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"A Princess on Lothal" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the twenty-seventh episode of the series overall. It was released on January 20, 2016 on Disney XD.


While Ezra grapples with the news about his parents, the rebels make plans with Senator Bail Organa to secure three much-needed cruisers. Leading the mission is an agent hand-picked by the Senator: his daughter, Leia.


In contact with Hera Syndulla, the news about Ezra’s parents had left the rest of the crew feeling sorry for Ezra. However, Hera had some good news; she told Kanan that Senator Organa had heard about their loss on Garel, and had sent his agent to Lothal with some reinforcements and three new ships for the Rebellion. The three ships that Hera mentioned emerged from hyperspace and made an approach to Lothal. Among the crew was the Princess of Alderaan, Leia Organa. Nearby, an Imperial vessel commanded by Lieutenant Lyste noticed the approaching vessels and deployed a squadron of TIE Fighters to intercept. Lieutenant Lyste made contact with the vessels, and informed them that Lothal was now a restricted system by orders of the Emperor. The three vessels stated that they were delivering relief supplies for the citizens of Lothal. Although Lieutenant Lyste stated that he was never informed, the crew of the ships assured him they had a landing permit. Lyste granted them permission to land and the TIEs escorted the three ships to the surface.

Leia's plan has gotten more complicated.

Back on the surface of Lothal, Kanan and Ryder found Ezra sitting quietly with Chopper, still heartbroken by the news of his parents. Despite his grief, he was still up for the mission. Their new ships arrived at Jalath City, which was no doubt being guarded by Imperial forces. So to avoid being recognized, Kanan and Ezra went in disguised as a Stormtrooper and a Cadet. Soon after landing, Leia disembarked from one of the ships while the two mingled in by using their disguises. Upon meeting Lieutenant Lyste, he told Leia that he was aware that her ships seem to get "stolen" by Rebels quite frequently. So to make it impossible for Rebels on Lothal to steal them, Lieutenant Lyste placed double security around Leia's ships. He had his men attach three gravity locks onto each ship, and deployed a detachment of Stormtroopers around the area along with two All Terrain Armored Transports. Leia assured him that all of this was unnecessary, but Lieutenant Lyste remained insistent. Since her ships were grounded, Leia requested in taking Lieutenant Lyste’s ship so she could start on her relief work. Accompanied by Ezra and Kanan in disguise, the three of them depart from Jalath City in a Imperial Landing Craft. With Leia’s plan now more complicated, they now had to come up with a new one in order for the Rebellion to get their new ships. Ezra asked why they didn't give the cruisers in deep space, and Leia explained to him that if they did, the Empire would suspect Alderaan for helping the Rebels and label them as traitors. If the rebels stole the ships on a planet controlled by the Empire, Alderaan would not be suspected for helping the rebel cause.

They returned to Ryder's hideout and found a group of Stormtroopers arresting Ryder and Chopper. Kanan, disguised as a Stormtrooper, talked with the leader and offered to take them back to prison. However, the officer told them that they had orders to execute him. Suddenly the Ghost showed up and a brief skirmish began. In order to get to the Ghost without raising suspicion, Kanan and Ezra allowed Leia to get kidnapped by the Rebels. Kanan and Ezra pretended to try and save her, and Zeb knocked them out before dragging them onto the ship. With everyone aboard, the Ghost took off with the Phantom in follow. Leia’s fake abduction soon got through to Lieutenant Lyste, and ordered an immediate search around the nearby area to find the Rebels.

Leia and the Rebels figuring out a new strategy.

Aboard the Ghost, the Rebels were reviewing the nature of the situation and neither one of them saw any chance of success. With all security present and those gravity locks in place, they may have a chance in getting only one ship out but not all three. Leia however motivated the team by saying how they could get them, and a plan to get all three ships began to form. Ryder joined in, saying that explosives would not be able to disable the gravity locks and offered his help in exchange for getting off of Lothal.

At Jalath City, The Imperials still had Leia’s ships under heavy guard. Just then, Lieutenant Lyste noticed the Phantom coming into land. His troops set their weapons to stun, but stood down after seeing Kanan and Ezra (in their disguises) emerge from the Phantom along with Leia. As Leia distracted the Lieutenant about how they escaped, Ryder, Chopper, and Sabine carried out the rest of the plan. They disabled the first gravity lock, and Sabine went inside to pilot the ship while Ryder and Chopper moved onto the next one. Leia told Lyste that one of the ships he was protecting was flying away and he immediately ordered his men to stop the Rebels. One of the AT-ATs attack the ship. They then saw Ryder and Chopper disabling a gravity lock and opened fire on them. Kanan and Ezra knocked Lyste and his two soldiers out cold. Kanan drew out his Lightsaber and severed two of the AT-AT's legs, toppling it. Meanwhile, the Ghost offered air support to distract the AT-ATs, although their armour prevented their missiles from having much effect on them. Ryder and Chopper disabled the second gravity lock, and Kanan climbed aboard the second ship as Imperial reinforcements arrive. With the Empire closing in, Ryder forced the third ship to fly despite the gravity lock and engaged the thrusters, toppling the remaining AT-AT with the force generated from them. Leia and Ezra said goodbye to each other, and before going their separate ways, Leia told Ezra to stun her with his gun to avoid suspicion. Ezra did so just as Lyste and the others regain their senses, which prompted him to go see if she was all right. She told him she was fine, but all three of her ships had been stolen by the Rebels. Leia threatened to blackmail Lyste unless he paid for the missing ships, which he quickly complied to. Realizing that his ship was also missing, he also arranged to find another ship for her.

In deep space, the Rebels were pleased that they managed to get all three ships. Ryder, now realizing that what Ezra's parents started had become even larger then he thought, offered to help the Rebel cause for both them and their son's sake.






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  • This episode marks Princess Leia's debut in the series.
  • This is the third time Kanan disguises himself as a Stormtrooper since "Stealth Strike" and third time for Ezra since "The Siege of Lothal".
  • The outfit Leia wears in this episode is based on early concept art made by Ralph McQuarrie for the original Star Wars films.
  • Yogar Lyste makes his third appearance in this episode, following his debut in "Spark of Rebellion" and "Fighter Flight". Some time between Zeb and Ezra's TIE fighter theft and Leia's arrival on Lothal, Lyste has been promoted from Supply Master to Lieutenant.
  • The trivia entry for the episode confirms that the "Hammerhead Corvettes" that appears in it "are inspired by designs seen in the Knights of the Old Republic video game".
  • In the Rebels Recon featurette for this episode, the writers explain that the general idea for Leia's appearance in this episode is inspired by the lines between her and Vader in A New Hope, in which he says that this isn't just another "mercy mission" she's on. They took this to mean that Leia had been helping the growing Rebellion for years by going on fake "mercy missions" as cover, while really lending aid to local rebel cells. This general background for her prior activities had also been worked out by the old Expanded Universe. In this episode, the writers wanted to actually show what one of her routine "mercy missions"/aid drops to rebels cells was like.
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