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The relationships of Darth Vader.


Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious[]

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The Siege of Lothal 36

Darth Vader bows to his master.

Darth Sidious was the man who turned the former Anakin Skywalker into a Sith Lord. He owned Darth Vader like a slave, but together the two were the most feared beings in the galaxy. For many years before his fall to the Dark Side, Anakin had considered Palpatine to be a good friend and even another mentor, not realizing Palpatine was Darth Sidious and swaying him to his side, turning him against his fellow Jedi. Sidious preyed on Anakin's doubts, fears, his ego, and his desperation to save his beloved Padme from dying in childbirth, hinting of a secret to save others from death. When Anakin finally fell and swore himself to the Sith, he had realized that he'd been tricked, but could never go back to the Jedi. Upon discovering the existence of his son, Luke Skywalker, Vader became emotionally conflicted, unsure whether to continue serving Sidious or overthrow him with his son. This new-found love for his son eventually led to him turning against his master.

In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, when Sidious was torturing and attempting to kill Vader's son, Luke, he broke away from the Dark Side, he ended up turning on his former master and killing him. Vader also realized that Sidious was a heartless monster who had been using him for years to gain power for himself, and that his former master was the true traitor and enemy of the Galactic Republic, the same realization his wife Padmé had made prior to her death.

Wilhuff Tarkin[]

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Vader and Tarkin met during the Clone Wars when he was still Anakin Skywalker, on a mission to save Tarkin and his Jedi General from a Separatist prison. During the mission, they discussed the Jedi and both found they agreed on how the Jedi don't go far enough to succeed and emerge victorious over their enemies. Despite this vaguely positive first impression, Tarkin had no qualms in persecuting Anakin's padawan, Ahsoka Tano, when she was framed for bombing the Jedi Temple and came very close in having Ahsoka sentenced to death only for Anakin to unveil the true culprit in the nick of time.

This soured Anakin's impression of Tarkin for years afterwards, which carried on over to his transformation into the Dark lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. Vader and Tarkin were often at odds with each other and only worked together because it was in the interests of the Galactic Empire. However, Vader's animosity towards him caused Tarkin to later suspect that the Sith Lord and the Jedi Knight who once saved his life were one and the same.

The Grand Inquisitor[]

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Inquisitor SOR 2

Darth Vader and The Grand Inquisitor.

The Grand Inquisitor served as Vader's primary agent and Dark Side adept, obeying his every command without question. At the bidding of his master, Vader ordered the Inquisitor to hunt down and vanquish the new found Ghost crew when Kanan Jarrus, their de facto leader, is discovered a Jedi.

When he is defeated by Kanan over Mustafar, the Inquisitor warns the Jedi he has no idea what he has unleashed, and that there are things worse than death, before he allows himself to fall to his own. His taking his own life and final words imply the Grand Inquisitor feared whatever punishment Vader would have for him; he was obviously more afraid of his master's wrath than death itself.

The Fifth Brother[]

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The Fifth Brother served as one of Vader's Dark Side adepts, obeying his every command without question. At the bidding of his master, Vader ordered the Brother to partner with the Seventh Sister and continue the Grand Inquisitor's work to hunt down and vanquish the Ghost crew and Phoenix Squadron they have allied themselves with, since Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi and when Ahsoka Tano, Vader's old Padawan, is discovered among them as the Phoenix de facto leader.

The Seventh Sister[]

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The Seventh Sister served as one of Vader's Dark side adepts, obeying his every command without question. At the bidding of his master, Vader ordered the Sister to partner with the Fifth Brother and continue the Grand Inquisitor's work to hunt down and vanquish the Ghost crew and the Phoenix Squadron they have allied themselves with, since Kanan Jarrus is a Jedi and when Ahsoka Tano, Vader's old Padawan, is discovered among them as the Phoenix de facto leader.

Agent Kallus[]

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Darth Vader confers with Kallus

Like The Inquisitor, Kallus and Vader work together to destroy the rebellion. Kallus is always in Vader's office, awaiting orders. Like The Inquisitor, Kallus does every order to try to capture or destroy the rebels, but unlike the Inquisitor and most imperials, he didn't seem to be afraid of Vader. Kallus has shown to be very obedient to Vader's orders and displayed no reservations on the sheer cruelty of the Dark Lord's plans to draw out and defeat the rebels, such as murdering Minister Tua, framing her death on the rebels and having Tarkintown burned and its citizens imprisoned.

The Eighth Brother[]

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The Eighth Brother served as one of Vader's Dark side adepts, obeying his every command without question. At the bidding of his master, Vader ordered the Brother to hunt down Darth Sidious' former Sith apprentice, Maul.


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Thrawn and Vader first met during the Clone Wars on a Mission to Batuu, where they pursued the Separatists for their own reasons. Thrawn fought alongside Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, which left Skywalker impressed with Thrawn and Thrawn impressed with Skywalker. They later met again, but this time as Darth Vader. Due to Thrawn's meeting with Skywalker in the Clone Wars, Thrawn was able to figure out that Skywalker and Vader are the same person after witnessing similarities that they share. Thrawn was one of if not the only Imperial who wasn't afraid of Vader and was one of the few officers who actually respected Vader for his commitment and loyalty to the Empire. Vader in turn held great respect for the Grand Admiral's intelligence and strategic influence. Although, Vader's respect was somewhat tarnish for the Grand Admiral after his failure to capture the rebels on Atollon, Vader still respected and trusted the Grand Admiral during their second mission to Batuu to investigate a disturbance in the Force. Although Vader was fed up with Thrawn consistent trolling efforts to deduce that Darth Vader was in fact the Jedi General Anakin Skywalker he fought alongside so many years ago. When Thrawn started making the TIE Defender project, Vader was one of the officers who supported Thrawn's project and told Thrawn to make some modifications on it, which lead to the TIE Defender Elite.

Wullf Yularen[]

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Obi-Wan Kenobi[]

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Obi-Wan first met the nearly-10-years-old Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine before the Battle of Naboo. Skeptical of his Master Qui-Gon Jinn's insistence that the boy was the Chosen One at first, Obi-Wan was shocked at Anakin's extremely-high Midi-Chlorian count and would later take him on as his Padawan learner at Qui-Gon's dying request. Their relationship as Master and Padawan was rocky, but the two soon grew to see each other as brothers after Anakin became a Jedi Knight at the explosive start of the Clone Wars. They fought side-by-side throughout it, and Obi-Wan became something of a second mentor for Anakin's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. When Anakin was turned to the Dark Side by Emperor Palpatine, becoming Darth Vader and killing hundreds of Jedi and younglings, Obi-Wan was heartbroken at what Anakin had caused, but reluctantly accepted Yoda's mission for him to kill his fallen pupil while Yoda confronted Palpatine. After a perilous duel on Mustafar between the former Master and Apprentice, Obi-Wan defeated and dismembered Anakin, who then screamed eternal hatred for Kenobi before he was engulfed by flames. Despite Vader's obvious pain, Obi-Wan refused to kill the defenceless Sith Lord and remorsefully left Vader to die. He later delivered Anakin's son Luke to his uncle and aunt on Tatooine, where he remained in exile.

Since then, Vader has sworn to hunt Kenobi down and make him pay for his injuries.

Several years after the rise of the Empire in the film A New Hope, Obi-Wan willingly gets cut down by Vader with a final quote, "If you strike me down, I'll become more powerful than you can possibly imagine."

Ahsoka Tano[]

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Then you will die!
―Vader breaks the bond he and his student once shared.

Ahsoka and Darth Vader

When Ahsoka and Anakin first met, their relationship was rocky, due to Ahsoka's "snippy" attitude and Anakin having not wanted a Padawan to begin with. They eventually developed a close bond with each other, similar to a child and parent or even a big brother and little sister. When Ahsoka chose to leave the Order, Anakin was very sad, conflicted and felt personally responsible. Ahsoka was grateful to Anakin for having believed in her and stood by her through it all, but felt she simply could not stay, that she had to work through this matter without the Jedi Order and without him, stating she knew how he understood the choice of leaving the Order.

Later on in the war, Ahsoka saw Anakin again just before he left to save Chancellor Palpatine.

That would be the last time Ahsoka would see her former teacher as the man he was.

During Vader's attack on the Rebel Fleet, both Ahsoka and Vader became aware of each others' existence and Ahsoka was left suspicious of who Vader was. Later, when Vader informed the Emperor of Ahsoka's survival, the former ordered him to personally hunt her down and use her to find any surviving Jedi.

While meditating in the Lothal Jedi Temple, Ahsoka had an illusion of Anakin's disappointment in her leaving and then transformed into Vader. Ahsoka then lashed out, only to find nothing there. Despite finding out the truth, Ahsoka still refused to believe Anakin was Vader.

Upon their long-awaited reunion on Malachor, Vader offered her mercy in exchange for the location of any remaining Jedi, which Ahsoka refused, and voiced her doubts of who she thought was behind that mask, to which Vader coldly responded that he had destroyed Anakin Skywalker, spurring a duel between them. When Vader finally revealed his true identity to Ahsoka, even when she offered him compassion, he cruelly declared his intent to kill her, and any trace of the bond he and his former student once shared died completely. It is unknown who ultimately came out on top in their battle, as Vader survived while Ahsoka's fate was left ambiguous.

Vader's choice to spurn Ahsoka's compassion and even his desire to destroy her stemmed from his perspective that she was a living memory of the man he once was, a memory he had spent many years trying to bury out of pain, anger, and resentment. Furthermore, he held her in contempt alongside all the others he felt had betrayed him for her leaving him despite her reasons why.

Captain Rex[]

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During the Clone Wars, Rex and Anakin led the 501st and fought together side by side against the Separatists. Rex was very respectful to his general and listened to what Skywalker ordered. However, it is unknown if Rex was aware that his General had turned into a Sith Lord, as Rex was with Ahsoka on Mandalore when the 501st marched on the Jedi Temple during Order 66.


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Before Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, R2 was Anakin's astromech and a good friend. Anakin and R2 first met when Anakin was 10 years old on Tatooine. During the Clone Wars, R2 went missing and Anakin went to great lengths to get him back.

R2 was deeply upset when Anakin turned to the Dark Side and never revealed the friendship they once shared.


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Anakin built C-3PO when he was a little kid. During the Clone Wars Anakin became annoyed of C-3PO's constant complaining.

After Order 66 was executed, and Anakin becoming Darth Vader, C-3PO's mind was wiped so his information wouldn't get into the Empire's hands, meaning that C-3PO's memories of Anakin were erased as well.

Hondo Ohnaka[]

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Hondo held Anakin, along with Obi-Wan and Dooku hostage. But after they freed themselves, they left Hondo's base with no intention for revenge. Which Hondo respected. Three years later after the Separatist invaded Onderon Anakin knew Hondo had the right weaponry to stop them.

Kanan Jarrus[]

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Darth Vader and Kanan.

When Kanan was about to fight with Vader, he and Ezra sensed a cold feeling when Vader arrived or is nearby. Kanan was shocked to find out that Vader is not a Inquisitor but he is a Sith Lord, Kanan was injured in the duel. He later described to Ahsoka the feelings of anger and hate he felt from Vader's presence. It is currently unknown if Kanan knew Darth Vader when he was still Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars.

Ezra Bridger[]

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Your master has deceived you, into believing you can become a Jedi.
―Darth Vader talking about Ezra's potential.

Darth Vader and Ezra.

Darth Vader contacted The Grand Inquisitor about a new threat rising against the Emperor; The children of the force. It is possible that Ezra was one of those threats that Vader was talking about. During a mission to rescue Maketh Tua, Ezra started to feel Vader's presence on Lothal; Resulting in him becoming extremely cold. Later when the Rebels were trying to leave a aboard an Imperial Shuttle, Ezra again felt Vader's presence through the Force; who was right behind them. Ezra and Kanan then engaged Vader with their lightsabers but it quickly became apparent that neither of them were match for the Sith Lord. During the battle Vader had Ezra pinned, about to cut his throat with his own lightsaber, until Kanan distracted Vader saving Ezra's life. Ezra narrowly escaped with the others. Later, during Vader's attack on the Rebel fleet, Ezra once again felt Vader's presence, and started to feel the cold. Ezra once again narrowly escaped Vader's grasp.

Ezra admired Anakin Skywalker's abilities with a lightsaber, and even watched his training recordings for his own training.

When they met again on Malachor, Vader was curious as to how Ezra (a mere Jedi Padawan) could have unlocked the secrets of the Sith Temple, but ultimately decided it was irrelevant, as he intended to claim the temple in the name of his master. When Ezra claimed he was not afraid of the Sith Lord, Vader simply retorted "then [Ezra would] die braver than most" and easily destroyed the padawan's lightsaber, and mocked him by saying perhaps he was wrong that Ezra would indeed die without fear, and would have killed him had not Ahsoka arrived. When Ahsoka declared there were no more Jedi because Vader and his inquisitors had hunted them down, Vader threatened to interrogate Ezra for the information he desired.

Sabine Wren[]

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Vader and Sabine first met after the mission to save Maketh Tua went south. After they realized that they were outmatched they tried to flee on board a Imperial shuttle. When Vader was following Kanan and Ezra, she tried to buy time by firing at him, but he deflected it back at her with ease; this confrontation was the limit of their interaction.