E-11 Blaster Rifle
E-11 blaster
Production Information
Manufacturer: BlasTech Industries
Model: E-11
Type: Blaster Rifle
Affiliation: Galactic Empire
Users: Stormtroopers
Kanan Jarrus (Temporarily)
Captain Rex (Temporarily)
Jun Sato (Temporarily)

The E-11 blaster rifle was a type of blaster, manufactured by BlasTech Industries during the Galactic Civil War.

It was the standard blaster used by Imperial Stormtroopers. A powerful, lightweight, and compact weapon, the E-11 was used widely by the Empire throughout the Galaxy. They also fetched a decent price on the black market.

The blaster featured a range finding sight and a 3 position stock, making it a versatile weapon. It could last 100 shots on a standard power cell, and on a plasma cartridge it could be fired continuously 500 times.

It not only fired standard blaster bolts, but it also had a low-power setting for use by cadets. A non-lethal stun setting was built when capture was a priority.


  • Its design was based on the British-made, Sterling L2A3 submachine gun.


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