The Chimaera was an Imperial Star Destroyer that was under the command of Grand Admiral Thrawn, from which he commanded the Seventh Fleet.

On its underside, the Chimaera has a large, if barely visible, custom hull painting of a chimaera - a serpent-like creature with spider legs.[1]


After the Ghost Crew traveled to the Mykapo System in order to extract sympathizers and managed to destroy a Imperial Light Cruiser under the command of Admiral Kassius Konstantine, the Star Destroyer traveled to the system in order to reinforce the defeated commander, although the rebels were able to escape the battle.

Agent Kallus continued the hunt for the rebels and sent out Imperial probe droids to secretly infiltrate worlds in search of them. EXD-9 managed to land on Chopper Base began his infiltration of the base but was compromised when Fulcrum informed the rebels of the infiltration. The droid was ultimately powered-off after a skirmish on the base, however, was programmed to self destruct if it was powered-off while in combat mode. The rebels managed to disrupt the self-destruct program long enough to send the droid back to the fleet to self-destruct it's proton bomb. After Imperial engineers discovered it returned and reactivated it, the droid self-destructed, destroying the ship. The Chimaera was present for this and Kallus soon boarded the ship to inform him. Thrawn was relatively unconcerned by this as this sabotage only narrowed his search from a thousand systems to just ninety-four.

Later, Ezra is captured but in order to save Kallus thinking that he is discovered as Fulcrum, with AP-5 and Chopper. He enters in Thrawn's office and deletes the coordonates of Phoenix Squadron's base of Chimaera's database. The group is rescued by Kanan and Rex but Kallus chooses to stay behind, to help the Rebellion. Unfortunately, Thrawn discovers that Kallus is Fulcrum and plans used him to find the Rebel's base.

Later, Thrawn discovers that the Rebel Base is on Atollon, and the Chimaera participated at the Battle of Atollon with some Imperial Star Destroyers and two Interdictors Cruisers (who are destroyed during the Battle) but the Phoenix Squadron is decimated. The survivings succeed to fled thanks to Sabine and the Clan Wren that Ezra has lead in reinforcements.

Later, Thrawn returns on Lothal with the Chimaera and the Seventh Fleet to defeat the Rebels once and for all. The Seventh Fleet is partially destroyed by the Purrgils and the Chimaera vanishes into hyperspace, with onboard it Thrawn and Ezra, who stayed to be assured of Thrawn's defeat during the Liberation of Lothal.


Season Three

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  • The Chimaera was also Thrawn's flagship in the Legends continuity's Thrawn Trilogy, in which it was captained by Gilad Pellaeon.
  • The Chimaera is the fourth Imperial Star Destroyer named to appear in Star Wars Rebels.


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