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Chava is a female Lasat mystic.


Early Life[]

At some point in her life, Chava became a Lasat shaman and one of the few that survived the Fall of Lasan. She later escaped with a Lasat guardsman named Gron, and became his companion.

Finding Lirasan[]

After Ezra Bridger, a rebel, received a call from his informant, Hondo Ohnaka, that two refugees were being hunted by the Empire, Ezra and his group travelled to Nixus Hub 218 to rescue them. After Zeb saw that Chava and Gron, the refugees, were Lasat, he quickly developed an aversion to them, as they reminded him of his failure to protect Lasan from the Empire. Chava later informed the rebels that they were heading to Lira San, a supposed safe haven for surviving Lasat. Hondo, the informant, betrays the rebels and Lasat to stormtroopers for the reward for them. After managing to escape Nixus, Gron participated in a ritual that involved channelling the "Ashla" (the Lasat version of the Force) through the elder Chava's staff and Zeb's bo-rifle. After finding Lira San in Wild Space, the rebels jump to the planet but are quickly stopped after they encounter a star cluster. Agent Kallus and Admiral Konstantine force the rebels to either surrender or be destroyed by the cluster after they jump out of hyperspace behind them due to Hondo's tracker. Zeb, using his bo-rifle as the ancients used it, uses the staff to protect the ship from the cluster's gravity and find a safe route through the star. Chava and the rest later wake up over Lira San, which was revealed to be home to millions of the species.


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