Ryloth? I know the cell you're talking about.
―Hera Syndulla to Commander Sato[src]

The Free Ryloth Movement was a Rebel cell that operated in the Ryloth system. Their agenda was to drive the Galactic Empire out of their homeworld and free the Twi'lek people. They were formed from the Twi'lek freedom fighters who fought against the Separatist invasion of their planet during the Clone Wars. After the Republic turned into the Empire, the cell began combating them.


The Empire

During the early days of the Empire, Cham Syndulla and the movement attempted to assassinate the Sith Lords, Sidious and Vader. The assassination failed, with Sidious having staged all of it, and the movement suffered heavy losses.

The Carrier

Cham's disillusioned daughter Hera, co-leader of the Lothal rebels, had contacted the movement in hopes of stealing an Imperial Light Carrier that the Empire was using to bomb Ryloth. Once the cells had infiltrated the carrier, the Twi'leks betrayed the others in an attempt to take down the carrier. After the cells repelled the Imperial forces and escaped, Cham reconciled with his daughter and told her how proud of her he was.


The cell was known to use DC-17 blaster pistols as well as Nu-class Transports.


Season Two

Season Three

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