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The Battle of Atollon was a battle that took place on Atollon between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire after Grand Admiral Thrawn discovered the location of Chopper Base.

The Battle

After the transmission from Fulcrum, the Seventh Fleet arrived, and Sato set the fleet into defense formation, gunships and corvettes taking the front, with the frigates and the nest giving cover to the transports. Dodonna ordered the fleet to jump and rendezvous at Rally Point Nova.

Before the frigate could jump into hyperspace, it was captured by Konstantine's Interdictor Cruisers. Then the Chimaera exits hyperspace, Thrawn, Pryce, and the captive Kallus watching the frigate go up in flames. Thrawn tells the rebels about not accepting surrender, and the forces on the ground immediately launch to space to support the fleet.

Sato ordered the Phoenix Nest and all other transports to launch fighters. Hera Syndulla joined the battle in the Ghost and engaged the TIE Fighters. Despite the fighters' efforts, the rebels were overwhelmed and numerous cruisers were destroyed, including the Vanguard. Piloting the Nightbrother, Ezra Bridger and C1-10P were dispatched to flee the battle and call for rebel reinforcements. However, they were unable to find an opening; Thrawn's fleet maintained tight formation throughout the battle, boxing in the rebel fleet and preventing any escape. However, Sato found a solution. He ordered the carrier's crew to evacuate as he and two other officers piloted it towards Konstantine's Interdictor.

Admiral Konstantine, eager to claim credit for destroying the rebel command ship, defied Thrawn's orders and moved his cruiser out of position to capture Sato's carrier. Sato waited until Konstantine strayed far enough for Bridger to find an opening, then rammed the Phoenix Nest into the Interdictor, destroying both ships. As Bridger escaped into hyperspace, Hera Syndulla ordered the remaining rebel ships to retreat to Atollon's surface.


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