Bossk was an infamous Trandoshan bounty hunter, who pledged allegiance to the highest bidder. 



During the Clone Wars, Bossk helped mentor Boba Fett. Additionally, he also went on several missions during this time period.

Trip to Lothal

Bossk visited Lothal to collect a bounty on the Dug criminal Gronson "Shifty" Takkaro, who had jumped bail in the Ahakista System. While the local security Imperial Security Bureau Lieutenant Herdringer was hesitant about allowing the Trandoshan to enter his jurisdiction, he reluctantly acquiesced on the condition that Bossk avoided the use of firepower. Unknown to Bossk, the ISB official he was talking to was actually an impostor, the corrupt ISB Lieutenant Jenkes, who had murdered the real Herdringer and stolen his identity. Jenkes was also in cahoots with "Shifty" Takkaro and informed the Dug fugitive. He also sent Squad Five, a squad of Stormtroopers, to kill Bossk.

After landing in the Capital City Spaceport, Bossk encountered Ezra Bridger. Posing as an official guide to Lothal, Ezra agreed to lead Bossk to a joint called Ake's Tavern, where "Shifty" Takkaro was reported to be hiding. In return, Bossk promised to pay Ezra a thousand credits and paid the youth an upfront installment of five hundred credits. While traveling on a speeder bus to Ake's Tavern, Bossk paid Ezra the remaining half of his fee.

Upon arriving at Ake's Tavern, Ezra entered the building disguised as a ticket-seller for the Arena Day tournament, which fell on the following day. However, "Shifty" Takkaro had already been warned and Bossk and Ezra soon found themselves under attack from three of Jenkes' associates, the Duros assassin Angrigo and the two Niktos known as the Kratchell twins. These assassins had been sent to protect Takkaro and to kill Bossk and his local guide. During the ensuing shootout, Bossk killed Angrigo and the Kratchells and captured Takkaro. Bossk attempted to interrogate Takkaro but before he could extract any answers, a squad of Stormtroopers arrived at Ake's Tavern.

Bossk identified himself as a licensed bounty hunter whose hunt for the bail jumper Takkaro had been sanctioned by Herdringer. When the Stormtroopers ignored him, he used a concussion grenade to distract the Imperials before fleeing the tavern with Ezra. Following a skirmish with several Stormtroopers and Scout Troopers, Bossk and Ezra managed to escape on a stolen speeder bike. At Ezra's urging, Bossk reluctantly left his unconscious quarry Takkaro behind; Takkaro was subsequently apprehended by the local Imperial authorities. During their escape from the tavern, Ezra managed to confuse the Imperials by using a stolen Stormtrooper helmet to issue false orders. Fleeing into a tunnel, Bossk and Ezra were pursued by a pair of Scout Troopers on speeder bikes but managed to lose their pursuers by entering the left-fork which led them to the outskirts of the city.

Bossk sustained a laser bolt shot through his upper shoulder during the escape. Following their escape, Ezra demanded a pay hike from Bossk as compensation for being used as a "decoy". Bossk reluctantly agreed to pay Ezra all the money in his ship's strongbox if the youth took him somewhere safe to recuperate from his injury. Bossk was unable to return to his ship Hound's Tooth because the Imperial authorities were after him. Keeping his side of the bargain, Ezra took Bossk to his home: an abandoned communications tower on the outskirts of Capital City. Ezra tended to the wounded Trandoshan and applied a thick bandage around his wounded shoulder. Reflecting on his previous encounter during the day, Bossk realized that he had been set up by Herdringer, who had arranged for the "incident" at Ake's Tavern.

In order to ascertain how the assassins he had encountered earlier had surfaced on Lothal, Bossk decided to visit the local posting agency at Capital City's Spaceport to access the Imperial Enforcement DataCore. Borrowing Ezra's jump bike, the two of them traveled to Capital City's Spaceport. To avoid detection, Bossk pretended to be a blind invalid with Ezra pretending to serve as his guide. After Ezra used his conman skills to get them pass a squad of Stormtroopers, the two partners entered the posting agency. While viewing the Imperial records, Bossk and Ezra discovered that Lieutenant Herdringer had died three months ago during a traffic accident and that his colleague Lieutenant Jenkes had stolen his identity. They also learned that Jenkes in the past had managed an illegal gladiator arena on Nyriaan and that Gronson Takkaro had worked as his bookmaster.

Unknown to Bossk and Ezra, Jenkes was monitoring the Imperial Enforcement DataCore. The corrupt ISB agent dispatched a squad of Stormtroopers to kill Bossk and placed a bounty on the Trandoshan. After escaping a second attack by Stormtroopers, Bossk and Ezra decided to flee to Monad Outpost, where Jenkes was organizing an illegal gladitorial event called Gladiator Night the following night. Bossk intended to confront Jenkes there and expose his corruption. During their escape from the spaceport, Bossk destroyed an Imperial surveillance remote and knocked out a Ranat bounty hunter and Nimbanel companion, who had wanted to collected the Imperial bounty on Bossk.

After Bossk deduced that Jenkes was the mysterious "Commissioner" who ran the illegal Gladiator Night, Ezra realized that Jenkes would want to kill anyone who knew about his operation including his Xexto mentor Ferpil Wallaway, who had hired Ezra to sell the tickets for the Gladiator Night event. In an attempt to save Wallaway's life, Bossk and Ezra traveled to Wallaway's pawnshop, which lay nine kilometers away from Capital City's spaceport. However, Jenkes had already arrived at Wallaway's pawnshop and killed him. Bossk and Ezra arrived just in time to see Jenkes leaving the pawn shop with a large luggage case. Despite failing to save Wallaway's life, Bossk managed to plant a magnetic tracer beacon on Jenkes' speeder. Wallaway's death convinced Ezra to join forces with Bossk to stop Jenkes' plan to steal as much money as he could from the Gladiator Night event at Monad Outpost.

Bossk and Ezra arrived at Monad Outpost; the arena was located underneath the settlement. Jenkes had already arrived and killed the Ishi Tib manning the box office. Before he and his two Stormtrooper escorts could leave with the stolen credit chips, Bossk and Ezra intercepted them. After incapacitating his Stormtrooper companions, Bossk confronted Jenkes but the lieutenant fled into the arena. Bossk and Ezra gave chase but Jenkes shot the Trandoshan through his right thigh. In an attempt to slow down Bossk, Jenkes seized a comlink from the arena's Pa'lowick master of ceremony and claimed that Bossk was a dangerous fugitive who was wanted by the Empire.

Bossk foiled Jenkes' attempt to frame him by using Ezra's stolen comlink to issue a challenge to the arena's competitors: the Houk Borbig Drob and the Feeorin Warjak. After soundly defeating the two competitors in bare-handed combat, Bossk revealed that Jenkes was actually the shady criminal known as the "Commissioner" and that he had been planning to steal the spectators' credit chips. In addition, Bossk revealed Jenkes' involvement in the murders of Herdringer, Wallaway, and the Ishi Tib manning the box office. Jenkes then attempted to escape the arena but was thwarted by Ezra who fired a slingshot at him. Shortly later, Jenkes was arrested by the local Imperial authorities.

Following the Gladiator Night showdown, Bossk was exonerated by the Imperial authorities on Lothal who awarded him an undisclosed amount of credits via transfer register. In addition, Bossk was allowed by Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko to take back the corpse of Jenkes as a trophy, who had been executed for his numerous crimes. An official HoloNet News report credited the Trandoshan with saving the lives of numerous civilians and exposing a crime syndicate's operation to defraud gamblers. This brief report omitted any mention of Jenkes, whose actions were deemed an embarrassment for the Empire. Prior to departing Lothal, Bossk paid Ezra everything in his strongbox, which amounted to little more than a paltry sum of ninety credits.

Personality and Traits

Bossk's personality is typically calm and silent, and is renowned for his bounty hunter skills.


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