Concord Dawn
Concord Dawn
Astrographical information
Region: Outer Rim
System: Concord Dawn System
Moons: 3
Physical information
Primary Terrain:
Places of interest: The Protectors Camp
Societal information
Inhabitants: Mandalorians
Affiliations: The Protectors (formerly)
Galactic Empire

Concord Dawn was a Mandalorian colony planet. It had at least three moons.


It has been heavily ravaged by war over the years, with a large chunk blown completely out of the planet, leaving a trail of asteroids. When this was pointed out, Sabine Wren explained that the planet had seen over a hundred wars.

When the Empire came to power, it occupied Mandalore itself (installing a pro-Imperial puppet regime to handle everyday affairs), but the Protectors of Concord Dawn remained unoccupied and neutral. Clone Troopers had been sent to Concord Dawn for advanced military training from the Protectors, which was enough to make the Empire think twice about attacking them. Concord Dawn's Protectors had as fierce a reputation as the forces on Mandalore itself, but with far less resources than its homeworld, Concord Dawn was even less worth the cost of a direct invasion. The Protectors understood this arrangement, and would even attack passing Rebel ships in the name of the Empire - in exchange for regular payoffs of funds from the Imperials—to ensure they didn't face further Imperial entanglements.


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