"Double Agent Droid" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the fifty-sixth episode of the series overall. It was released on March 11, 2017 on Disney XD.


When Chopper comes under Imperial control, the future of the entire Rebellion is at stake.


Flying in a stolen Imperial shuttle, piloted by Wedge, Chopper and AP-5 were on a mission to an Imperial Security Bureau installation to steal codes for the upcoming attack on the Lothal Imperial Factory. They arrived at Killun Station on Killun-71. They were escorted in by two TIE Fighters, and soon after landing Chopper and AP-5 entered the building after they passed through the security scanner. AP-5 was clear, but Chopper unknowingly was not. Chopper's unclear passing through the scanner triggers an alarm that alerts an Imperial Information officer known as the Controller. Under Grand Admiral Thrawn's orders, he had been tasked in finding the spy droid that had been infiltrating their facilities. They arrived at Killun-71 and found footage of AP-5 and Chopper arriving at the station. The Controller immediately identified Chopper as the Rebel spy droid. He decided not to alert the station, because he wanted to extract the location of the Rebel's base from Chopper.

Back on Killun-71, the two droids, after more bickering, decided to split up and seek the codes from different sources. AP-5 succeeded in recovering the codes from the central computer while Chopper chose to access them from a basic terminal. Suddenly, the Controller hacked into Chopper while he was accessing the terminal, only to find that the droid had no coordinates to Chopper Base. So he decided to seize control over Chopper and use him to lead them to the Rebel base. Chopper tried hard to resist reprogramming, but it was futile. Chopper was now under Imperial control. Just then, AP-5 showed up with the clearance codes downloaded onto a disc, unaware of what had just happened to Chopper. They returned to the shuttle, and departed from the station. As they headed back, both Wedge and AP-5 noticed a sudden change in Chopper. He was acting more polite and well mannered than he usually was. He even offered Wedge refreshments. This left AP-5 suspicious, and suspected that Chopper may had been compromised during the mission. Wedge on the other hand did not a suspect anything, and did not take the Inventory droid seriously.

They rendezvoused with the Ghost, and AP-5 presented the clearance codes to Hera. He tried to explain his concerns about Chopper, but still nobody took him seriously. However, Hera began to suspect something was not right with Chopper after she caught him accessing the hyperspace logs. He claimed that he was just updating his database, but Hera's suspicions said otherwise. She shared her concerns with the others. However, Chopper overheard them, talking about his change of personality and recommending that they give a diagnostic. Suddenly, Chopper seized control of the ship and trapped Hera, Ezra, Zeb and AP-5 in the cargo haul. Chopper then recovered the stolen data for the Controller, and then he had the droid install a data spike into the Ghost's nav-computer so they could download the location of the Rebel base. Then the Controller commanded Chopper to dispose the Rebels out the main hatch. The Rebels struggled to hold as the vacuum of space tried to pull them out until Hera managed to seal the hatch. Afterwards, they found out what was wrong Chopper and what he was up to. With a quick plan, the Rebels sent AP-5 outside so he could override the hatch controls on a access port located outside the ship. When Chopper spotted him, the Controller ordered him to stop him. Armed with blasters, Chopper forced AP-5 off the ship just as he succeeded in accessing the overwrite circuits. After sending AP-5 adrift in space, Chopper returned to the ghost. He was taken out by Zeb, and the data spike was removed. Angry with the Imperials messing with her droid, Hera used the Controller's connection with chopper against him, by sending a power surge that destroyed his ship and with it himself.

With Controller's connection gone, Chopper returned to his old grumpy self. Meanwhile, AP-5 remained a drift in space, and he strangely started to enjoy it. He loved the peaceful solitude. But then his happiness was ruined when the Ghost came in and scooped him up.





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  • This is the third episode that Kanan Jarrus didn't appear in.
  • In the opening scene where Wedge is discussing the mission with Zeb, Hera chimes in and says, "cut the chatter". An obvious nod to A New Hope when Red Leader tells Wedge (Red Two) the same thing.
  • This is the fourth episode that Sabine Wren didn't appear in.
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