This is senator-in-exile Gall Trayvis. I bring more news that the Empire doesn't want you to hear.
―Gall Trayvis, in an unsanctioned HoloNet News transmission[src]

Gall Trayvis was a male Senator for the Galactic Empire who openly opposed his government in the Imperial Senate. Because of his rebellious nature, he was forced to go into exile, and from this exile, he would hack into HoloNet News transmissions and publicly expose facts that the Empire attempted to cover up.

In secret, Trayvis was an Imperial agent seeking to gain the trust of rebel agents in order to destroy them from within.


Seeking Out Rebels

Master Luminara Lives

While on the Ghost the rebels see a hacked-in HoloNet News transmission, by former Senator Gall Travis, reporting that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli is alive and is held at Stygeon Prime. Kanan recalls rumors that she survived the Great Jedi Purge but there was never any word of a precise location of where she was. However this rumor turns out to be false and is all a part of a trap set by the Inquisitor.

Empire Day

When the rebels were at Old Jho's Pit Stop the Holonet channel was on and one of Gall Trayvis's unsanctioned transmissions showed up, urging citizens to boycott Empire Day.

Encountering the Lothal Rebels

After an staged rescue operation, the rebels found out that Trayvis was working for the Empire the entire time. He told Ezra that his parents were brave but foolish to stand against the Empire and that they were dead. To respond to this, Hera knocked him out with the butt of her pistol. It is possible, however unlikely, that he ordered Ezra's parents to be taken away.

Rejoining the Imperial Senate

Gall Trayvis appeared on the HoloNet, claiming to have "seen the error of his ways" and was welcomed back into the Imperial Senate. During the interview, Alton Kastle asked him questions about the rebels. Trayvis stated certain individuals only had the interests of the people that they dealt with "extremists" like the Ghost crew and then put a bounty on their heads.

Personality and traits

He posed as a dissident Senator who despised the Empire and its authoritarian regime, and one who applauded any and all rebellious activity. In reality, however, he was still loyal to the Empire and secretly enjoyed the terrible fates that rebel would suffer due to his actions. When meeting Ezra Bridger, he coldly mocked his parents for their dissidence and cruelly revealed that he had had a hand in their disappearance. He was also a coward, as he had an arrogant and self-assured demeanour when he had the rebels at gunpoint, but this dissolved into snivelling weakness when disarmed.


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