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"Crawler Commandeers" is the eighth episode of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the sixty-seventh episode of the series overall. It was released in tandem with "Kindred" on November 6, 2017 on Disney XD.


In need of a long-range transmitter, the rebels look to infiltrate one of the Empire's massive ore crawlers.


Still on the southern hemisphere of Lothal, the Rebels remained unable to make contact with Rebel Command, but pick up transmission from a nearby ore crawler, which was stripping the surface of the planet for raw materials to feed the Imperial Factory. Upon investigating, they discovered the crawler had a long range communications array that they could use to contact Rebel Command. They sneak alongside the crawler in a speeder, take out the droids on patrol, and seize control of the bridge, where they captured the Trandoshan Captain known as Seevor. Seevor set off an alarm, which alerted Mining Guild HQ. They contacted the crawler and expected a response. Ezra, imitating the voice of a Trandoshan, informed HQ that it was a false alarm, and the crawler was malfunctioning. He tried to convince HQ that they were foreseeing repairs, but HQ informed that they had dispatched Imperial Forces for inspection. Locking the captain in a closet, Sabine got to work on the transmitter, but discovered that someone had activated the intercom, sending out signal coming from the rear section of the Crawler. Kanan and Zeb checked out refortify, and discovered slaves at work. Among them was Cikatro Vizago, who had been hoping they would come to his rescue. However, they were caught off guard by another Trandoshan. Zeb engaged the bulky Trandoshan in a fight, which led them outside the crawler. Through a tough struggle, Zeb beated the Trandoshan, and threw him overboard.

Meanwhile on Yavin 4, Rebel Command was overseeing the data they had on the TIE Defender, but had yet to find a weakness. Hera suggested destroying the factory on Lothal before the Imperials began mass production, by sending an attack force. However, everyone hesitates to commence an attack. They had recently discovered the Empire had new plans, involving a questionable evacuation of all Imperial personnel on Lothal. Upon hearing this, Hera feared the worse and everyone was too afraid to do anything about it. So she stepped forward and insisted that they commence an attack, despite the odds. She managed to convince everyone that if they do not act immediately, their Rebellion would never stand a chance against an squadron of TIE Defenders. She said it was there time to strike.

Back on Lothal, Kanan and Zeb had freed the slaves on board the Crawler. Sabine reported two Imperial Patrol transports approaching. To convince the Imperials that nothing was wrong, Vizago impersonated as the captain, and Zeb as a guard. The transports landed, and dispatched Stormtroopers to investigate. The troopers suspected nothing, and left. However, Seevor had escaped and sabotaged power to the long range communications array. They suspected that he was in the refinery, and Ezra checked it out. He got into the refinery by crawling through the ventilation. He found the reactors shut down, and went to turn them back on. Suddenly, Ezra got jumped by Seevor. He fended him off with his Lightsaber, and after a struggling fight Seeve fell into the furnace after slipping on Ezra's lightsaber. The reactors were brought back online, and the Rebels finally made contact with Hera, who reported that the Rebellion had authorised the attack on the Imperial factory.





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  • This episode had several working titles during production, including "Direct Impact" and "Crawler Assault".
  • This episode was alternatively known as "Crawler Commanders".
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