Ezra, we have to stand up for people in need, especially those in trouble with the Empire.
―Ephraim Bridger[src]

Ephraim Bridger was the husband of Mira Bridger, and the father of Ezra Bridger, a rebel. One day, Ephraim and his wife seemingly disappeared, leaving their son an orphan.


Fighting Against the Empire

Ephraim and Mira had a son at the time the Empire came to power and over the next seven years they made underground broadcasts, speaking out against the Empire. Clearly he was not afraid to stand up for what he believed in like his wife did and fought for his son's freedom.

Unfortunately their small rebellion would cost them their safety, and by the time Ezra was seven Ephraim and his wife were captured and taken away by the Empire, leaving their son to fend for himself.

Several years later, while still in prison, Ephraim and Mira learned that Ezra was part of a rebel cell that fought against the Imperial military on Lothal. He transmitted a message of rebellion to Lothal's citizens, urging them to stand up and fight for their freedom. This message made its way to the prison where the Bridgers were held. Ephraim and Mira, who for years had tried to help their fellow prisoners, knew that the voice was that of their son's because his words mirrored their own from so many years prior. Inspired by what Ezra said, Ephraim and Mira organized a prison break that led to dozens of prisoners, including Azadi, escaping to freedom. The Bridgers, however, were separated during the escape, and they refused to leave until everyone else had escaped. By the time their fellow prisoners were free, Ephraim and Mira had already been killed.


After Ezra was rescued by the Ghost Crew, Hera tells Ezra that his parents must be worried about him. But Ezra sadly tells her that he doesn't have any parents.

Their son joined the crew to fight back against the Empire in their memory.

After stealing a TIE Fighter, Ezra convinced Zeb to rescue some friends of his parents.

During the fifteenth anniversary of Empire Day, Ezra was still depressed that his parents were gone. He went to his tower and took out the key card to their house, when he heard their voices. After the Rebels plan was a success Ezra brought them to his house so they lay low for a while. While there they found Tseebo. A friend of Ephraim and Mira. When Ezra heads down to the basement he reveals to Sabine that his parents underground broadcasts. After they escape to the Ghost Tseebo reveals that he knows what happened to Ephraim and Mira.

Ezra. Who didn't want to know the truth didn't listen. Kanan decided to take Ezra to Fort Anaxes so he can confront his demons about his parents. When the Rebels took Tseebo to Fulcrum for protection, Tseebo tells Hera what happened to Ezra's parents. Hera wan't able to tell Ezra when he returned because Kanan told her that he needed some alone time. Sabine gave Ezra a picture of him and his parents from when he was younger.

While testing Ezra, Yoda asks him why he must be a Jedi. Ezra tells him that he wants to be one to avenge his parents.

After Ezra has a vision of the future, it's reveal that Gall Trayvis knew his parents. After Trayvis is revealed to be a spy, he tells Ezra that his parents are gone.

When the Rebels decided to pirate the Empire's signal, Ezra was doubtful of it because of what happened to his parents.

During the final battle with The Inquisitor, Ezra is dropped to a second platform, where he hears his parents calling his name. Ezra soon woke up and watched Kanan battle the Inquisitor.

Personality and traits

He was opposed to the rule of the Galactic Empire on Lothal and spoke out against them, at the cost of his own freedom. Even while imprisoned, he and Mira continued to fight for others, up until the point that their lives were lost in ensuring other prisoners could escape from Imperial captivity.


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  • He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, who provided the voices of the Clone Troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
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