This is Alton Kastle for the only news you need: the HoloNet News!
―Alton Kastle

Alton Kastle was a male broadcaster who worked for HoloNet News during the reign of the Galactic Empire. He claimed to present the news as it was, but he was actually biased toward the Empire, using his broadcasts to spread Imperial propaganda to improve the Empire's image.


Rise of the Old Masters

While the rebels are waiting for Gall Trayvis's message, Alton explains about the stolen TIE Fighter that attacked the imperials but then he makes up a lie and says they attacked the citizens as well, but Zeb says that he and Ezra saved the citizens.

Empire Day

He was talking about the national empire day of how Emperor Palpatine ended the Clone Wars and founded the new Galactic Empire before his transmission was hijacked by Gall Trayvis.

Call to Action

He is seen talking with Gall Trayvis about him revealing himself to The Empire, later, Trayvis put a bounty on the rebels.

Star Wars Rebels: The Siege of Lothal

A beloved citizen of Lothal, Minister Tua's life was cut short by this criminal band of rebels. If you see them, summon Imperial authorities immediately.
―Alton Kastle reports on Maketh Tua's death[src]

Kastle made a transmission reporting the death of Maketh Tua, telling the citizens the falsehood that the rebels assassinated her.


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Season Three

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