I serve the order you put into place, Captain.
―Brom Titus, to Rex[src]

Commander (formerly Admiral) Brom Titus was the steward of a new experimental Imperial Interdictor that could use its gravity well projectors to pull entire ships out of hyperspace.



Titus and his experimental Interdictor stayed in the Del Zennis system, an Imperial testing zone, where he would intercept a stray rebel patrol once.

Stealth Strike

During test runs for the Imperial Interdictor, Titus captured rebels Jun Sato and Ezra Bridger aboard their blockade runner Liberator while they were looking for their patrol somewhere in the Del Zennis system. He informed Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau about his catch, and, despite the Agent's warnings not to underestimate the young Jedi-in-training, Titus remained confident that he could confine the child.

However, Titus' arrogance would prove to be his downfall when the two rebels, Rex and Kanan Jarrus, infiltrated the Interdictor disguised as Imperial stormtroopers and helped free their friends. In a bold escape, the rebels destroyed his experimental ship when its gravity well projectors attracted every ship nearby, causing a destructive collision. Titus was able to get away in an escape pod before the ship's destruction, however, and was subsequently saved upon the arrival of Agent Kallus as well as reminded of his failure.

Steps Into Shadow

Following his failure, Brom was demoted as a Commander of Reclem Station, a junk yard that was destroying the Imperial Interdictor. The station, was attacked by Ezra Bridger who was the reason of his demotion. When Ezra reaches him, they recognize each other and have a brief conversation, before he attempts to shoot him with his blaster, theorizing that Ezra's capture and execution would get him promoted again. Ezra quickly blocked his shots with his lightsaber and destroyed his gun.

Ezra then pointed his lightsaber at Brom and forced him to tell him how to shut down the station's shield. He explained that he had to shut down all the power, but warns him that it will send the station down to his fiery demise below. Ezra took the risk and shut off the power, and then recommended that he flee while he had the chance, which Brom did.

Through Imperial Eyes

Brom was interviewed along with Captain Brunson and Captain Slavin during Grand Admiral Thrawn's efforts to identify Fulcrum, a rebel spy.

In the Name of the Rebellion

Brom Titus has fought the Ghost's Crew one last time with his Light Cruiser, the Marauder. He tried to stop Sabine Wren, Ezra Bridger and C1-10P from spiking the Imperial dome on Jalindi, but he fails once more and is killed by Saw Gerrera's explosives after his Light Cruiser is hit by the bombs.


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