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"A Fool's Hope" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels. It is the seventy-third episode of the series overall. It was released in tandem with "Family Reunion - and Farewell" on March 5, 2018 on Disney XD.


The Ghost hatches a plan to free Lothal, though a traitor may be in their midst.


After a struggle of bypassing the Imperial blockade over Lothal, Hera, Kallus and Rex returned to the Seelos System in need of help from Rex's fellow clones, Wolffe and Gregor, along with Ketsu Onyo and Hondo Ohnaka in Ezra's goal to liberate his home world.

Meanwhile back on Lothal, Ezra believed that Thrawn would be returning, and that they must act at once. He already had a plan that would only require one person. At Capital City, Governor Pryce was on edge in a desperate search for the Rebels. After her actions in destroying the fuel depot, Thrawn threatened to have her executed unless she could find and capture the Rebels. Just then, she received a surprising transmission from Ryder Azadi who was willing to hand the Rebels over to her in exchange for amnesty. Pryce accepted and Ryder sent her the coordinates to there secret base.

At the Rebel camp, the Rebels were loading their crawler when they suddenly came under attack by Imperial Forces led by Governor Pryce, accompanied by Rukh. Five Imperial Patrol Transports arrived and a squad Jumptroopers are deployed. The Rebels did their best to fight off the Imperials, but as the fight wages on more arrive. Hera was informed that they were under attack. She arrived back at Lothal with Wolffe, Gregor, Ketsu, and Hondo onboard. They sneaked pass the Imperial blockade by attaching themselves to an approaching Imperial freighter. Back on the surface, the Rebels quickly became overpowered and as a result they lost the crawler. The were forced to surrender to Governor Pryce. Ryder steped forward admitting his treachery to the Rebellion, but then revealed to Pryce that it was all a trap to capture her. Just then, the Ghost showed up and attacked the Imperial Patrol Transports. The battle then resumed with Rex, Gregor, Wolffe, and Kallus joining in the fight. Hera gave the Transports a chase through the mountains, and easily destroyed them one by one. The Rebels were still outnumbered, but Ezra got everyone to retreat into the caves. The Imperials surrounded the entrance, and Rukh went in with some Stormtroopers.

At first the Imperials thought they had them trapped, but then the Loth-Wolves emerged from the darkness and attacked. With the wolves by their side, the Rebels defeated the Imperials and were victorious. Rukh was lost in the fight, and Pryce was captured. Eight troopers remained standing and willingly surrendered. Even though they had won this battle and succeeded in capturing Governor Pryce, the fight was far from over. They still had to chase the Empire from Lothal and show the Galaxy once and for all that they could be defeated.






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