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"Art Attack" is the second short of Star Wars Rebels. It was released on August 18, 2014 on Disney XD.


Sabine shows off both her artistic and explosive skills against a squadron of stormtroopers.


On Lothal, Sabine is sent into a TIE Fighter depot, in an attempt to make a diversion for the Ghost. Once inside the depot, Sabine vandalizes an Imperial TIE Fighter, by drawing rebel graffiti onto it. This draws the attention of some stormtroopers, who order Sabine to stand down. She manages to escape, however, and proceeds to toy with the troopers. The stormtroopers eventually report Sabine to their unit, who begin to search the perimeter.

The troopers then following a strange noise, which turns out to be a bomb, rigged onto a TIE Fighter. The troopers are then hit by the blast, rendering most of them wounded and covered in purple paint. Hera then radios Sabine, to congratulate her on the mission.









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