You haven't forgotten our ways. That has earned my respect.
―Fenn Rau, to Sabine Wren[src]

Fenn Rau was a Mandalorian man who served as the Protector of the planet, Concord Dawn, during the reign of the Galactic Empire. When the Rebellion arrived over Concord Dawn in search of new hyperspace routes, Rau attacked their starfighters, damaging one piloted by Phoenix Leader, Hera Syndulla. Rau was captured by Kanan Jarrus and Sabine Wren and allowed them safe passage in exchange from keeping his capture a secret from the Empire. His loyalty now lies with the Rebellion.



At the Clone Wars Rau, other Mandalorian warriors, and as well as various mercenaries were hired by Kaminoan cloners, who themselves had been hired to create a clone army for the Galactic Republic, to train and equip cloned human males of the bounty hunter Jango Fett. Rau traveled to the ocean planet Kamino, where the Kaminoans were centered, in their capital, Tipoca City. In recognition of Rau's ability as a pilot, Rau specialized in training clone troopers who went on to become pilots in the Grand Army of the Republic. Years later, not long after the first batch of cloned soldiers reached maturity, the clones were called on by the Republic for use against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, which began the galaxy-wide conflict named for the clones, the Clone Wars. Rau led Skull Squadron (a squadron of Mandalorian fighter pilots) as Skull Leader in numerous battles and skirmishes against the Separatist battle droids, often fighting alongside clone soldiers he had trained.

In the third year of the Clone Wars, Rau led Skull Squadron during the Third Battle of Mygeeto, on the Outer Rim planet Mygeeto. Rau's actions during the battle helped saved the lives of the Jedi Master Depa Billaba and her Padawan Caleb Dume and many Republic Clone troopers.

Age of the Empire

The Protector of Concord Dawn

Following the transformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Fenn Rau and his Protectors sided with the new regime. About three years before the Battle of Yavin, Rau became the Empire's main ally on Concord Dawn. As Protector of Concord Dawn, he was tasked with fighting rebels forces and reporting on their activities to the Empire. When the rebel pilot Hera Syndulla and Phoenix Squadron traveled to the Concord Dawn system to negotiate for safe passage, they were intercepted by Rau and his Fang fighters, who demanded to know why they were visiting his system. Hera replied that the rebels were seeking safe passage and that they would stand with Concord Dawn against the Empire. Fenn responded by ordering an attack on the rebels' A-wing starfighters. During the ensuing dogfight, Fenn and his Fang fighters shot down two A-wing fighters, Phoenix Three and Phoenix Four, and badly damaged Hera's fighter. Hera managed to escape back to the Phoenix fleet but sustained serious injuries. In response, the Mandalorian rebel Sabine Wren, who had accompanied Hera on the mission, advocated destroying Rau's starfighters.

Sabine had tracked Fenn's starfighters to a camp on the Third moon of Concord Dawn. The Phoenix rebel commander Jun Sato authorized a retaliatory strike against the Protectors and sent the former Padawan Kanan Jarrus and the astromech droid Chopper to the Concord Dawn system. Despite Kanan's objections, Sabine came along intent on seeking retribution against Fenn. Upon reaching the camp, Kanan told Sabine that he still planned to negotiate with Rau, however Sabine was intent on destroying his Fang fighters. Splitting up, Kanan followed Rau into a building, while Sabine proceeded to plant charges on the fighters.

While Rau was fetching a drink, he spotted Kanan and allowed the intruder to reveal his identity. Kanan identified himself as a Jedi veteran of the Clone Wars who had taken part in the Third Battle of Mygeeto. Kanan thanked Fenn for saving him and his master's lives during that battle. Rau recalled being a young and reckless fighter during that battle but failed to see what it had to do with Jarrus infiltrating his base. Jarrus then appealed to Rau to join the rebellion but the Protector was unwilling to side against the Empire. In his mind, the rebellion had little chance of victory and he thought that it was foolish to commit to a losing side. Despite Kanan's arguments, Rau remained uninterested in fighting another losing war alongside the Jedi.

Fenn's conversation with Kanan was interrupted by the arrival of one his subordinates, who reported that a group of Protectors had encountered an intruder who had invoked the Mandalorian code to seek justice through single combat. This intruder turned out to be Sabine, a member of Clan Wren, a part of House Vizsla which had sided with the Death Watch, the sworn enemies of the Protectors during the Clone Wars. While Kanan offered to reason with Sabine, Fenn decided to accept Sabine's challenge and so confronted Sabine in the square near the parked Fang fighters.

As Fenn drew his blaster pistol, Sabine shot it out of his hand, and then triggered several explosives which destroyed seven of the Fang fighters. Rau's fighter survived the bombing and the enraged Protector decided to confront the rebel fleet. However, Kanan managed to grab the starfighter and hold on to it as it ascended into the sky. Despite Rau's attempts to shake off Kanan, the Jedi managed to breach the cockpit with his lightsaber and damage the starfighter's controls. After knocking out Rau, Kanan carried him while jumping aboard the waiting rebel ship Phantom, before travelling back into space to rejoin the rebel fleet.

As the Phantom traveled back to the rebel fleet, Rau stirred and his transmitter began buzzing. Kanan ordered the captive Fenn to answer the device. Upon activating it, Rau was informed by his subordinates that the Protectors had prepared starfighters for a counter-attack. However, Rau ordered them to call of the attack. He agreed to give the rebels safe passage through the Concord Dawn system in exchange for them keeping his capture a secret. Rau was taken back to the Phoenix fleet where he was taken into custody by rebel forces as a "reluctant recruit".

Return to Concord Dawn

Rau playing a game of Cubikahd with Sabine

Rau remained a captive of the Rebellion. Rau bid his time in rebel custody by playing a game of Cubikahd with Sabine. Despite her family's traitorous past, Rau got on well with Sabine. However, he rebuffed her attempts to recruit him into the Rebellion; believing that the Protectors were already doing enough without drawing the Empire's attention.

Shortly later, Rau and Sabine were summoned by Zeb for a briefing at the war room with Sato and Hera. During the briefing, Sato revealed that the rebels had lost contact with the Protectors and voiced his suspicion that they were luring them into a trap. Rau spoke up for his men and explained that something bad must have happened to the Protectors. He agreed to go and investigate. Hera reluctantly allowed Rau to leave for the Concord Dawn System on a recon probe but sent Sabine along with Ezra and Chopper to keep an eye on him.

During the journey aboard Phantom II, while Ezra was distracted by the sight of Concord Dawn's shattered southern hemisphere, Rau broke free and stunned Ezra and Sabine. Rau then landed the Phantom II near the Protectors Camp. He walked up a hill and discovered that another Mandalorian faction had slaughtered the Protectors. Shortly later, he was joined by Ezra and Sabine, who had been freed by Chopper. Ezra used the Force to snatch his blaster that Rau took out of his hand.

Together with the rebels, Rau explored the camp and discovered evidence that another Mandalorian clan had attacked. Rau then chastised Sabine and the Rebellion for keeping him prisoner and preventing him from aiding his men. Sabine replied that she was not the enemy and remarked that this did not make sense. At that point, Chopper and Ezra detected movement. Rau and the rebels were then attacked by a Viper Probe Droid, which Sabine managed to destroy. Rau wanted to bargain with the Empire but Sabine refused to let that happened and ordered Chopper to secure the Phantom II.

Before they could argue any further, Rau and the rebels were forced to flee into hiding when Imperial Viceroy Gar Saxon turned up with several Imperial Super Commandos. Rau and Sabine managed to escape by hiding behind a building but Ezra and Chopper along with the Phantom II were captured. When Sabine expressed her desire to rescue Ezra, Rau responded that the boy provided a diversion for the Mandalorians, who were looking for him. He also opined that Ezra would be safer without his lightsaber since the Empire was hunting for Jedi. The two then moved to a safe vantage point on a hill where they could observe the Super Commandos.

After some discussion, Rau agreed to help Sabine keep the Super Commandos from taking the Phantom II, which contained the coordinates for Chopper Base. While Rau had little love for the Rebellion, he was willing to help due to his hatred for Saxon; whom he regarded as a traitor who served the Empire. Sabine then agreed to rescue Ezra and Chopper. Putting their plans into action, Rau sneaked aboard the Phantom II and knocked out the sentry following a fist fight. However, he then decided not to help the rebels escape and fled into space.

While departing from Concord Dawn, Rau had a change of heart and decided to return for Sabine and her friends. Rau arrived just in time to save the rebels from being executed by Saxon and one of his surviving Super Commandos. Sabine and her companions had managed to lead the Super Commandos into a canyon but were unable to steal Saxon's ship. Rau told Saxon that the rebels were under his protection and proceeded to destroy Saxon's ship and to gun down the surviving Super Commando. Following a struggle with Saxon, the rebels managed to flee aboard the Phantom II with Rau.

Rau decided to officially join the Rebellion

Once in space, Sabine confronted Rau about his change of heart. In response, he told her that her willingness to save her friends even though they were not Mandalorians showed that she still respected the "old ways." In his view, that had earned his respect. When Ezra remarked about the "craziness" of Mandalorian culture, Rau responded that he was crazy enough to join the Rebellion. Sabine then welcomed her former foe into their "family."

Sabine's Trial

Kanan showed the Darksaber to Fenn, which Sabine had found during their battle with Maul on Dathomir. Fenn shared with Kanan the history of the Darksaber, including its importance in Mandalorian history and politics. He suggested that Sabine use the saber to unite House Vizsla and all of Mandalore. Fenn and the Ghost Crew convinced Sabine to train with the Darksaber in an attempt to add members of House Viszla to the Rebellion. After Sabine, Kanan, and Ezra had trained for two days, Fenn arrived with supplies from Chopper Base, including a pair of Mandalorian Vambraces as a gift for Sabine.

Rau believed in Sabine's strength to wield the Darksaber

Fenn watched as Sabine outmaneuvered Ezra before being bested by Kanan, who took the opportunity to lecture that training and discipline were more important than tricks. Frustrated with Kanan's teaching, Sabine went into the wilderness to clear her mind. Later that night, Fenn and Ezra sat by a campfire and waited for Sabine to return. When Ezra suggested that Sabine needed more time, Fenn pointed that time was not a luxury that the galaxy had. Shortly later, Sabine returned. Kanan, who had consulted Hera, apologized for holding back her training and gave her the Darksaber. Fenn and Ezra watched as Sabine sparred with Kanan. Following an emotional duel, in which she admitted the truth behind her hesitation: her family have previously rejected her for speaking against the Empire, Sabine managed to best her instructor; completing her trial. Fenn then expressed that, whether her family accepted her again or not, he would gladly follow her, a sentiment that Ezra and Kanan echoed.

Mission to Krownest

Later, Fenn accompanied Sabine, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper on the Phantom II during their mission to Krownest, the home of Clan Wren. During the journey, Fenn encouraged Sabine by telling her that her mother Ursa Wren was loyal to Mandalore. If she could convince her mother, Fenn reasoned that the rest of Mandalore would follow her and the Darksaber. Fenn and his companions survived an aerial attack by Sabine's brother Tristan Wren and several Clan Wren warriors.

Knowing that he was regarded as a traitor by Clan Wren and other vassals of Saxon, Fenn opted to stay aboard the Phantom II with Chopper while Sabine, Ezra, and Kanan accompanied Tristan and the warriors back to the Clan Wren Stronghold. Later, Fenn ventured to the stronghold and used the scanners inside his helmet to spy on the castle's occupants. He eavesdropped on a hologram conversation between Ursa and Saxon and learned that Ursa planned to turn over Ezra and Kanan to the Viceroy in return for her daughter being spared. Fenn then infiltrated Ursa's chambers and knocked out a guard. He then retrieved Ezra and Kanan's lightsabers, which had been kept for safe keeping.

Rau and Sabine decided to remain behind to help Clan Wren

However, Saxon reneged on his deal and then ordered his Super Commandos to exterminate Clan Wren. At that moment, Fenn stormed the throne room with his jetpack and handed Ezra and Kanan their lightsabers. During the ensuing skirmish, Fenn helped the Wrens and the rebels to defeat Saxon's Super Commandos. Fenn and the others then watched as Sabine dueled with Saxon on the ice outside the Clan Wren stronghold. Following a fierce duel, Sabine defeated Saxon and took back the Darksaber. Saxon attempted to kill her but was shot dead by Ursa.

Following the skirmish, Fenn remarked that Saxon was guilty of treason against the throne, collusion with the enemy, and executing his fellow Protectors. Fenn and Sabine decided to remain behind with Clan Wren to help them reunify the Mandalorian people. Fenn watched as Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper return to Chopper Base. Fenn complimented Sabine by telling her that she had proven herself to Clan Wren and that she would make a good leader. Sabine disagreed with the latter point but vowed to help Mandalore find its true leader.

Battle of Atollon

Rau aided Clan Wren in its war against the Clan Saxon

After the death of Saxon, Rau aided Clan Wren in its war against the Imperial-back Clan Saxon. Clan Wren's manpower and resources were stretched thin during the conflict. When Ezra and Chopper traveled to Krownest seeking help to break Grand Admiral Thrawn's siege of Atollon, Rau opined that Ezra should count his losses and he was fortunate to escape. After further discussion between Ezra, Sabine, and Ursa, Rau volunteered to accompany Sabine and several Mandalorian warriors and Fang Fighters. During the battle, Rau and his Fang Fighters harried Thrawn's Star Destroyers and TIE Fighters while Ezra and Sabine led a successful strike on Thrawn's second Interdictor Cruiser. This enabled the remaining rebels force to flee into hyperspace.

War on Mandalore

After the evacuation of the rebel forces on Atollon, Rau accompanied Sabine, Kanan, Ezra, and Chopper on a mission to rescue Alrich Wren, Sabine's father and the patriarch of Clan Wren. Clan Saxon had kept Alrich as a hostage at a prison outpost on Mandalore. While watching Kanan display his Jedi powers and combat skills, Rau muttered that the Jedi Knight was a "showoff". Despite catching the Imperial garrison by surprised, they were outgunned by two AT-DP Walkers. Fortunately for Rau and his allies, they were saved by the arrival of Clan Kryze forces led by Bo-Katan Kryze, a former Death Watch member and the former Regent of Mandalore.

Despite capturing the prison, the Mandalorians and rebels were dismayed to find that the Empire had already evacuated Alrich. After learning that Alrich was being transported to the Mandalorian capital of Sundari. The joint Mandalorian-rebel forces decided to ambush the Imperial convoy as it traveled through a narrow canyon. While watching the convoy, Rau detected a single unarmored passenger in the middle Imperial Troop Transport; whom they determined to be Alrich. Rau joined Sabine, Kanan, and Bo-Katan in attacking the convoy while Ezra rescued Alrich. Following a brief skirmish, the Mandalorians and rebels succeeded in rescuing Alrich.

However, this victory was overshadowed by news that Governor Tiber Saxon had deployed an Arc Pulse Generator known as the "Duchess" against Ursa and Tristan's Clan Wren forces. Though Ursa and Tristan survived, the group soon found themselves ambushed by Imperial Super Commandos and TIE Fighters. Fortunately for Rau and his comrades, they managed to escape aboard one of Bo-Katan's ships. While traveling to Bo-Katan's base, Rau and the others learned that Sabine had created the "Duchess" during her days at the Mandalore Imperial Academy. Bo-Katan considered Sabine's actions to be sacrilegious since the weapon turned Mandalorian armor against their wearers by reacting with the beskar alloy inside the armor.

At Bo-Katan's camp, Sabine agreed to atone for her actions by leading an attack on Tiber Saxon's Star Destroyer to destroy the "Duchess" and any data associated with the weapon. Sabine's plan involved one team destroying the machine while the other deleted the data in the Imperial database. During the meeting, Rau pondered on whether the weapon could be used against the Empire; something which Sabine rejected. When Ursa offered to lead the attack, Rau advised against it since she could barely hold a blaster. While Sabine went over the details of the mission, Rau took Bo-Katan aside and the two commented on Sabine's leadership potential.

During the night raid on Saxon's Star Destroyer, Rau and Tristan helped fight off Imperial forces in the hangar bay while Sabine and Bo-Katan sought out the weapon and Ezra, Kanan, and Chopper deleted it from the records. While fighting off Imperial walkers, Rau encountered Ezra, who was heading to find Sabine. Ultimately, the rebels succeeded in achieving both their objectives. Rau and his comrades managed to escape Saxon's Star Destroyer before the malfunctioning "Duchess" blew up with the ship. Back at Bo-Katan's camp, Rau, representing the Protectors, joined the other Mandalorian clans in pledging allegiance to Bo-Katan, the new wielder of the Darksaber and leader of the Mandalorian clans.

Personality and Traits

During the Clone Wars, Fenn Rau was loyal to the Galactic Republic. On one occasion, he led Skull Squadron on an operation to assist the Jedi and Clone troopers during the Third Battle of Mygeeto; an action which he later regarded as brave and reckless. As the leader of the Protectors, he opposed the Death Watch that had seized control of Mandalore during the conflict. Due to this experience, Rau harbored a dislike for those Mandalorians who had sided with the Death Watch.

Following the Clone Wars, Fenn remained loyal to the Republic's successor government: the Galactic Empire. He refused to supporting the growing rebellion since he believed that it had a small chance of success against the Empire. Fenn's loyalty to the Empire led him to initially deny safe passage to Phoenix Squadron and to attack a rebel delegation led by Hera Syndulla. As a hardened warrior, Fenn exhibited little regret for the lives he had taken during the dogfight above Concord Dawn.

After the rebels attacked his base in retaliation, Fenn was so consumed by rage that he tried to destroy the rebel fleet in retaliation. Despite his hatred for the rebels, Rau was pragmatic enough to concede defeat after being kidnapped by Kanan and Sabine. Unwilling to see the Protectors lose their freedom to the Empire, he allowed the rebels safe passage through the Concord Dawn System in return for concealing his capture.

Despite regarding Sabine's family as traitors, Rau befriended her since they were Mandalorians. However, he refused to join the Rebellion and desired the opportunity to return to his followers. Despite his ambivalence towards the Rebellion, Rau hated his nemesis Saxon even more. Rau regarded Saxon as a traitor and collaborator with the Empire. This hatred for Saxon, coupled with his respect for Sabine's devotion to her non-Mandalorian rebel comrades, ultimately led Rau to decide to join the Rebellion.

Fenn saw potential in Sabine as a leader who could unite the Mandalorian people under the banner of the Rebellion. Despite Sabine's self-doubt and fears, he refused to give up on her. He was also familiar with the history of the Darksaber and its significance to Mandalorian history and politics. Fenn's respect for Sabine led him to outfit her with Mandalorian Vambraces. Fenn later played a pivotal role during the mission to Krownest by retrieving Ezra and Kanan's lightsabers and helping the Wrens and rebels defeat Saxon's forces. He complimented Sabine as a strong leader and warrior who had regain the respect of her clan. Fenn also regarded Saxon as a traitor to his kind and a dishonorable murderer.

Rau's respect for the rebels and Sabine led him to aid them during the Battle of Atollon. Rau's opposition to the Empire and Clan Saxon led him to take part in a mission to rescue Alrich Wren and to destroy an Arc Pulse Generator. He and Bo-Katan recognized Sabine's potential as a leader and military commander.

Skills and Abilities

Fenn Rau was a skilled pilot and strong leader. These qualities earned him a place as an pilot instructor for the Clone Troopers of Grand Army of the Republic and later as the leader of the Protectors. A skilled starfighter pilot, Fenn excelled in dogfighting. He also commanded a squadron of Fang Fighters and personally trained all the pilots.

Fenn was a skilled strategist who enjoyed playing Cubikhad. He was able to find a flaw in Sabine's strategy and beat her. Rau was also good at unarmed combat and also knew how to free himself from magnetic binders. In addition, Rau was able to use guile and deception to trick his opponents into lowering their guard. Fenn was familiar with operating a Mandalorian Vambrace. He could also take out an opponent in unarmed combat.


Fenn Rau's helmet was equipped with a scanner that allowed him to eavesdrop on conversations. He also wore a jetpack, which he used to startle his opponents.


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