which involved using a stolen TIE bomber to infiltrate the starship. Her father, though, insisted on destroying fighter carrier since it had been used to terrorize Ryloth and to demonstrate the Ryloth rebels' strength, but agreed to support his daughter's plan after Hera pointed out that the two cells depended on each other for the mission to succeed. By the time they arrived in Ryloth's atmosphere in the TIE bomber being carried by a Twi’lek rebel ship, the rebels detached and piloted towards the orbiting carrier as it dispatched a squadron of bombers down to the surface. In order to board the ship without raising suspicion, two A-Wings emerged from hyperspace and commenced a stage attack on the Rebel’s bomber, slightly damaging it before retreating. To make it look good, Hera deliberately crashed the burning bomber into one of the carrier’s hangers. She, Zeb and their rebel companions survived, but the Ghost crew were suddenly double-crossed by Cham and his colleagues, who still went with their own plan to destroy the carrier.

When Zeb, Ezra, Sabine and Kanan awoke due to a still awake and handcuffed Hera breaking free and getting them up, they proceeded with their mission in commandeering the carrier, as well stop Cham from destroying it. While Hera and the rest headed for the bridge, Zeb and Sabine went after Numa and Godi as they started planting explosives. The Twi'leks opened fire after spotting them until a squadron of Stormtroopers showed up. The attack was short lived when Sabine blasted the door shut on them, then ordered the Lasat to fetch a mouse droid she spotted scurrying nearby so so they could use to it to take out Numa and Godi and rig them to it. Meanwhile, Ezra and Kanan brainwashed the carrier's crew to abandon ship so Hera could take command, but Cham disabled the hyperdrive to prevent their escape before Imperial reinforcements showed up. However, Hera was able to remind him on how he was an inspiration to herself and the people of Ryloth, but she was fighting for everyone in the galaxy besides her own people. Touched by Hera’s words, Cham decided to follow her lead and everyone was back on the original plan. With reinforcements closing in and the hyperdrive under repairs, Zeb gave the allied cells a hand on shooting down the TIE bombers when the returned and attacked, causing minor damage to the carrier. They nearly lost control but both Hera and Cham managed to stabilize the ship. Nearby, an Imperial light cruiser was coming after them, but the crew set one of the TIE Bomber’s still aboard the carrier adrift toward it after rigging the bomber with explosives. This gave Cham the opportunity to use the carrier’s turrets to blow up the bomber and cruiser once they made close contact with each other, thus completing his mission for Ryloth as he and the Ghost crew escaped into hyperspace with the hyperdrive now operational. Upon returning to the Rebel fleet, Cham had news that his people were rallying against the Empire and before leaving, took his daughter aside to admit how proud he was of her and who she had turned out to be. The Ghost crew watched in pride as he departed with his rebel cell before heading back to the Ghost

Lost On Bahryn With Kallus

After rebel intelligence received word that the Empire was conducting mass construction above Geonosis, the crew accompanied Rex there in hopes of finding information on what weapons the Imperials were building. By the time they arrived, their scanners detected no lifeforms on the planet's surface, leaving Zeb and his fellow rebels concerned. None the less, they proceeded with their investigation and boarded one of the construction modules. The Lasat went with Kanan, Ezra and Sabine to check things out while Hera, Chopper, and Rex stood by with the ship in case anything happened. However, they were unaware that they were stumbling into a trap until Zeb sensed it, yet was proven correct when an Imperial astromech droid locked down the door back to the hangar and Imperial forces led by Agent Kallus showed up without warning. He engaged Kallus in another bo-rifle duel while Chopper stopped the Imperial astromech by electrocuting it and reopening all the doors, allowing the others to retreat back to the Ghost. Zeb, however, told them to take off without him since he had another way out via an escape pod. Just as he began the launch sequence, Kallus came up from behind to tried stopping him and soon the two of them engaged in a fight as the pod launched and headed for Geonosis. In the midst, Kallus was kicked against the controls, causing severe damage. The escape pod lost a thruster and went off course, heading for one of Geonosis’ moons, Bahryn. Kallus tried to gain control but it is no use; the escape pod lost all thrusters and headed straight down towards the moon’s surface. It crashed through a floor of ice and finally touched down inside a cave. The impact left Zeb and the Imperial agent out cold. When they awoke, Kallus was shouting in agony from a broken leg, so Zeb helped him out of the crashed pod and set up a fusion furnace to keep them both warm. Then, he salvaged a damaged transponder from inside until he and Kallus heard strange noises coming from the darkness around them. As time past, the Lasat and Kallus huddled around the furnace trying to keep themselves warm as the temperature continued to drop. Zeb managed to fix the transponder, and adjusted the frequency making it possible for anyone to pick up its signal. Suddenly, the furnace’s power cell froze, but he found a small glowing meteoroid nearby and gave it to the Imperial so he could warm himself. Suddenly they heard those strange noises coming from the darkness again, and in spite that the transponder was fixed it could not send a transmission through the ice. So Zeb decided to take it to the surface by climbing out through the hole they came in.

After a few failed attempts in climbing the walls, a huge vicious creature emerged from the dark and attacked. Kallus grabbed his bo-rifle to assist in fighting off the beast, and managed to force it back into the darkness, guaranteeing it would be back with friends. Zeb agreed to that, but if they were going to survive this predicament they were going to have to put aside their differences and work together. As the Lasat bandaged Kallus’ broken leg, he learnt from the ISB agent that the bo-rifle he carried was not taken as a trophy, it was given to him by the Lasat guard he faced during the massacre on Lasan. He assured Zeb that what happened on Lasan was nothing personal since he was just following his duty, then brought up his first unit. During his first mission as part of it, he and his men were deployed to Onderon to bring security and peace. They were on a routine patrol until they were attacked by a Rebel cell led by a Lasat mercenary. Injured by the first blast, Kallus watched helplessly as the Lasat killed off his wounded men with no chance of defending themselves. Kallus was spared, but for unknown reasons. In Zeb’s eyes, he showed a little pity for him, but remained beside his grudge for what the Empire did to his homeworld. Throwing his rifle and the transponder to the surface, he began climbing with Kallus on his back. Suddenly, the creature they fought earlier came back and another showed up, and Kallus nearly fell, only to be saved by Zeb. With a bit of a struggle and working together, they made it to the surface and took shelter in a cave, waiting for a response from the transponder. Kallus confessed to Zeb that what happened on Lasan was not meant to be a massacre. The Empire was really trying to make an example, and he only took credit for it. By morning the snowstorm had past, and Zeb awoke to see the Ghost landing nearby. He asked Kallus to accompany him, but the agent politely declined, willingly letting the Lasat go. The Ghost crew were leaved to have found their companion, and Ezra suggested that they start heading inside since it was getting pretty cold. Thus, the Ghost took off with its entire crew now all present and accounted for.

Parting with the Jedi

After Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper had returned from a mission to scout the planet Oosalan Mesaas a potential rebel base, Zeb and Hera greeted their comrades aboard the Ghost. Earlier, Kanan had instructed Hera to rendezvous the Ghost with the Phantom in deep space away from Phoenix Squadron. When Ezra and Kanan entered the ship, Zeb had been cleaning his bo-rifle. The Lasat asked the two Jedi whether they had discovered a new site for the rebels. In response, Ezra told them that he and Kanan had run into the Fifth Brother and Seventh Sister respectively. Kanan also expressed his fears that the Inquisitors were preventing him and Ezra from helping the rebels to start up a new base. Later, Ahsoka had visited the Ghost and went with Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper in the Phantom to the Jedi Temple on Lothal where they hoped to commune with Master Yoda. As the Phantom departed into hyperspace, Zeb along with Hera and Sabine watched from the Ghost's window. To protect the rebellion, Kanan had decided not to reveal their whereabouts to the others, though they later rejoined them.

Building Chopper Base

The rebels eventually determined a possible base location in the Yost System, and planned a raid on an Imperial fuel depot in order to get their carrier there. As they were leaving Chopper aboard the Ghost, the droid spotted a nearby leg that was the twin to one of his mismatched ones and requested permission to acquire it, but was refused by Hera. Zeb and Ezra took delight in teasing Chopper over the matter, before departing to aid in the mission. The group succeeded and rendezvoused with Phoenix Squadron only to find it under attack, fortunately, they were able to escape, and thanks to help from an errant Chopper and his new friend AP-5, were able to secure a new base: the planet Atollon.

The rebels enjoyed some much deserved rest on the planet, with Zeb and Ezra enjoying a sunset as they contemplated the imminent departure of the Padawan and Kanan to the planet Malachor. The pair were then called upon along with their crewmates and Rex to investigate the disappearance of a rebel pilot, only to fall afoul of the Krykna Spiders. Rex was captured, and while searching for him the group split into two parties, with Hera insisting on the two Jedi working apart from the others. They eventually rescued Rex and discovered that the Krykna were repelled by signal beacons. Zeb and the others remained behind when Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka departed aboard the Phantom for Malachor, and were present when the ship returned carrying only Ezra and a blinded Kanan.

Steps Into Shadow

Some time later, Zeb joined Ezra and Sabine on a mission to rescue Hondo Ohnaka from an Imperial prison in exchange for information the pirate had on ships for the Rebellion. During the rescue Ezra demonstrated disturbing new Force abilities, though Zeb chose to look on the positive side with regards to the advantages they gained. He was then placed under Ezra's command again along with Sabine, Rex, Hondo, and Chopper as they traveled to Reklam Station in hopes of securing Clone Wars Y-Wing Starfighters for the Rebellion's fleet. Ezra's reckless command decisions allowed them to secure a handful of the bombers, but they would have perished if not for the timely arrival of Phoenix Squadron. When Ezra was subsequently suspended, Zeb spoke up in his defense by commenting that they had gone along with him.

A Larger Rebellion

Prisoners of Maul

Zeb, Hera, Chopper, and Sabine were later abducted by Maul, a former Sith whom Ezra and Kanan had encountered on Malachor, and held for ransom to obtain a Sith Holocron the pair had obtained during their time there. He eventually forced Hera to show him around the Ghost despite Zeb and Sabine's objections, and was stunned to hear Maul claim that he had once ruled Mandalore, which Sabine confirmed. The trio later broke free and attempted to defeat Maul but were bested by the Zabrak and reimprisoned aboard the Ghost, which was then taken to a space station. Fortunately, Kanan and Ezra arrived, and Kanan was able to dispatch Maul's droids just before Zeb and the others were executed; they were then reunited with Ezra, though Maul managed to escape.

Skirmish on Ryloth

A few days later, Zeb and his friends went on Ryloth to help Cham Syndulla. Indeed, the Imperials had massively landed on the planet and Hera decided to come help her father, Gobi and Numa. Having saved those three from a chase with the imperial, Cham told that his house was occupied and was the headquarters of the Imperial. Hera then decided to go there to recover the family Kalikori. The plan was rather simple: Hera, Ezra and Chopper were busy recovering the Kalikori while Zeb and the rest of the band Ghost took care of the diversion provoking the imperial troops. The diversion worked but the imperial troops were tougher than expected. After destroying a transport troops and Imperial AT-DP, the rebels were pursued by a second AT-DP.

The fight stopped short when a transmission hologram of the Imperial officer Slavin was broadcast. The latter told the rebel group that Hera had been captured and that if her father wanted her to survive, he had to go. The latter complied and went to the Imperial headquarters. There, the explosions caused by explosives placed by Chopper allowed the rebels to flee aboard the Ghost with no hurt, though their escape was due mostly to the machinations of the new Imperial commander, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The End of the Clone Wars

Zeb soon joined Kanan, Ezra, Rex, and Chopper on a mission to Agamar to salvage Proton Bombs left behind aboard a Separatist Supply Ship. Unfortunately, the weapons proved to be guarded by a force of still-functioning units of the Separatist Droid Army under Kalani, a Super Tactical Droid who sought to fight a final battle of the Clone Wars on his own terms. Zeb refused to take part, only to be informed that Kalani didn't want him to participate, as the Lasat had not been involved in the conflict. Instead, the captain was kept as a hostage and the object of rescue for the two Jedi and the Clone Captain as part of the combat scenario Kalani had devised.

At one point during the resulting engagement, Zeb-seeing his comrade's success up to that point-suggested that Kalani surrender, which the droid interpreted as Zeb's attempt at a joke. The trio eventually reached the command center only for Kalani to have Zeb held at gunpoint, forcing them to concede; however, Ezra then realized that both sides of the Clone War had been manipulated to enable the rise of the Empire. Imperial forces then arrived on the planet, and the rebels and droids were forced into an unlikely alliance to defeat them and make their escape. Both groups escaped aboard Sheathipede-class Shuttles, with the rebels' new vessel taking the place of the lost Phantom.

Mykapo and Wynkahthu

Zeb and his teammates soon joined in the evacuation of Rebel sympathizers from the planet Mykapo, during which they encountered the rebel force known as Iron Squadron. Some time later, they had an unexpected-and largely unwanted-reunion with Hondo Ohnaka and Azmorigan, who informed them of an Imperial Cargo Ship over planet Wynkahthu loaded with Proton Bombs and treasure, which the criminals wanted for themselves. To Ezra's chagrin, Zeb was placed in command of the salvage team consisting of the two of them, Chopper, and the two pirates. They soon discovered Melch, one of Hondo's crew of Ugnaughts, aboard the ship, and learned that the pirates had attacked the ship themselves only for it to become trapped in one of the planet's storms.

When Azmorigan went missing during the salvage operation, Zeb went looking for him, only to be attacked and imprisoned by an Imperial Sentry Droid. He and Azmorigan-who had also been captured-were soon freed by Ezra, only to be forced to deal with a squad of droids after Azmorigan foolishly attacked the one that had initially captured them. Despite bickering during the mission, Zeb and Ezra worked together to get themselves off the ship, and Zeb's quick action saved Ezra from plunging into the depths of the gaseous planet after the Sentry Droids cut a metallic cable connecting the cargo ship to the Ghost. Much to their amusement, the only crate of "treasure" Hondo recovered contained Melch, who had hid himself in the container expecting that Hondo would leave him behind again. Shortly thereafter, Zeb and the others would be troubled by Ezra experiencing visions of Maul at Chopper Base.

Atollon and Geonosis

Zeb remained behind on Atollon when Kanan and Ezra were sent back to Lothal to scout out a secret Imperial weapons development project, which proved to be the production of the TIE Defender. The two Jedi also reported the surprising news of Agent Kallus' status as the new Fulcrum, and Zeb realized that their previous collaboration must have inspired Kallus' siding with the rebellion. He was also present on Atollon when Ezra began to experience visions of Maul, though the task of helping the young Jedi would fall to Kanan and Sabine. Along with the rest of the Ghost crew, Zeb would subsequently travel back to Geonosis in search of Saw Gerrera's team of rebels, who had gone there to investigate the mysterious conditions on the planet more fully.

Much to his dismay, Zeb was held back from the search team, though he cheered up when Hera informed him that she retained him as a precaution against Imperial trouble. Zeb and Sabine were soon dispatched to investigate an energy source Gerrera's forces had detected on the planet, and discovered it to be a Shield generator, which they promptly removed the Deflector Core from in hopes of employing it on Atollon. Unfortunately, the sandstorm raging on Geonosis' surface prevented them realizing that their trek to the generator had led them into a nest of Droidekas, which were then activated by the Geonosian Klik-Klak as he was pursued through the tunnels by Gerrera and the rest of the Ghost crew. Fortunately, Zeb and Sabine were able to use the core to create a shield that protected them until Kanan's team was able to shut down the droids, and promptly returned with it to the Ghost.

Zeb was then sent into the tunnel network Kanan's team had entered with a transmitter in an effort to contact them and get them to return to the ship, as an Imperial Light Cruiser had appeared in orbit. Zeb and Sabine were forced to take the guns-partially clogged by the sandstorm-against a pair of TIE Bombers deployed by the cruiser. Hera then took the ship into an air shaft to recover Kanan's team, only for Gerrera to attempt to take Klik-Klak hostage and escape aboard the Phantom II. The rebels were soon realigned by the menace of Imperial Rocket Stormtroopers, and managed to escape the planet after discovering canisters that had been used to deploy poison gas against the Geonosians.

Safeguarding Chopper Base

Much to his chagrin, Zeb was left behind on Atollon with Chopper and AP-5 while the rest of the crew left on a mission, due to his responsibilities as chief of security. While AP-5 began taking an inventory of their weapons, Zeb and Chopper went to investigate a Sensor Beacon that had apparently been taken out by meteors, only to come across what appeared to be a damaged Protocol Droid. After being reactivated, the droid proved to have useful abilities, and Zeb left it with AP-5 to assist him in his task. A transmission then came through from Fulcrum, informing Zeb that the new arrival was in fact an Imperial Infiltrator Droid; Zeb then confronted the automaton only for its programming to be inadvertently activated by AP-5.

Zeb succeeded in damaging the droid, but knew that left unchecked it could cause considerable damage or report their location to the Empire. With Chopper and AP-5's help he succeeded in deactivating it, only for it to start a self-destruct countdown that Chopper barely managed to temporarily halt. Realizing that the droid's destruction on Atollon or its return to the Empire intact would compromise the base's location, Zeb hit upon another strategy: reprogramming the droid to complete its countdown after it plugged back in to the Imperial computer network. After reprogramming the droid and then damaging its ship to prevent it from transmitting, Zeb watched with AP-5 and Chopper as it departed before contacting the Ghost to have them return.

They arrived just in time receive a message from Fulcrum, informing them that Zeb's gambit had succeeded in taking out a Star Destroyer, though the effort did not prevent Grand Admiral Thrawn from narrowing down his search for Chopper Base's location. Zeb later worked with Kanan to create a pair of "training sabers" for use in Sabine's training to wield the Darksaber.

Dangerous Missions

Following Sabine's return to the Mandalorians, Zeb would join Hera, Chopper, and Ezra on a mission to meet the Chandrila Mistress and it's fighter escort, Gold Squadron, to provide them with fuel. Initially the group were unaware who they were meeting or why, and while watching the HoloNet News while floating amongst the wreckage of a Confederacy of Independent Systems ship witnessed footage of Mon Mothma denouncing the Emperor. They were then forced to contend with the arrival of a Tactical Infiltration Pod carrying another Infiltrator droid, and were able to destroy it shortly after the Chandrila Mistress arrived in system. As they brought the first Y-Wing aboard for refueling, Zeb and Ezra met Gold Leader Jon Vander and Gold Two, who believed that they had destroyed the Lothal Communication Tower and the Sovereign. Zeb corrected her with regards to the tower, and became defensive when she accused them of making things more difficult by their actions, saying that Phoenix Squadron was willing to take on the challenge.

The debate was put on hold as Imperial ships arrived and attacked, knocking out Gold Two and damaging the Mistress, forcing its crew and passengers-including Mon Mothma-aboard the Ghost. Zeb took Gold Two to the medical bay while Ezra took over piloting her fighter, and was later introduced to Mon Mothma by Hera. Zeb remained aboard the Ghost as it and Gold Squadron fled Imperial forces through the Archeon Pass, and were forced to contend with the new TIE Defender prototype and a pair of Star Destroyers. Fortunately, Ezra and Vander managed to disable the Defender and then used torpedoes to ignite the Archeon Nebula, damaging the destroyers and allowing the Ghost to jump safely to Dantooine, where the rest of the Rebel fleet converged after Mon Mothma sent out another broadcast.

Zeb, Ezra, and Hera later remained aboard the Ghost while Wedge Antilles used a stolen Imperial shuttle to take AP-5 and Chopper to an installation where they were to steal codes needed for the attack on Lothal. Neither Zeb nor Ezra envied Wedge his assignment, nor did they express confidence in the ability of the droids to pull off the mission. Despite this, AP-5 succeeded in recovering the codes, though the crew were forced to deal with Chopper being turned against them by the Controller, an Imperial Information Office officer. Fortunately, they were able to escape both imprisonment in the hold and the Controller's attempts to eliminate them, and Zeb was then able to use his Bo-rifle to disable the reprogrammed Chopper, much to his pleasure. Zeb was also pleased when Ezra returned from an unauthorized foray to Tatooine with Maul's Nightbrother and the news that the Zabrak would not trouble the rebels again.

Zeb was later present on Atollon when it came under attack by the Seventh Fleet, and worked with Rex to activate the Shield generator Sabine had built for them when the Imperials bombarded Chopper Base. The two later took part in defending against the Imperial ground assault, and succeeded in bringing down several AT-DPs only to face a wave of AT-ATs that they were forced to flee even after Kanan arrived to help. After briefly being captured by Death Troopers commanded by Thrawn, the rebels managed to escape due to the actions of The Bendu and fled the system.

Background Information

Personality and Traits

Zeb was a Lasat, meaning he had several interesting traits. His ears, for instance, released heat. His large eyes could see very clearly at nighttime, making for good hunting. Finally, his body was covered by a thick sheet of fur, which kept him warm. Due to his size and strong physiology, Zeb has naturally high strength and resilience, though his mobility still matches that of a Force user. Among the crew of the Ghost, Zeb was considered the muscle, as he is the most physically powerful, enough to use his hands as blunt weapons against armored troopers, as well as throwing and lifting them without effort. He was a well-trained Honor Guard, who has a past in the military. Much of his fighting style was reminiscent of martial arts as he has been shown practicing sweeping kicks and punches on stormtroopers. In terms of personality, Zeb was typically very witty. During fights, however, he became serious. Otherwise Zeb was often grumpy and rough, particularly towards Ezra (whom he later became close friends with) and Chopper. He is a Rebel to the core, after his people were all but exterminated and ousted from their own planet by the Empire, and as such he has great compassion towards those who suffer under the Empire's tyranny as well, such as when he defended a fruit-vendor from harassing Stormtroopers and declined monetary reward and only took a single fruit. As a member of the Honor Guard of Lasan, Zeb is a fierce warrior and believes in honor.  

Zeb also has a softer and more vulnerable side like when he flew into a berserk rage when Kallus used a Bo-rifle in battle, and in "Spark of Rebellion" Zeb seemed rather depressed (although he tried to hide it) like he would miss Ezra when they dropped him off back on Lothal.  

Weapons, Gear and Skills

Zeb's Bo-Rifle.

Zeb wore a yellow jumpsuit with green shoulder pads and carried a AB-75 bo-rifle, which he earned when joining the Lasan Honor Guard, yet became alarmed when he learned that Kallus carried a similar bo-rifle that he claimed to have stolen from another honor guardsman who died during the Genocide of Lasan. Zeb also employed an Oxygen Mask whenever he had to operate in hazardous environments.

Honor Guard Training

As Captain of the Lasat Honor Guard, Zeb was a skilled fighter and fierce warrior who believed in honor and was trained to use it effectively, but that part of his life ended when the homeworld he swore to protect was massacred by the Empire

Brute Strength

Due to his large physique and combat skills, Zeb served as the "muscle" of the small Lothalian rebel cell. He enjoyed fighting and beating up Stormtroopers and wrestling against Inquisitors.


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  • He is voiced by Steven Blum.
  • By the time of the show, he was 39 (human equivalent).
  • Zeb is the first of his species to ever being announced.
  • In Season 3, Zeb underwent a slight redesign:
    • His armour no longer features shoulder pads.
    • His chest plate is now shorter and features the art of the Joopa that swallowed him.
  • "Karabast" is a Lasat exclamation commonly used by Zeb during a moment of crisis.
    • Zeb and Ezra are the only members of the Ghost crew who say "Karabast".
  • Zeb and Kanan were the first main characters to not appear in an episode of the series, being absent in "Blood Sisters".
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