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"Fire Across the Galaxy" is the fifteenth and final episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It was released on March 2, 2015 on Disney XD.


The Ghost crew makes a final desperate attempt to rescue Kanan from the Empire. Who will fall?


The Rebels stole an Imperial Freighter from the empire and took it back to the Ghost. Hera stated they could use it to get close to Tarkin's Star Destroyer, where Kanan was being held. Unfortunately, they needed something smaller like a TIE Fighter to get into the hangar bay for Sabine to create a diversion, but they had destroyed all the TIEs when they escaped with the transport. Regretfully, Ezra and Zeb revealed that the TIE Fighter they stole a while back was never destroyed; they had actually kept it. Hera was furious with them, yet grateful that they had the TIE. However, there was a problem with it: Sabine had used it as a canvas, decorating it with her signature style and colors. Hera decided that it would have to do, and told the rest of the crew they needed to decide whether or not they were "in" with rescuing Kanan. They all agreed, and began preparing for the mission.

Meanwhile, on Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, the Inquisitor continued to torture Kanan for information about other Rebels. Kanan said he knew nothing of a larger Rebellion. Unable to achieve results through physical pain, the Inquisitor turned to the psychological, and to Kanan's last moments with his master, saying that he was a coward for abandoning her and the Jedi order to save himself.

Finally, the Rebels began to approach the Star Destroyer; after Ezra confirmed that Kanan was there, they sent in Sabine's TIE Fighter, which sent out an electromagnetic pulse that cut power throughout the ship. The Ghost crew snuck on board, trying to find their lost friend, but Tarkin had ordered a continuous all-clear signal to be sent. With the EMP attack the signal was cut and reinforcements were quickly dispatched. The crew was forced to seal off the door that was their only path to Kanan, but Ezra managed to climb into the air vents to get to him. He came out on the other side, found Kanan, and freed him. Ezra was supporting him when they ran into the Inquisitor. Kanan then borrowed Ezra's Lightsaber and began to fight with the Inquisitor, switching between the blaster and lightsaber functions. While they were dueling, Ezra noticed the Inquisitor had Kanan's lightsaber attached to his belt, and stole it from him. Kanan and Ezra then fought together using each other's lightsabers, but the Inquisitor still managed to knock Ezra off the platform. Devastated and enraged by the belief that Ezra was dead, Kanan picked up both lightsabers and began to fight with twice the effort, saying The Inquisitor made a mistake, because he now had nothing left to fear. The two shared a respectful salute before resuming their duel.

Hera tried to contact Ezra, saying they were going to find another way out, but he didn't respond. Finally, he got up, waking up from his unconsciousness. He told Hera he was okay, and that Kanan was doing better than okay. During this conversation, Kanan and the Inquisitor were still fighting, and Kanan managed to push the him to the edge of the platform. Kanan admitted that he was a coward, but now he knew that there was something stronger than fear: the Force. He shattered the Inquisitor's double-bladed lightsaber, but the pieces fell into a reactor, which began to spark and explode.

The Inquisitor lost his balance and fell, only to be hanging on by his hands. He told Kanan there were some things more frightening than death, then let himself fall into the reactor. Ezra came up behind Kanan, who was overjoyed that he didn't lose his Padawan. The two fled the ship as it began to destabilize. Hera, Zeb, and Sabine left the ship in Sabine's TIE Fighter, while Kanan and Ezra exited on The Inquisitor's TIE. Hera tried to link up with Chopper to make the jump to hyperspace after being shot at, but Chopper didn't respond.

Just in the nick of time, Chopper showed up with an entire fleet of unknown ships. After docking and escaping safely from Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the crew of the Ghost found out that the ships were piloted by other Rebel cells, and that Senator Bail Organa had been helping with the whole thing. Hera explained that they weren't supposed to know about the other cells, in case they were captured and interrogated. At this point, Fulcrum revealed herself to the crew of the ghost, who turned out to be Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka admitted to Ezra she didn't know what would happen next, just that it was a new day and a new beginning.

Finally, Tarkin told Agent Kallus that the Emperor had sent in an alternative solution to the problem of the Rebels: Darth Vader.






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  • This was the first episode in the series not to be available on before making its television debut.
  • This episode is the third installment of a multi-part storyline, continuing where "Rebel Resolve" left off.
  • Bail Organa and Darth Vader made their second respective appearances in this episode. Darth Vader's first appearance in the series was in the extended cut of "Spark of Rebellion" and Bail Organa's was in "Droids in Distress".
  • Fulcrum's identity is revealed in this episode to be Ahsoka Tano, the former Padawan of Anakin Skywalker.
  • This episode aired on the same date as when the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 5 finale, "The Wrong Jedi" aired.
  • The TIE Fighter Ezra and Zeb stole in "Fighter Flight" returns in this episode, repainted by Sabine.
  • The Grand Inquisitor, TK-626, and MB-223 are killed off in this episode.
  • As of this episode, Ezra has two scars on his left cheek.
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