Capital City was a large city, located on the planet Lothal. Additionally, the city was the center of all trade on the planet.


Economic Despair

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire, the city entered into a state of economic despair. In an attempt to re-vitalize the city, an alliance was made with the Empire. This alliance promised to bring peace and prosperity to the city. Unbeknownst to the city's residents, the arrival of the Empire would bring with years of oppression.

Oppression and Uprising

Following the arrival of the Empire, the city's inhabitants were restricted a great deal. The available occupations were limited to either joining the stormtrooper corps, enlisting in Imperial flight school, or manufacturing TIE Fighters. In addition, the Empire began to replace farms with factories, polluting the planet. Needless to say, an uprising was formed. While most surrendered to the Empire, some committed small acts of treason, such as sabotaging Imperial speeders.


Imperial Academy

Main article: Imperial Academy

Following the Empire's expansion, a training academy was built on the left side of the city. The academy served as a bootcamp for cadets, training minors to one day become stormtroopers.


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  • It is modeled after Cloud City, on Bespin. 


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