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"Family Reunion - and Farewell" comprises the fifteenth and sixteenth, and final, episodes of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. It comprises the seventy-fourth and seventy-fifth, and final, episodes of the series overall. It was released in tandem with "A Fool's Hope" on March 5, 2018 on Disney XD.


Ezra and the Ghost crew look to complete their ultimate mission: to liberate Lothal from the clutches of the Empire.


The final step into Ezra's mission to liberate Lothal was about to begin, and they were going to use Governor Pryce to get them into the Imperial Complex. She at first refused to help, but was given some encouragement when Ezra threatened to let the wolves take a bite at her. Using two of the remaining Transports they confiscated, the Rebels impersonated as prisoners with Rex, Ezra, Sabine, and Kallus impersonating as Imperials. Their plan was to launch the dome and destroy it over the city. With Pryce's help, they got clearance to land at the nearest landing platform. As Stormtroopers showed up to collect the Rebels, they attacked and entered the facility. The Rebels seized control of one of the command centers, and started to put the first phase of their plan into action: Have all Imperial Forces recalled to the dome for a full evacuation. Once they were all inside they would be destroyed along with the dome.

Meanwhile, back at the Ghost, Mart, Wolffe, and Vizago were on standby. Rukh, who had survived the fall, attacked them. He tried to kill Mart, but a Loth-Wolf attacked him. However, Rukh escaped in the last Transport and informed Grand Admiral Thrawn of the situation. Already on route, Thrawn ordered Rukh to get inside the dome and deactivate the shield generator before the Rebels locked down the Imperial dome and then wait for his arrival. Back at the dome, Kallus gave the order to have all Imperial personal report back to the dome for immediate evacuation. The Imperials fell for it, and carried out Kallus' orders. Rukh also arrived just as the dome was locked down. With all Imperials personnel inside, the Rebels moved onto the second phase of their plan, launching the dome and destroying it once clear of the city. However, Thrawn finally showed up from above the dome, grounding them. Thrawn threatened to bombard the city unless Ezra surrendered to him. Rukh had the shield generates deactivated, so the Rebels could not raise the planetary shields. After Thrawn attacked the city, making himself quite clear, Ezra willingly surrendered on his terms. As Thrawn waited for his arrival, Ezra handed his Lightsaber over to Chopper as he made his way to landing platform, only to be stopped by Hera. She did not want to lose him as well, and pleaded for Ezra not to go. Convinced that there was another way, the Rebels began observing what they had to work with. However, while no one, except Sabine and Chooper, was looking, Ezra sneaked away and flew to Thrawn's Star Destroyer just as they came up with a plan to get the shield generators back online. Ezra arrived aboard Thrawn's Star Destroyer, and was brought before Grand Admiral Thrawn. He was then taken to a place on the ship where a part of the Lothal Jedi Temple was on board. Moved stone by stone from the planet. Waiting for them was a holographic transmission from the Emperor, Darth Sidious, who appears to them in his non-corrupted physical state.

Back at the Ghost, Mart, Wolffe, and Vizago regained consciousness. Suspecting the worse, Mart ordered everyone to get aboard the Ghost and took off. Earlier he was told by Ezra there was a chance that Rukh may get back to the capital and warn Thrawn about their attack. If that ever happened, he set Mart up with a special mission. The headed for high orbit around Lothal so they could send out a signal beacon to someone or something. Meanwhile back at the dome, the Rebels set off to reactivate the shield generators while Sabine, Hera, Ryder, and Chopper remain in the control center with Governor Pryce. Hera could not help but worry about Ezra.

Ezra was left with Sidious, who offered him a tempting opportunity: a chance to live the life he could never have. Inside the temple, Ezra saw a doorway of light and could hear his parents calling for him. Ezra was astounded by this. A chance to be reunited with his parents, but he must first open the door. Tempted by the Emperor's offer, Ezra cautiously went in for a closer look. Ezra could see his mother preparing dinner for the whole family, and continued to call for him. Ezra refused to believe they were alive, but Sidious recalled his experience in the realm when he saved Ahsoka. He convinced Ezra that he can save his parents by opening the gateway. However, despite the temptation and all the pain of loss he had suffered, he chose to let them go and used The Force to destroy the gateway. Sidious's hologram rapidly altered between his false younger state and his true appearance. Sidious then ordered his royal guards to kill Ezra. However, Ezra escaped from their clutches, crushing them by throwing rubble from the temple.

Meanwhile, the Rebels charged into the shield generator room and attacked the technicians. Through a gun fight, they set out to get the shield generates back online, but struggled to reach the main switch. As the battle got intense, Zeb charged at Rukh and engaged him in a fight. Kallus and Gregor made it to the control panels, but Gregor got shot and died from his wounds. Thrawn prepared to open fire on the city, and the Rebels got the planetary shields up just in time. Rukh was also killed when the generators were reactivated after being tied to it by Zeb who managed to jump back up to the platforms. The city is saved. At the same time, Ezra showed up on the bridge of Thrawn's ship and the Imperials reported that the entire blockade over Lothal had been destroyed. Then out of the clouds, the Ghost showed up with an army of Purrgil who attacked Thrawn's ship. The Imperials put up a fight, but the Purrgil quickly overpowered them. The Purrgil killed the stormtroopers on the bridge of the ship, then captured Thrawn in their tentacles, but not before Thrawn managed to shoot Ezra in the shoulder. With all grip on the ship, the Purrgil prepared for hyperspace jump. Both Hera and Sabine plead for Ezra to get out of there, but he did not. The Purrgil jumped to hyperspace, and took Thrawn's ship with them, along with Ezra and Thrawn.

Everyone was silent by Ezra's departure, but received word that they were clear of all Imperial forces. This was their chance to complete what they started. They powered up the dome's thrusters, and retreated onto the roof for a pickup. Ryder offered Pryce to come with them, but she chose to remain behind. The Rebels made it aboard the Ghost, and once the dome reached a high and safe altitude, Sabine set off the explosives. The dome was destroyed and with it Governor Pryce and her forces. Just as Hera was about locate Ezra's whereabouts, Chopper showed up with a recorded message made by Ezra. The recording explained the choices Ezra made were the only ones he could make. He regretted keeping them in the dark and admitted he was going to miss them all. The message then ended with Ezra thanking the Rebels for everything they had done for him, and looked forward to seeing them again soon. Even though they had succeeded in liberating Lothal, the Rebels had no doubt the Empire would try to retake the planet. However, with the support of the entire people of Lothal, they felt confident that they could take on the Empire again should they ever try to strike back.

Five years had passed since Lothal was liberated from the Empire. The attack the Rebels anticipated never came. The once invincible Empire began to fracture, the Rebellion became bold, and with the victory at the Battle of Endor the Emperor's reign of terror came to an end. After the war, Zeb took Kallus to see the planet Lira San to show that he had not destroyed the Lasat people. Hera fought in the battle of Endor and so did Rex. By that time she had a son, Jacen Syndulla. As for Sabine, she at first thought Ezra was counting on her to protect Lothal. But one day she realized there was more to it. Accompanied by Ahsoka Tano, Sabine set out to find Ezra Bridger and bring him home.






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