The All Terrain Defense Pod (also known as the AT-DP) was a bipedal walker, used by the Galactic Empire.


The AT-DP was built for speed. Much larger than the AT-RT or the AT-ST, this imperial machine could reach speeds up to ninety kilometers per hour on flat terrain.

The chin-mounted laser cannon was set in a ball turret for an increased arc of fire, and the walker's armored head served as the walker's cockpit command center. The cockpit had seating for a driver and a gunner, with the gunner stationed behind the driver.


The AT-DP was used by the Empire, to defend Imperial assets, especially military installations and distribution centers.

Behind the scenes

The design of the All Terrain Defense Pod was developed from an early illustration by concept artist Joe Johnston in 1979. The AT-DP is similar in appearance to the All Terrain Advance Raider, as both were developed from the same concept. These connections were made at the Star Wars Rebels NYCC presentation.

At SDCC 2014, a Hasbro toy playset version of the AT-DP was revealed.


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