"Fighter Flight" is the fourth episode of the first season of Star Wars Rebels. It premiered on on October 13, 2014 before making its television debut on October 20, 2014.


Aboard the Ghost, Chopper observed Ezra as he attempted to levitate a bowl with his new found Force abilities. After Chopper fooled Ezra into thinking he was the one lifting the bowl, the two got into a game of cat and mouse. While chasing one another down the halls of the ship, Ezra stopped by Sabine's room, to offer her some "inspiration" for her artwork, to Sabine's lack of interest. He then proceeded to chase Chopper into his and Zeb's quarters, despite Zeb's wishes to not be disturbed. Before Ezra could leave, Chopper quickly zapped Zeb, causing him to confront the two. After Chopper fled, Ezra decided to remind Zeb of the time he saved his life from the ISB Agent Kallus. Feeling guilt-tripped, Zeb returned to his bunk. Rather than leaving, Ezra decided to get into his bunk, which, after being sabotaged by Chopper, collapsed onto Zeb. Annoyed and angry, Zeb chased Ezra throughout the ship, despite Ezra trying to convince him of his innocence. After making a mess in the cargo hold, Hera ordered the two off her ship, sending them to town for a supply run. Among the list of supplies was a rare fruit called a Meiloorun, which was seemingly non-existent on Lothal.


Ezra and Zeb rendezvous, in a Kothal market.

After arriving in the town of Kothal, Ezra reunited with Morad Sumar, a local farmer and long-time friend. Sumar informed Ezra about the planet's lack of naturally-grown Meilooruns, and that they could only be imported. After parting ways, Ezra came across a small pack of Stormtroopers, accompanied by Supply Master Yogar Lyste. Armed with his slingshot, Ezra then quietly observed as Lyste discussed the fate of Morad's farm. Zeb then rendezvoused with Ezra, having had collected, with the exception of the fruit, all of Hera's supplies. Before giving up on their search, the two stumbled upon a crate filled with Meilooruns, under the ownership of a factory worker named Tskolo. Unfortunately, the shipment had been sold to the Empire, who were already loading the Meiloorun-filled crates onto their Imperial Troop Transports. Despite Zeb's strong disapproval, Ezra decided to pursue the fruit, having had past experience of stealing from the Empire. After sneaking onto the transport, Ezra was spotted by Lyste. Before he could be captured, Ezra hurled some crates at the Stormtroopers, buying them some time to escape. The two eventually reached a large wall, which Zeb hurled Ezra over. Unfortunately, Zeb was shot down, forcing him and Ezra to split up.

Zeb eventually reached a TIE Fighter, which was being piloted by Valen Rudor. After faking a surrender, Zeb leaped onto the ship, throwing Rudor out. After taking out some Stormtroopers with the ship's cannons, Zeb proceeded to fly the ship across the town, in pursuit of Ezra. Meanwhile, Ezra was evading some Stormtroopers, while attempting to slow them down with his slingshot. Zeb eventually arrived, offering Ezra an escape. After battling over control of the ship, Zeb accidentally shoots a citizen's fruit stand, staining the ship's visor. Just before the ship would've crashed into a small hill, Ezra made a sharp turn, having sensed the structure.

Aboard the Ghost, Kanan and Hera received a call from Zeb, who informed them about his and Ezra's current situation. After a quick scolding from Kanan, the two proceeded to the rebel rendezvous point. Before making their way there, however, the two inspected some smoke, coming from Sumar's freshly-destroyed farm. At Ezra's request, the two pursued the Imperials, who were traveling aboard some transports. After catching up to them, Zeb, pretending to be an officer, ordered Lyste to slow down his transports. After learning of a stolen TIE Fighter, Lyste ordered the destruction of Zeb's ship.


Ezra uses the Force.

Meanwhile, Ezra attempted to free Sumar, along with his friends. After failing to reach the control panel, Ezra decided to use the Force. After successfully freeing the farmers, Lyste ordered his men to open fire. Thankfully, Zeb managed to defend the farmers with his ship, as he fired at the transports. Atop the transport, Ezra was confronted by two Stormtroopers. After knocking a trooper over with a fruit, his blaster accidentally shot one of the troopers. Ezra then decided to clog the transport's turret with a wrench, taking out the turret and the trooper. Ezra then escaped in Zeb's ship.

After arriving at the Ghost, Ezra and Zeb claim they crashed the ship, in an attempt to keep it out of Imperial hands, to Kanan's approval. Back onboard, Ezra and Zeb visit Sabine, who decided to take Ezra up on his offer of inspiration. Accusing Chopper of making them look like fools, Ezra and Zeb pursued Chopper, once again making a mess in the cargo hold.







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Fighter Flight Easter Egg

Sabine's drawing of Cad Bane and Embo.

  • Among the paintings in Sabine's room, drawings of Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Cad Bane and Embo can be seen.
  • Prior to the first draft of the script, Prime Minister Maketh Tua (who made her Rebels debut in the previous episode) was scheduled to be the episode's main Imperial involvement, before her role was filled by Lyste.
  • Sumar's dome farmhouse is similar to the house that Luke Skywalker lived in on Tatooine, in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • After being questioned about his TIE Fighter, Zeb tells Lyste, "That's not the TIE you're looking for." This quote is a reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi's line in Episode IV, when he tells stormtroopers "These aren't the droids you're looking for."
  • While aboard the transport, Ezra shoves a wrench into the ship's turret. This a reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, when Indiana shoves a rock into a tank's turret.
  • The story for this episode was inspired by Dave Filoni's childhood, when he used to play with a toy TIE Fighter, and would decide to put hero figures inside it rather than villains.
  • The episode marked the feature debut of the Imperial Troop Transport, which originally came from a Kenner toy. 
  • The term "meiloorun" was first used in the novel "X-wing: Wedge's gamble" by Michael Stackpole in 1996.
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