"DUME" is the seventieth episode of Star Wars Rebels. It is the eleventh episode of the fourth season and premiered on February 19, 2018.


Ezra, Hera, and Sabine arrived back at their base camp, still devastated over Kanan's death, Ezra tearfully tells Zeb about Kanan's fate and they both embrace. None one was more devastated than Ezra and Hera whom was comforted by Chopper. Meanwhile, things were no better for the Imperials. Governor Pryce's actions in destroying the fuel depot had now compromised production of the TIE Defender. With their entire fuel supply destroyed, the factory operations on Lothal had ground to a halt, and Thrawn was not at all pleased. Governor Pryce had succeeded in achieving what the Rebels failed to achieve, and unintentionally gave them a victory.

Meanwhile, while Hera went off to mourn over her loss, the rest of the Ghost crew went their separate ways to clear their heads. Ezra spent some alone time while Sabine and Zeb went out on a revenge spree. Ezra suddenly got chased by a pack of angry Loth-Wolves, and as a result got lost in the outskirts of Lothal. As night fell, Sabine and Zeb arrived on the outskirts of Capital City. They noticed the factory operations had shutdown. Hacking into the Imperial network from a speeder bike, they learn that the TIE Defender factory had been shut down after the fuel depots were destroyed. They finally realized that Kanan completed Hera's mission. Sabine and Zeb left the speeder bike for Rukh and the Imperials to find rigged with an explosive charge. The explosion took out the troopers, leaving Rukh by himself. He picked up Sabine and Zeb's sense, and went after them. Little did he know that Sabine and Zeb were luring him into a trap.

When Rukh caught up with Sabine and Zeb, he engaged them in a brutal fight of vengeance. Rukh outmatched them, but Sabine and Zeb eventually overpowered him. Zab almost beat Rukh to death, only for Sabine to stop him. Instead, they sent him back to the Imperials, covered from head to toe in graffiti as a message to the Empire. Meanwhile, Ezra was still lost in the outskirts. He was found by the Loth-Wolves again, and this time they are accompanied by what looked like an alpha. The wolf called himself "Dume". Ezra expressed how lost and helpless he felt without his master to the wolves. The wolves bring him a stone from the Lothal Jedi Temple, and told him that it was in danger. According to Dume, the temple held secrets of knowledge that could be used for destruction if it fell into the wrong hands. Before the wolves disappeared before him, Dume told Ezra in a few words to restore the past, and redeem the future. Ezra asks Dume what he meant. Dume growls and seemingly devour him. Ezra wakes up and yells Kanan’s name. After realizing that he’d been dreaming, Ezra finds the stone lying at his feet. He did not get it, but understood what he had to do.

In the morning, Sabine and Zeb returned to base camp and informed Hera that the TIE Defender factories had shut down. This helped Hera lift her spirit and confidence. With the factories out of action, she now believed they still had a chance to beat the Empire, and Ezra knew where to start. He arrived back with the stone, and told his fellow Rebels that the Lothal Jedi Temple was in danger. He declared saving the temple was their next mission.






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  • This episode was originally titled "One Giant Step Ahead".[1]
    • The episode also originally went under the title "Ascension: Part Two".
  • In the scene where Zeb beats up Rukh, Zeb was originally intended to say "I...have...had...!" This would have been a reference to the film Star Trek III: The Search for Spock when James T. Kirk had beaten his Klingon opponent.


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