Roger, roger.
―Typical response of a Battle Droid[src]

The B1 Battle Droids were a series of combat droids used by the Separatists during the Clone Wars until they were outlawed by the Galactic Empire, After Clone Order 66 and The Great Jedi Purge, the whole battle droid army was given a shutdown command. During the Clone Wars, these droids would charge towards their enemies, firing their blasters. They were referred to as "clankers" by the Clone Troopers.


The vast majority of Battle Droids were deactivated/shutdown following Order 66, having served to lure the Jedi out across the galaxy in fulfillment of Emperor Sheev Palpatine's schemes to claim power. At least two forces remained active, however, on the planets Agamar and Geonosis, under the respective commands of the Super Tactical Droid Kalani and the Geonosian "Klik-Klak." The former force remained active when Kalani assumed the shutdown signal sent to his forces was a trick, and remained on Agamar until Rebellion members Kanan Jarrus, Garazeb Orrelios, Ezra Bridger, C1-10P, and Clone Captain Rex arrived on a salvage mission. Kalani captured the rebels and held Zeb hostage as a means of forcing the two Jedi and their Clone Trooper ally to engage his Battle Droids and Droidekas in a "final battle" to end the Clone Wars. However, after destroying a number of the Battle Droids, the Rebels would end up joining forces with them in order to escape the arrival of an Imperial garrison.

Kalani's droids functioned poorly due to having operated for so long without proper maintenance; by contrast, the droids utilized on Geonosis by Klik-Klak were kept in good repair by the skilled Geonosian. Klik-Klak employed these droids and a Shield generator as part of his defenses to protect a Queen egg he had in his keeping, and they succeeded in eliminating all the members of the Partisans who came to Geonosis except for Saw Gerrera. They later engaged the Ghost Crew upon their arrival on the planet, but were handily destroyed by them and Gerrera.


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