"Always Two There Are" is the twentieth episode of Star Wars Rebels. It is the fifth episode of the second season and premiered on October 28, 2015.


Aboard the Ghost, Kanan and Ezra entered the common room to learn how to levitate objects, specifically Chopper. Following Kanan's teachings, Ezra tried to lift Chopper with the Force. What the two Jedi don't realize is that, as a prank set up by Sabine and Chopper, the droid had his feet locked to the floor; no matter how hard Ezra tries, he cannot lift Chopper. Ezra finally gives up, only for Rex to reveal the prank as the perpetrators laugh. Ezra calls the trick unfair, but Kanan asserts that a fight is never fair. Rex told him more about the Jedi General he fought beside and how he became a great warrior by combining The Force with his wits. Kanan told Rex that Ezra had plenty of wits, and what he really needed was discipline. Before it could turn into an argument between the two, Hera showed up with a mission for Sabine, Chopper and Zeb to salvage some medical supplies from an old Republic medical base. As Kanan and Rex continued to argue over how Ezra should be taught, the padawan decided to sneak away and join Sabine, Chopper and Zeb on their mission. They boarded the Phantom and departed from the fleet.

Always Two There Are 13

Arriving at the abandoned Republic Medical Station.

They arrived at their destination, which turned out to be an old Republic Medical Station that was abandoned after the Clone Wars. They approached the hanger bay doors and using the codes given by Rex, the doors opened and landed. After exiting the Phantom, they found the station to be powerless as well dark and unsettling. To get some power running, the four of them went in search of the command center. The hallways were dark and quiet, and everywhere they went they encountered a lot of scattered parts and machines that were left behind after the station was abandoned. Unbeknownst to them, a mini probe droid tracks their every move. The Rebels soon found the command center and Chopper powered up the entire station, despite Sabine only needing the control panel. Meanwhile, a nearby Imperial Fleet detected the station's power signature. The officer reporting suspected it to be Rebels, but Kallus dismissed that possibility, as it could be anything, such as a malfunction or scavengers. However, the Fifth Brother stated it was the Rebels they sought and set out alone for the station. Back at the station, Sabine had managed to get all the inventories but most of them were corrupted and unreadable; she was unable to tell where the medical supplies were and was unsure if they even exist. So Ezra suggested they go looking for the supplies while Chopper stayed behind to try and repair the files. All alone, Chopper heard a strange noise echoing through the hallways and decided to investigate. Turning to another corridor he continued to follow the sound until he was cornered by a small probe droid that electrocuted him. Although down, Chopper managed to send out a distress call to the others. To reach him faster, Ezra and Sabine took a short cut through the ventilation shaft but Zeb ended up getting stuck while trying to follow. Ezra and Sabine soon found themselves in another hallway and began looking for Chooper. Instead of finding their droid, they came across the probe droid and a woman standing in the shadows. At first, Ezra suspected she was a bounty hunter, but after activating her Lightsaber she was revealed to be an Inquisitor known as the Seventh Sister.


Ezra fights the Seventh Sister.

Ezra engaged the new Inquisitor in a fight while Sabine took on the probe droids. Quickly overpowered, they made a run for it and bumped into the Fifth Brother. After getting a shut door open, the two of them attempted to flee but Ezra was caught by the probe droids. Sabine tried to save him but Ezra told her to run, To cover her escape he sealed the door leaving him to be captured by the two Inquisitors. The Fifth Brother tried to kill him but the Seventh Sister wanted to use him as bait to trap the others. Sabine found her way back to Zeb who was still stuck in the ventilation. After helping him get unstuck, Sabine told him about the two Inquisitors who had captured Ezra. Zeb suggested they alert Kanan but Sabine was against making contact with the others as sending a signal could compromise the fleet. They were left with no choice but to save Ezra themselves. Meanwhile Ezra remained captive to the Seventh Sister, who voiced how impressed she was with Ezra's skills as a Jedi and offered to teach him much more, noting that his mentor had never reached the rank of Jedi Knight and was thus ill-qualified to instruct a Padawan. Ezra then cited Kanan's defeat of The Grand Inquisitor, something that the Seventh Sister admitted was unexpected but presented the other Inquisitors with "new opportunities".

In the hallways, the Fifth Brother continued searching for Zeb and Sabine with the probe droids. Through the force he sensed their presence nearby and approachesd them. Zeb and Sabine had planted thermal detonators nearby but when Sabine tried to trigger them they didn't go off. The Fifth Brother used the force to throw the detonators at Zeb and Sabine. Both of them survived the explosion but the blast left Sabine unconscious and taken away by the Fifth Brother, leaving the probe droids deal with Zeb. Single-handedly, Zeb destroyed the droids and found the medical supplies they came for. Back at the command center, the Seventh Sister interrogated Ezra in an attempt to get him to reveal the location of the other Rebels, most notably Ahsoka Tano, whom she revealed the Inquisitors were fully aware of. Despite her best efforts, Ezra refused to cooperate. Just then the Fifth Brother showed up with Sabine. The Seventh Sister told Ezra to contact the Rebels but he again refused to cooperate. After finding Chopper, Zeb returned to the Phantom the get his Bo-Rifle, but didn't think he stood a chance against two Inquisitors. Nonetheless he refused to leave Ezra and Sabine to their fates.

Always Two There Are 37

The Fifth Brother threatens to kill Sabine.

Zeb sent a false message to Ezra and Sabine under the name of "Commander Meiloorun". He says they missed their check in and asks if their craft is damaged, offering support. Sabine denied any support, but after the Fifth Brother threatened to decapitate her head Ezra reconsidered the offer. With instructions to meet at Bay six, the Inquisitors took their captives to the hanger bay with plans to dispose of them all once they had the Rebels. Upon arriving at the hanger, Ezra and Sabine spotted Zeb in the Phantom, hanging upside down on the ceiling. When the Probe Droid spotted him as well, Zeb caused a commotion that enabled Ezra and Sabine to escape from the Inquisitors' clutches and board the Phantom. They escaped with most of the medical supplies and return safely with the Rebel Fleet. Upon returning, they told Kanan, Hera and Rex about the two Inquisitors they encountered, much to Kanan’s shock, as he was unaware that there was more than one Inquisitor.






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  • The third Inquisitor, known as the Seventh Sister, makes her debut appearance in this episode.
  • The episode's title is a reference to Master Yoda's line regarding the Sith in The Phantom Menace.
  • This is the first episode where Ahsoka has been absent since "Rebel Resolve".
  • Rex and Kanan play Dejarik, or holographic chess. Earlier revisions of the episode included scenes that explained the game's actual rules, developed but never publicly released.
  • Fittingly timed for a Halloween release, this episode was envisioned as a "haunted house" type story, with dangers lurking within the dark.
  • The Medical Station is based on the same design seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • Konstantine's complaints about the Fifth Brother, make it clear about the separation between the military and the spirituals within the Empire.
    • In the Original films, Admirals Motti and Ozzel have similar negativity with Darth Vader.
  • It is revealed by the Seventh Sister that The Inquisitor from the first season was known as the "Grand Inquisitor", leader of this particular order.
  • Though largely similar in design to the Grand Inquisitor's weapon, the new Inquisitors have spinning lightsabers with unique patterning and details.
  • Zeb's nickname, "Commander Meiloorun" is reused from the episode "Fighter Flight".
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