Darja was a female Human from Chandel who was the grandmother of Alora.


Having been on an interstellar voyage to "a new life", as Darja stated, the transport was stopped by an Imperial Star Destroyer and boarded by two frightening figures.

Darja was horrified when she realized they were coming after her and tried to escape, but the door wouldn't open (due to the Fifth Brother preventing it with the Force) and found herself cornered. She watched in horror as the 'redblades' butchered the other passengers, and was helpless to prevent them from abducting her grandchild.

Luckily for her, Ahsoka came to the transport, following a lead, and found Darja, wounded but alive, stammering in fear of the 'redblades' who took her granddaughter, that they knew her grandchild was special. Ahsoka took Darja with her to recover and later helped her friends in rescuing not only Alora but another Force-sensitive infant, Pipey, from the Inquisitors. Presumably, Darja and her granddaughter were reunited and taken into the Rebel network to go into hiding.


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Season Two

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